Why is black money?

If blackens silver, no matter how long ago the decoration was purchased or has been cleaned, explanations may be several.Consider a different perspective.

Why is black money: People sign

Various properties of silver has been known to mankind for a long time.In addition, the metal is like to use in their rituals both white and black magicians, because its ions have excellent antibacterial properties.Therefore, as soon as superstitious girl blackened ring, it immediately begins to worry that she had imposed on the crown of celibacy if catkins - the evil eye, and the blackening of the pectoral cross is frightening even to think.

Why is black money: the chemical reaction banal

thing is that silver jewelry that you used to wear, contain copper.And under the influence of humid air, water, perspiration, other external factors, it is oxidized.These factors lead to the fact that on the surface appears patina noble silver silver sulfide, which gradually thickens and darkens itself decoration.

The speed with which such a coating is formed on silver, can be related to external factors (climate change, high humidity, and frequent contact with water), and the inner, are associated with the processes in your body.This is especially true of those who wear their silver, almost without lifting.

Why is black money: ask your body

If some of you worn silver jewelry turn black, and the other does not, then the whole thing is not external factors, and in you.There are many reasons by which blackens the silver, but do not immediately panic.It is better to listen to your body and pay special attention to what kind of jewelry you have darkened.

Because human breast is the most sebaceous glands, it is often begin to blacken pectoral cross and chain.And this is due not to the damage or the evil eye, and from sweating, for example, on a hot summer season.In addition, the blackening of silver jewelry in this area may indicate hormonal changes, particularly related to the onset of pregnancy.In such cases, the chain just turn black very quickly, almost in a few days.

also for why silver turns black, can be the answer your emotional background.Darkening of jewelry can help severe stress, emotions, depression.All this is again reflected in the work of your sebaceous glands (increased sweating).Sometimes the blackening of silver is the result you receiving any medicines that contain sulfur compounds in the composition.If

also a version that the darkening of silver items may indicate problems with the liver or kidneys.But this could indicate the reverse process, ie lightening silver, as in this case the pot highlights nitrogen-containing compounds that give the noble metal shine.Change the color of silver jewelry and can testify about the problems in the nervous system.And if your jewelry darken only in certain parts of the body, then the reason for it may be a local disturbance to the functioning of the endocrine system.

Here we found the main causes blackening silver jewelry (heat, exercise, contact with some himsoedineniyami).Incidentally, all this is quite prosaic reasons, so do not believe in black magic, etc.It is in your power to protect the silver from darkening.Going to the sauna, gym, the beach or taking a bath, do not be lazy to remove their jewelry.But if after all this money starts to blacken, you should really pay attention to their health, both physical and on the psychological state.