In common parlance often are new words whose meaning is not clear.A monolingual dictionaries can not help to clarify the situation.Take, for example, the new buzz word "Signa".What does it mean?But it is today, many in the ear, so really want to understand the essence.

What is the reason of his appearance?

People are hard to live alone.And today, thanks to the World Wide Web, called the Internet, it can be done without leaving home.Moreover, it became possible to communicate online with friends like living in neighboring houses, and in neighboring cities or countries.

To simplify the process, there are social networks where you can easily make friends or find a new love.But Internet dating has its own subtleties and complexities.Many people are not too happy with their appearance, so they prefer to hide their true face of the portraits of famous movie stars or other representatives of the public professions.

And how then to recognize the true face of the person you put on public display?That fo

r this purpose and was invented Signa.What is it?The unique photo of a man whose body is written on another nickname.

Signa.What is it and how to do?

Up to a point Signe wrote on a piece of paper, but today, many prefer to use absolutely any part of the body.The main thing - to label clearly be seen in the picture.Signa can be displayed on the arm, abdomen, back, chest and buttocks.Everything will depend on the imagination of its owner or the preferences of the person to whom pictures meant.After a frank picture clear why Signa, written on paper and attached to the clothes, does not look so interesting.

prerequisite for the creation of unusual pictures - a complete lack of treatment Photoshop or other similar programs.Everything should look natural, even, one might say, naturally.After all, the direct appointment of FLT - confirm the identity of the person and express sympathy to the recipient.Most often they are made for the fans and close friends.So, if someone asks you to send Signa should regard it as a compliment.Besides, now you know how to make a picture, and you can immediately begin to create it.

Signa.What it is: self-promotion, or a way to earn?

Signa now often used instead of avatars on the personal pages of social networks.But any deal, are in high demand, is of great interest for those who wish to earn.So today, many do not mind to create a Signa with the names on the chest or a more intimate places for the corresponding reward.Cost photos directly depends on what part of the body is an inscription, and the degree of candid shots.

As in any business, you can run into scams that require payment in advance, and the pictures did not do it.Equivalent to come across customers who refuse to pay or disappearing after receive Signe.To protect themselves, the two sides reach a compromise, which is 50-percent advance payment for the work.