Sapphire - stone of modesty, chastity and fidelity

Sapphire - variety of corundum cornflower blue, black, orange, purple, green.There are also colorless sapphires, but at the mention of this widespread gem not to recall the bright blue color.On this rock hardness is inferior only one diamond.Sapphire is rightfully occupies a leading position in the top five most expensive gemstones.Especially valuable are the Kashmiri sapphires, with densely cornflower blue color, often with a unique silky sheen, which are produced in India.The exhibition of the New York Museum of Natural History is present in the largest star-treated gemstones - blue sapphire weighing 536 carats.Diamond Fund of Russia is in a unique jewel coated with a hexagonal faces, of which there are more than a hundred.The weight of it is 258.18 carats.

to the choice of a sapphire, it turns out, it has to be very selective, because its value depends not only on the value of the name, color, hardness, etc.The fact is that even the slightest defects can bring the owner of stone unhappiness.Accordi

ng to legend, the sapphire - stone color gloomy clouds may contribute to the loss of status, attracting the lightning on his head and shortening the life of the owner.Wearing grained sapphire destined to a life in exile and poverty.Master stone cracked danger from the attack of lions, tigers, bears, snakes, and others. It will become a leper from hair to nail the owner of stone with spots of color and traces of earthen clay.Make a happy and rich its owner can only sapphire - stone color clear blue sky.

Since ancient times sapphire confer huge number of doctors properties.Natural stone relieves heart disease (inflammation of the pericardium, rheumatic heart disease, cardiac weakness), boils, leprosy, asthma, women's diseases.Sapphire - stone has beneficial effects in the treatment of epilepsy, skin diseases, chronic depression, paralysis after a stroke, inflammation of the middle ear and joints, headaches, diabetes, diseases of the urinary ducts, bladder and kidney.In addition, this gem miraculous rescue from thirst, melancholy, fever, has a calming effect, relieves rabies, plague and healing, cleanses the eye by removing blood stains in them, and strengthens eyesight.This is a gem sapphire - properties, which start to operate, enough to wear a bracelet or a ring with him.

emotionally disturbed people with frequent uncontrolled outbursts of anger are best suited sapphire greenish tint, which must be worn in the solar plexus.Stone helps balance the emotions, a more relaxed attitude to life, not rushing from one extreme to another and treating turmoil with a bit of humor.

Sapphire - stone, the ability to protect its wearer from a number of negative effects, such as damage, the evil eye, evil spirits, and does not require any prior training.Powerful protective aura has this delightful blue stone.In his presence ceases to act black magic, completely losing its strength.Amazing ability, according to many magicians, has a sapphire not only neutralizing destructive energy, but also transforming it into a creative.But the best enforcement properties has sapphire star-shaped, which, unfortunately, is not so easy to find.By the way, given the stone is stronger, becoming a real talisman, no matter - bracelet, brooch, pendant or necklace - only to sapphires.