White gold

The jewelry is used quite a lot of material.However, it is considered a special white gold.Ring, for example, from the metal, according to experts, it looks more refined, elegant and stylish than any other metal.In America and Europe for jewelry made of white gold is currently experiencing increased demand.

In Russia, this metal is so popular that many still doubt its quality, but for some it is a real mystery.Not yet know what the 'white gold', identifying it with silver, platinum or counting rare fossil.In our country, the metal is far from conquering pedestals fashion jewelry, but is already starting to attract more attention.

products from this metal does not look pompous, but differ nobility and grandeur.This metal combines luxury and discretion, grace and finesse.It is always relevant.

White gold - jewelry is an alloy of gold and platinum, nickel and palladium.In addition to the usual pure gold content of the alloy metals include silver and copper, which are practically not change its color.

The white gold is its constituent palladium and nickel metal change color, turning it white.The more the silver in the alloy, the whiter the color is obtained.

However, silver is able to attach metal haze, which in some cases are not desirable because of it produced jewelry should have a clean shine like yellow gold.For this method of electroplating jewelry coated with rhodium.This procedure also allows you to make the metal more durable.

According to statistics, about 15% of people have a nickel allergy, which manifests itself in contact with the metal skin.So now in the EU countries have laws restricting the content of nickel in jewelry.White gold, according to the law, there should not contain impurities of nickel.Therefore, it is replaced with palladium, which does not cause dermatitis.Although nickel and possesses the most valuable feature as very high strength, allowing it to achieve a particular plasticity of the metal when giving him the complex shapes and original designs.

Mostly white gold used in the manufacture of diamond jewelery (usually the alloys 750) or natural black pearl.

Gold in pure form, in principle, is not used in jewelry because it is a soft metal in nature.Gold jewelry includes in its composition or admixture of other precious non-ferrous metals, which gives it the necessary strength, and asking him shade.

In nature, there is a natural alloy of gold (16-69%) with silver, which is called the RE (electrum).So sometimes you can find the designation of this alloy as the term "white gold."

Jewellery of this metal are particularly resistant to weathering compared to yellow gold.For example, a bracelet, white gold which is used as the parent metal frame is not affected even with frequent contact with water.By the way, this alloy bracelets look particularly good, since the metal has excellent plasticity and perfect for framing expensive natural stones, emphasizing their shine and luster.

is believed that white gold is more noble than its yellow counterpart.You have to understand that the noble metal is not determined by its color, and the breakdown.The higher it is, the more the alloy of pure gold.Therefore, to compare the criterion of nobility white and yellow gold one sample does not make sense.Under the "ignoble" refers to alloys of gold, in that apart from the metal does not include any other precious.For example, as ligatures used only nickel.Noble white gold eliminates the possibility of allergies.This is the most precious gold, has an impeccable performance and luxurious appearance.