Children's clothing Gusti: reviews.

choosing baby winter clothes, parents are primarily concerned about the heat and protect your baby in the cold days.This is especially true of preschool children who had recently started going to kindergarten.Parents need to be certain that their child will not freeze on the walk, and the clothes will not disturb him, restricting movement during games.

That is why many people choose a well-known brand of children's clothing Gusti.Reviews of parents who have been able to ensure the quality of products of this brand are only positive.Let's take a look at this brand and find out why he's so popular.

About the company

Gusti Canadian company was established in 1983.Under this brand manufactured sports and winter outerwear exclusively for children.The founders of the company are three people: S. Guzzo, Guzzo and D. D. Stilianezis.Clothing Gusti enjoys great popularity in the US and Canada.Not so long ago, this brand became known and gained its fans in Eastern Europe and Russia.

During its existence th

e company managed not only to expand and improve the production, but also to release a new line of sportswear for children.

bright colors, fashionable design and impressive quality product immediately interested parents and children who are new to the brand Gusti.Reviews of grateful buyers of this clothing is a direct proof that the company has achieved excellent results in the production.Using the latest technology, a unique style and current fashion trends, the company has managed to combine Gusti in each child's belongings quality, convenience and fashionable design.

Out of competition

Company Gusti has a narrow specialization.The brand is available only outerwear for children and packages for sports activities.Each model is carefully designed taking into account the designers fashion trends and customer wishes.Reviews parents carefully analyzed the company's employees, and the slightest defect in detail immediately improved.

If you are worried about the warmth and comfort of your child in the cold days, choose the brand of Gusti.Winter in Russia is very harsh and long, but nobody canceled walking outdoors.Choosing the right outdoor clothing, you can not worry about whether your baby warm.Overalls Gusti - a combination of quality materials and modern innovations that give a warm and have excellent performance.

manufacturer of the brand of clothing carefully monitors the quality of the goods.All models are few checks and a series of tests that confirmed their strength and high quality.Clothing brand Gusti performed only environmentally friendly materials that are hypoallergenic qualities, non-toxic and have no strong smells.


usually fabric that has a water-repellent coating, needs special care.For parents, this is a significant problem.Improperly washed overalls, can ruin it forever.

However, no such problem for models of the brand Gusti.Set upper garment can be washed in the machine using standard detergents.All materials are very good, they do not wrinkle and dry quickly.

advantages of models of firm Gusti:

  • baby clothes very easy, allowing you to move naturally active kids;
  • filler is a polyester fiber;
  • materials used for the manufacture of models, have excellent thermal insulation;
  • filler is uniformly distributed over the entire area of ​​the product and not break;
  • after washing clothes dries very quickly.

Winter model

manufacturers have managed to combine in their products not only comfort, but also the brightness, style and design registration.Beautiful prints and unusual color combinations are very popular with children and their parents.

Gusti company manufactures products such options:

  • costumes, consisting of several parts. Objects made in one color and complement each other perfectly.Winter suit Gusti consists of a jacket and overalls.It is warm and comfortable child regardless of the temperature outside.This outerwear - ideal for harsh winter with severe frosts.
  • One of the best developments of the company Gusti - coveralls for newborns. This combined holistic model, the kit that includes gloves and the shoes a soft color scheme.It is an excellent solution for children.Winter suit Gusti made with a special outer coating.It retains heat well, repels moisture and allows baby's skin to breathe.The one-piece jumpsuit perfect protection from wind, cold and low temperatures.
  • separate jacket. usually acquire it for older children.The jacket has a special cut of comfortable and special items that provide comfort and convenience to the child.

range of ages, which include manufacturers of Gusti, is quite extensive.You can purchase the product for infants and for children of school age.

Upper material

manufacturers pay special attention to the external part of winter clothing.The fabric should be not only durable, but also has high thermal insulation, water-repellent properties, as well as to protect the child from the wind.

any winter suit Gusti is made of a fabric.Inside it has a special coating of polyurethane and even at high humidity does not get wet.The unique feature of this material is that at such high protective properties it does not hinder air circulation and allow the baby's skin to breathe.

inner filler

What do parents whose children already wore clothes brand Gusti?Reviews in most cases had a positive character.Especially like the clothes of the inhabitants of the northern regions of the company, and rightly so.

Through long-staple polyester filler clothes withstand severe frosts down to -35 degrees.The child does not sweat, because the inner layer of filler doubled fleece fabric that has excellent thermal insulation properties and moisture absorption.

Special protective parts

Winter clothing brand Gusti (set) has no spare parts and details.The edges of the products made by special technology, there are additional fastening elements and Snow.The company has even developed a special skirt and leggings.They protect the child from falling snow boots, overalls and into his excessive sticking.

Particular attention is paid to the top of the clothes, especially the neck area.Additional branded shirt-fronts are cut in such a way as to maximize protect the child from the wind and not allow moisture to penetrate inside.

Nothing extra

lack of decor, pockets, unnecessary accessories and parts - the main difference between brand Gusti.Children's clothing should not interfere with an active child games, constrain its movement or to cling to.Easy products, combined with the comfort and beauty, won the attention of all the fans of this brand.

designers think through every detail to detail.Hidden inside his jacket pocket and hood and more podstezhka-heater quickly removed.


Every child loves pokuvyrkatsya in the snow, toboggan and try their hand at ice.Such actions can not do without falling.This is well-known manufacturers of Gusti.

Overalls this brand is made of a dense material, which can withstand sudden movements or falling baby.Kneeling pants are special inserts saves wear clothes.In the same way processed inner portions of trousers, which are subject to friction and very quickly lose its original appearance.


Gusti Winter kit includes gloves, hat and scarf.Unusual, is not it?This feature simplifies the parents the choice of clothes for winter walks.The scarf is designed as a fleece shirt front, which protects the chest and neck of the child from the wind and cold.

Some models have adjustable cuffs costumes.This is great for children who are growing rapidly.Very often there are cases that the kit is bought child for the entire period of cold weather, and he manages to sound like it only one or two months.This usually occurs due to surges in the growth of the child.

purchasing kits Gusti, you can not worry about it.Adjustable cuffs elongated and bib has a comfortable seat with a margin and a high back.So it will not be long suit small child, and he carries it with pleasure until spring.

Kits Gusti (for girls)

wide range of colors and a variety of prints makes it easy to choose a winter kit for little fashionistas.Company Gusti made sure that all the models were not only practical, but also pleasing to the children of its style and brightness.

sets for girls are represented in pink, purple, orange.All models have bright jackets, prints with a variety of designs, and overalls are always monochrome.This combination looks very harmonious, and allows you to quickly find proper color of shoes to a child.


opinions of parents about the clothing company Gusti ambiguous.This brand has appeared in Russia recently, but has already managed to gain popularity.Especially bright colors attract customers and a set of essential accessories.

heat, reliability, security - these properties different clothing brands Gusti.Reviews of parents whose children wear winter sets this brand were just enthusiastic.Overalls really withstand extreme cold and retain heat well.

However, waterproof properties of the garment many parents doubt.Outer fabric sets is not a membrane, although it contains a polyurethane coating.But it does not provide reliable protection against moisture.

Choosing the right size

negative reviews about the clothing brand Canadian Gusti also took place.Primarily relating to the enhancement.Very often, hats and gloves do not match the size of the kit and were too big or small.Therefore when selecting a winter kit must-try on all its parts.

best to make buying a suit with the child.If you go to the store without buying a thing or over the Internet, you must specify:

  • age of the child;
  • its growth;
  • length sleeves;
  • leg measurements on internal and external seams;
  • length on the back.

Outerwear company Gusti malomerit.Moreover, the size on the label indicates the approximate age of the child, not his height.Therefore, when choosing a winter kit should be very careful and choose a suit at least one size larger than required, as well as to consider adjustable cuffs and belts overalls.

Subtleties of care

Since baby kits are brand Gusti as insulation synthetic fiber, and the top is covered with a special coating material, special care they require.It is enough to wash the car in conventional powder machine at 40 degrees.Costumes dries quickly and perfectly keep the original shape.

For small spots can be used to clean at home.Any dirt is removed with a sponge and water.If there is stubborn dirt, use a soap solution.The fabric should be rinsed several times with clean water.

All winter costumes Gusti have a special impregnation which repels dirt.Due to this, even with daily wear suit winter washed a few times.

manufacturer does not recommend to dry on a radiator kits.From the high temperature fibrous filler may deteriorate.Room temperature should be sufficient to suit all sectors of well dry.

Clothing brand Gusti - comfort, brightness, style

Any collection of this brand is very different from the costumes of other manufacturers.Lovely colorful color, a huge range of models and a wide size range allow to choose the kit that will fully meet your taste.

in winter costumes Gusti child is not afraid of severe frosts and wind.Walking in the fresh air, skiing, fun games in the snow - any active sessions will be held with joy and pleasure.And thanks to the fashionable items of clothing and stylish design, your baby will always look bright and modern!