Funny scenes Mother's Day.

Among the large number of holidays celebrated Mother's Day - a unique and one of a kind.On this day drawn the attention of others to the most beloved people to us - our mothers.The woman gave the life of the little crumbs, he deserves great recognition and respect.After all, she sacrifices much for their brood.It is not surprising that overseas this holiday began to celebrate earlier in the XVII century.In this Sunday a holiday in November, in organizations generally shorter working hours.

mother - the only person, the beginning of all beginnings, the source of love.No one can forgive because we take with the advantages, disadvantages, celebrate victories and worry about failure.

Committing to our moms the best words, warms them with its warmth, attention, and give congratulations.

poetic congratulation.Funny scenes Mother's Day

leading Reads:

only at me such,

Sweetheart and the most expensive.

no better woman in the world!

Hides in your wisdom and virtue.

you example is for m


grow and loved,

not slept a day.

And the pride I feel every day,

What brought smart sons.

Well, jokes aside, Mom,

Happy Mother's you, dear!

I wish you happiness and health,

other like you do not know!

Children's script for the beloved mother

script of Mother's Day allows you to:

• develop emotional atmosphere, intriguing present;

• teach children to be kind, caring, gentle in dealing with loved ones;

• be creative, to achieve expression of spiritual delight.

equipment: a picture of congratulations, pens, pencils, markers, dress, flowers.

play tunes: the song Antoshka.

adults involved in the scene.The children sing and dance to the song.

leading utters the words: Hello, dear guests!Today we have gathered here to congratulate our wonderful moms.

original sketches and poems

Leading announces: " Now the children read poems and show interesting scenes Mother's Day."

Scene "Greetings for mom»

says first son:

We little brother greeting

We write together.Mother sleeps.

Draw wallpaper,

Raskrasivye flowers.

Speaks second son:

native Sleep, sleep Mom.

We have, so it was more light,

Tulle is shortened.

says first son:

A dress of your

we soon will lay the table.

Instead tablecloths bed,

your little cutting the hem.

Speaks second son:

our mother adored,

we love her very,

So Mom woke up,

we congratulate her!

entire hall chorus: Congratulations!

poems accompanied by small scenes, like brothers write greetings, drawing on the wallpaper, and so on until the end of the text.

songs and dances for the holiday

further children show funny scenes.I sing the song "How I want to hug you."Each chorus suitable for children and women presented flowers to the wishes (postcard).While not all will give flowers.

Chorus Song:

That was beautiful,

To be happy,

Zdorovenki That was,

that, as rosette, blossomed.

I walk and think, look:

«Well, I'll give my mother tomorrow?

Maybe the machine?Maybe chocolate?


gave you, my love, this day

little red flower - brightest lights!

Songs-ditties.Funny interesting scenes Mother's Day

Lead: And now we sing ditties you.

1st participant:

I love my mother,

She - a good soul,

If not, schlock,

she helps me.

2nd participant:

If you really are not happy,

Rodney his nose vanities,

Day as a mom, spend,

And all the pride you leave.

3rd party:

"Mom I'm willing to help," -

Our Artemka says.

But Toy clean

His arm hurts.

4th participant:

We sang ditties you

and willing to give advice:

Mothers do more to help,

they can live a hundred years!

Scene "On the phone with my mother"

may be completely different funny scenes Mother's Day.The scenario we propose to continue a conversation like this:

Hello, Mom!Hello dear!

How are you?I'm fine, thank you.

not congratulated, there was no time.

No, do not come.When?How can.

Hello!As my brother doing?Healthy?

received my parcel?

rosette made?A brother can not?

He is an adult?Not in kindergarten, it is difficult, is it?

Hello!You all right?

received your letter.Povoyuet and return.

school diary found?

Where no "to" I have written a rocket?

Hello!No need to cry ... Sunday.

Maybe later.Just rolled up.

Yes.On the street the heat ... Of cotton dress!

I'm going to the supermarket to buy ... Mom, well ... Mom!

Hello!Something happened?

jam to eat with tea, lemon added.

No, I can not.In the New Year, or after ...

a lot of work.I miss very much.

Oh, brother.Great!I hasten to visit you.

Mamula like there?

come soon, brother.


plot speech: "Profession - mum"

Lead: We are proud of our mothers, glad of their success.But the most important thing - is that they are homemakers: prepare favorite, make you feel comfortable, will warm your love and care.The most important thing of all - the family, which is the source of life, and it is the head of the mother.

On the scene the boy and said: "Our grandmothers scenes show funny Mother's Day."Read poetry:

There are many different professions,

them we still do not count:

Turners and divers,

engineers and doctors.

Select all means necessary.

What is to be?Where to go?

be a banker, steelworker

Or pilots to go?

then plays the song "Profession - Mama" band "Rainbow".During the song endure great photos of small children in clothes of different workers.

Then read the verse "As I left the house."

gone to our mother

for an hour from home

And I punished,

the cat ashore.

I became our cat

Treat powders,

But the cat ran away

big jumps!

I ran over a cat,

tortured, sweating

And suddenly I heard,

As the lock clicked.

Hooray!This is my mother!

Towards soon!

Plays music: "Mom went on for an hour."

Papineau greeting

Lead: Now please get out of one of the popes and continue our script holiday Mother's Day, read verses.

Dad reads:

Who, kids, love you so?

Who prepares food for you?

Who cares about you

night, awake?

Children respond: Mummy dear.

Who dream tell the tale?

Who will sing you a song, splyashet?

who gave you toys?

Children choir: Our mother gold.

Scenes "Mom in the forest" and "Know your child on the eyelet"

Lead: Now, women look at how you will find your child at night in the woods.

This is the most ridiculous scenes.Mother's Day (in the House of Culture where he goes or something else - it does not matter) simply can not do without humor and fun.On stage are moms with their eyes closed, the children - around them.Children walk in a circle and say "ay".Mom, eyes closed, should know their child's voice.

Lead: There courageous mother, who may find their child's eyelet ?

child standing in a circle, like an arrow of hours, stretching his hand, turns and utters the words: "Our hand turn around, someone brave, show yourself to us!"Moms who stand in a circle, waiting for the child to stop.On the one hand is hit, that my mother and becomes the leader.She was blindfolded, and children come at a time and give touch his ear.She must find her child.

Lead: Well done!Get to know your children.

"Guess the answer."Riddles

Next in our program - "Family Chronicle" and funny scenes Mother's Day.To participate are invited 6 couples (mother and child).

Lead: All that in one way or another connected with the birth of the child, carries the blood relationship.

child takes a piece of paper out of the box with a question, and my mother writes on a piece of the answer to the same question, and gives it to the facilitator.It is necessary to guess the answer to the child.While mom wrote on paper the answer, he thinks, what to say.Then answer this question orally.She credited her mother's response.

Childhood memories

The video "Fun Facts".

Lead: Now we will show you a fascinating video clip, where you can appreciate our mothers.How much effort was invested, works in our education.

Optionally, the script should include only funny scenes to Mother's Day.Funny speaking children also find their place in it.They can be shown in the video.

Each photo is commented:

  • here he decided to try the snow;
  • here baby decided to be creative, all painted wallpaper;
  • crouched interesting or funny face sneezed;
  • tried my mother's makeup;
  • climbed up there, where you should not;
  • the first time I kissed a girl.

then plays the song "Ladybird".

children endure most drawn ladybug.In the process of the songs touch on her colored specks.On specks written most affectionate, gentle wishes moms.

Fun Games

Game "Baby Planner".

Lead: invite two parents and five children on the stage.

Materials: children's soft toys (bunny, bear, cat and dog).

purpose of scenes: to find her child and a toy that he has chosen.

Initially, the children choose a toy that they like.Then the parents show toys.Ask about what their child chose a toy.Parents have to guess what the toy son or daughter have chosen to call it.Then each child is standing behind her parents, in turn, he said: "This is me."Mom must guess the child's voice.The winner is the one who calls the right toy and guess who her child's voice.

Game "cap."

Lead: Now we will test the sons and daughters.As they learn to develop their ability to sculpt, paint?Will do for mom hat from scrap materials?They help in multi-colored paper, tinsel, gum, glue, tape, scissors.

invited all the children.Everyone has a set of materials.Each of them makes the hat.All of this takes less than 2 minutes.Then the hats worn on the heads of mothers.And the one who is best hat sits on his head, presented the medal "Honor Mom" ​​and children - the medal "creative person".The rest daryatsya sweet consolation prizes.