Winter moccasin: description of models, maintenance, what to wear

there any shoes that can satisfy such eschi in the warmth, comfort and convenience with beauty and style?Believe me, these shoes are actually there, and her name - winter moccasins.In addition, such a comfortable and stylish shoes offers a wealth of options and a great variety of models.Among them, even the most demanding customer will be able to find for themselves the most worthwhile and suitable option.

Could Diego Della Valle, founder of the famous shoe brand Tod's, suggest that his brainchild, which is intended for the Italian lazy mods can be claimed even in northern latitudes in a fierce winter?At the same time the past few seasons, winter moccasins, a photo of which are presented in this article are considered the undisputed trend many winter collections from the major manufacturers of men's and women's fashion.

Tribute motorists

From the outset perceived as loafers spring summer-light shoe that was designed for idle pastime and hiking on the French Riviera.Due to the exceptional popula

rity they come with success in the closet, worn in winter.In fact, why would love to have footwear not worn in the snow and cold?Particularly pleased that the advanced materials and technologies make it possible to reliably protect from moisture and warm winter moccasins.In them you will be as comfortable as possible.

Top demi-season and summer shoes over the past few seasons produce winter moccasins.They consistently showcases scattered with appreciative fans of this type of footwear.We can only assume that it's a hybrid to meet the needs of motorists in both warm and comfortable shoes.


At the present moment everyone is producing winter fur moccasins.Own variations on this theme have already released mass-leading shoe manufacturers and designers.When choosing them, first of all, you need to pay attention to such classics as BOTTEGA VENETA, Tod's, Roberto Cavalli, UGG® Australia.From domestic brands produce good moccasins Carlo Pazolini and Luciano Carvari.

Features models

Winter moccasin is made only from natural materials - a sheep, calf or pig skin, lined with fur.The most attractive model look of suede or vyvorotki.Soles basically stitched or cast polyurethane or rubber quality.When purchasing, pay close attention to the insole.

is necessary that it was made with the use of real fur, and easily pulled out of the shoe.Otherwise, dry the inside of the shoe will be very difficult.

Winter moccasins women

Whatever the styles and trends in fashion are not defined for the new season, amidst all this wealth of models remain relevant for many years moccasins.This shoe is represented in the collections of even the largest fashion houses, including Rodarte and Red Valentino.

Beauty and functionality

Winter loafers for men and women is not only very comfortable and warm, but also incredibly beautiful.They produce a wide variety of colors to the taste of each.Of course, mainly used in calming neutrals, although manufacturers have also produced a model of bright saturated colors.They look nice feast among the monotony of winter flowers in nature.

What to wear

Regardless of the fact that winter moccasins in rankings most democratic of shoes are leaders, they need to properly combine with other elements of clothing.Although the beginning of the example of what should not be done:

  • winter moccasins men's wear with a suit.Like it or not, but the shoes for this purpose it is better suited;
  • acquire black model.This color, which is unacceptable for this type of footwear, as moccasins are in contrast to the strict, formal style;
  • put them "out of season";
  • combine them with a sports suit.Here everything is clear - moccasin with sweatpants and sweatshirt will look funny.For such purposes, there are running shoes or sneakers.Incidentally, men's sports shoes without laces this year is very popular.

Now we come to the point, what is democratic enough to wear this shoe.It is advisable to wear loafers with jeans, short pants (mostly tucked below), as well as linen pants also fit and denim shorts.

good news is that at the moment you can buy men's moccasins completely different colors and shapes - to find something suitable for your wardrobe just not make much effort.Do not forget that winter moccasins can be of poor quality, in other words, beware of fakes.In addition, these shoes can have completely different styles of execution.Although, no matter what model you have not purchased - classic polusportivny and sport, it will be necessary to follow the shoes equally competently and carefully.

How to treat

In winter leather loafers need daily rubbing with a special protective cream, in addition to process water-repellent spray, emulsion.It provides excellent protection in this case a so-called wax shoe - a transparent gel or paste, whose composition is included in a purified beeswax, moreover, various fats.But suede shoes need to start to clean from dust and dirt with a special brush and foam, and then impregnated protective soft spray.

choosing winter moccasins, do not forget that in snowy weather wear such shoes will not work because you can not normally walk on the road.