The gas-liquid peeling: reviews.

All people want to look beautiful, young and attractive.That is why were invented by a variety of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery.To date, the development of so-called hardware cosmetology is very fast.There are more and more new techniques that get a lot of positive reviews.The gas-liquid peeling is one of them.

What is the essence of the procedure?

It can be attributed to the so-called mechanical exfoliation, as skin blemishes polished and dead skin cells sloughed off by a mechanical abrasive action.This unique system called gas-liquid peeling Jet Peel.Responses about it point to the fact that it is really effective.This method allows you to not only get rid of various skin problems, but also to quickly enter under the skin of a variety of nutrients and substances, trace elements and vitamins and hyaluronic acid.In addition, it can help you perform complex lymph drainage massage.

The main feature of this type of peeling is the fact that it is carried out smoothly, without the need for

administration of anesthesia or any contact with the patient's skin.This is possible thanks to a modern machine, which was developed by a team in Israel.It consists of special nozzles, through which is sprayed on the skin of the fine gas-liquid mixture.Due to the fact that its particles are moving very quickly, drops after the departure of the unit acquire special properties, helping to exfoliate dead skin cells, nourish and moisturize the skin and saturate it with oxygen.At the same time, you can use a variety of means for "filling".

gas-liquid peeling Jet Peel can be performed in the classic version, using only oxygen, and physiological saline.In addition, in recent years it has become very popular modified versions.In these cases, a gas-liquid solution was added vitamin drinks, hyaluronic acid, microelements.The gas-liquid peeling Jet Peel, reviews of which prove its high efficiency, makes all of the above substances get into the skin without damaging the surface.It is also important to remember that, in addition to the mechanical, the system has also thermal action.Due to the low temperature fine mixture exhibits analgesic properties.Therefore, it helps to improve blood circulation and microcirculation, tone of veins and arteries.

What are the benefits of this procedure?Reviews

If we talk about the different techniques of mechanical peeling, it is a gas-liquid peeling head and face is the most effective and efficient ones.What is it manifest benefits?

  1. He does not need direct contact with the skin.Neither the doctor nor any part of the device does not come into contact with your skin in the process of peeling the cover.That is why you can completely eliminate the possibility of entering any kind of infection.All the action takes place thanks to the flow of liquids and gas.
  2. procedure is not traumatic, it passes very delicately.On your skin there will be no injuries or burns, or any other traces, as is the case with other types of intervention.
  3. gas-liquid peeling face and head is completely painless, so it does not require anesthesia.
  4. When the gas-liquid peeling can be administered vitamins and other important substances without damaging the surface of the skin.
  5. gas-liquid facial peels, reviews of which are characterized by their positive, can be easily done at any time of the year.
  6. After the procedure, there is no recovery period, so many women choose this type of peeling.
  7. Many women indicate that gas-liquid peeling head and face helps to achieve great results.
  8. Peeling has a slight massaging effect.
  9. Due to the fact that only natural ingredients (in the classical version), there is no risk of allergic reactions.
  10. If you have problem hair, then the gas-liquid peeling scalp reviews which indicate its excellent results, will help to quickly get rid of many problems.
  11. This method is suitable for women of all ages.
  12. doctor can adjust the depth of the massage: it can be deep, lymph drainage, median or superficial.
  13. Many customers indicate that, if you do this kind of peeling before going to the beach, you get a better and more even tan.

Who should make the gas-liquid peeling?

No mechanical cosmetic procedure is not so good reviews.The gas-liquid peeling for face and scalp is recommended in many cases:

  1. If your skin is aging prematurely, is its "photo-aging".
  2. If the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, becomes too sluggish.
  3. If your face appears too many medium and deep wrinkles.
  4. If you feel that the skin of the face, "tired."
  5. If the face has hyperpigmented parts.
  6. If you suffer from acne and post-acne.
  7. If you have scars or seborrhea.
  8. When hair loss.
  9. When are age-related changes of the skin of the neck, hands and décolleté.
  10. When the roughness of the skin or cellulite.


Despite its safe and painless, this procedure does have contraindications:

  1. Acute infectious disease in the place where the procedure will be carried out.
  2. Herpes and aggravation.
  3. Oncological diseases of the skin.
  4. eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.
  5. Diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine systems, or upper respiratory tract.
  6. Individual intolerance to the drugs that are administered or cold.
  7. epilepsy or mental disorders.
  8. Neuralgia facial nerve.


gas-liquid peeling is carried out without any preparation.If you want to carry out the procedure on the face, the hair in that case, a special closed cap.With deep cleansing caps cover the eyes and the skin around them.The procedure is outpatient.She has received from women only positive feedback.The gas-liquid peeling does not need recovery, so after the procedure, you can immediately go home.After the doctor starts peeling, you can feel on your face is not strong flow of cold air.This discomfort, no one there, as evidenced by the reviews.Typically, a gas-liquid peeling held for only 20 minutes.As this procedure will affect the skin - the doctor decides.This decision is always personal.As pointed out reviews, the gas-liquid peeling gives a tangible result after the first session.But to fix it, we still have from 5 to 10 treatments.

gas-liquid peeling scalp

This procedure shall be appointed in the following cases:

  1. treatment of certain skin disorders or inflammation.
  2. gas-liquid peeling scalp reviews which indicate its effectiveness, helps to stimulate hair growth.
  3. To cleanse the scalp.
  4. to prevent hair loss.
  5. For seasoned professional care.

how to conduct gas-liquid peeling heads?Reviews and Deals

first selected drug.This procedure is performed by a qualified doctor.By selecting the intensity of exposure, expert guides to the area to be treated, the applicator.The customer will feel only a slight chill.As a rule, this procedure lasts about 40 minutes.For a positive result it is best to go to 5 treatments.Many women report that even the first session helps to completely transform the hair the better.It will help to forget about the roots of fat, do curls a shiny and smooth.Dandruff is more than you will not bother, itching, and redness go away.All this is confirmed by the opinions of experts and patient testimonials.Should such a procedure is about 1,600 rubles.

What results helps achieve Jet Peel?Testimonials

  1. can completely clean the skin as peeling may carry on middle and deep layers of the epithelium.As they say
  2. reviews, a gas-liquid peeling makes it easy to get rid of the swelling as conducting lymph drainage massage.
  3. Shoe painless, so you can enter any vitamin cocktails.
  4. Many patients indicate that after the treatment the skin is fresh, clean, supple and moisturized.Its surface is different velvety.

procedure Spray Mode

This procedure is non-contact, helps to achieve results for soothing the skin.Thanks to be sprayed on the surface of various skin whey, mineral water, tonic.It helps to reduce inflammation and irritation, struggling with dermatitis.Who can use this procedure?

  1. People with very dry and sensitive skin.
  2. People whose skin is prone to acne.
  3. People who have frequent hair fall out.
  4. Those who have any lesions on the skin (scars, wounds, sunburn).
  5. When used on the skin around the eyes can be completely relieve fatigue after working at the computer.