What is friendship

We are accustomed from childhood to the idea that a person must be a friend.It is desirable from school or institute.The Russian works instantly to mind only one character who had no friends, Cheburashka, but they appeared at this wonderful animal soon.And yet, what is friendship?Whether it is obligatory for every person, and whether you can live all your life without it?

At first glance, all these questions are rhetorical, and are set not for the fact that to get an answer.At the same time every once in my life thought about this subject.The definition of this concept can be found in the lexical dictionary or Wikipedia, but it is unlikely to be fit each particular case.The main thing that makes a unique friendship - it is the people themselves who call themselves friends.

judge what friendship is possible for the participants.So female friendship - it is a period of relations between two or more women, based on common interests, and ending at the time of their divergence.The well-known expressio

n that women will never be able to learn how to make friends, some wrong.Sincere and caring friends, what the ladies just do not find, but this idyll lasts only until such time as they are something not begin to divide among themselves.Typically, the bone of contention appears a man, and even then a woman at nothing to stay in order to achieve their goal.In this situation, the value of friendship is reduced to zero.

However, a friend always come at night to his girlfriend.They will cry together, to curse another failed romance of one of them, vowing that never betray each other.Only a real friend will be able to give his girlfriend a new thing, he lied to her that she does not fit.They are ready for each other literally everything.This idyll ends with the appearance of one of them a husband or fiancé, then the woman carries her attention to him.Now she is a man to whom she would cry for whom will do everything, and former friends will recede into the background, and then completely disappear from view.

That is friendship between men, themselves representatives of the stronger sex can talk for hours.They sincerely believe in this concept and put it at the forefront.In fact, both male and female friendship - are one and the same desire to be heard and to receive support.For assistance of other real man ready for anything.Such a desperate desire to be a hero just inspired by the lack of a number of beautiful ladies, and for which you need to perform feats.Men are just as well together to talk about their problems and experiences, but in a dry form, and often either at the bar or at the stadium.

That is friendship between the sexes, written many humorous stories.Many believe that this is just a period of dialogue or to sex, or after it.In fact, heterosexual friendship - the concept of ephemeral and easily transformed into a love for a certain set of circumstances.Friendship presupposes a empathy between people, so man and woman, who identified themselves as friends, a priori, are pleasant to each other, which is fertile ground for the beginning of strong and stable relations.

Find a universal recipe for friendship impossible.For each one is defined by its criteria.Its main quality - the desire to help and, without judging or demanding an explanation, to lend a hand when needed.Friendship, love, love, affection - a feeling which is the basis of sympathy between people.They are so close to go, what to give them some definition becomes almost impossible.It does not matter that you can not find the words to describe the friendship.The main thing was the man who can say, 'Get up, I believe in you! "When there is absolutely no strength to get up.