Shoe gold home

jewelry from precious metals such as gold, has always been considered an indicator of luxury and wealth.How beautiful the sun shine all the rings, bracelets and earrings.But over time, we begin to notice that gold becomes cloudy, covered with some coating, dirt and already does not look as presentable as before.How can we improve the situation?Is treatment involves cleaning gold jewelry in the workshop?Far from it, you can easily cope with this problem at home.Well, we'll show you how to do it so as not to damage the gold products.

Shoe gold ammonia

Always remember that in the home of pure gold should be only non-abrasive materials, otherwise very easy to damage the top layer.If the dirt on the products are small, first try to remove them using a standard soap solution.Dip the jewelry in it and leave for two hours.Then gently remove dirt and dry toothbrush jewelry.If this method did not give the expected result, you can use ammonia in the following ways:

1. Clean gold jewelry swab dipped in ammo

nia and then rinse with alcohol, soapy waters.

2. Wipe the product with ammonia, which has been previously mixed with limestone (chalk) and then soap and rinse waters.

Usually pure gold does not occur, since the strength of its structure to add various metal alloys.They also produce oxidation, which manifests itself in the form unpresentable spots.You can buy a special paste for gold or make part of the house, taking in equal proportions chalk (powder), petroleum jelly, water and soap flakes.Paste you should have a fairly thick consistency.The composition is applied to a gold-, dried and then washed with warm water.

Gold Shoe House: use beer and egg protein

One of the oldest ways in which our ancestors, to clean gold is very simple.Take the egg white, and a little beer.Mix the ingredients until smooth.Dampen a cloth composition of flannel and gently wipe the gold ornament.

Shoe gold: use a solution of hyposulphite

such trouble sometimes happens when iodine dripping on the gold ring, after which the decoration appears dark stain.The problem is easy to cope with a solution of hyposulphite.This substance is used in photography, you can buy it in any store for amateur photographers.Just omit the gold in the 25 minutes to the solution, and the spots disappear.

Shoe gold: use onion juice or vinegar

another folk remedy for cleaning gold is an ordinary bulb.It is estimated that to make the decoration of the original shine enough to wipe the surface of the onion half, and then gently rub the cloth fabric.After that gold should be washed and dried.For this purpose you can use vinegar.These methods will relieve your jewelry from darkening.

Shoe gold: use lipstick

Yet the people are of the opinion that darkened during storage or wear gold jewelry is very good polishing rag, lubricated lipstick.As you know, part of this cosmetic product a component acts as titanium dioxide, which has the most gentle abrasive effect and efficiently removes dirt and black with gold surfaces.Lipstick should be applied to the cloth or cotton tamponchik and carefully wipe the product.Then lightly polish the gold is recommended.

And for home cleaning the precious metal, you can use special chemical solutions that effectively remove the fat from the surface of products, contamination, dark spots.