Tourmaline Soap: reviews and Application

real woman always attracts new and unknown.Especially when it comes to hygiene facilities for washing.It has long gone are the days when used for that purpose bar soaps, traumatize the skin, causing dryness and redness.Today, manufacturers are successfully used all the achievements of cosmetology, adding to the soap emollient cream or vegetable extracts, neutralizing the impact of the alkali.Alternatively, you can consider the use of moisturizing gels, foams, lotions.And not so long ago in the market of cosmetic products there is another novelty - Tourmaline soap.Reviews of Asian product did not take long.

Secrets speaker name

you ever thought about why the soap is such a name?Because it contains tourmaline.This mineral is often called crystal magnet, because it differs by a constant electrical charge.It emits infrared waves and anions.Because of this magical mineral has a beneficial effect on the skin: it nourishes, moisturizes, prevents the growth of mildew, bleaches.But this is not all the featur

es possessed by Tourmaline soap.Why is it necessary?How should I use it?

Application tourmaline soap

Today it is hygienic means pride marches in many countries in Europe, including in Russia.It is widely used in various guises.It can be used:

  1. As usual soap while washing or taking water treatments.
  2. instead of shampoo.Experts often talk about how useful Tourmaline soap hair.With regular use of it, their growth is accelerated by improving peripheral circulation.
  3. as a safe means of intimate hygiene.
  4. as masks with use of soap.
  5. in some spa treatments.For example, a scraping of the skin or a soap massage.

say a word about the bamboo charcoal

The structure of the sanitary facilities often include various additives.Especially popular Tourmaline soap with bamboo charcoal.The secret to his demand?The thing is in a useful addition.After all, bamboo charcoal - just a storehouse of mineral ions, which are known as anions.They have another name - air vitamins.

anions have a number of amazing features:

  • improves sleep.
  • Prevent colds.
  • normalizes blood pressure.
  • They are characterized by soothing properties.

Thus, bamboo charcoal is not only cosmetic but also medicinal effect.Moreover, it absorbs toxins neutralizes odors, kills germs, thereby showing their deodorizing properties.

mechanism of action of soap

know the secret of our wonder drug?In a complex effect on the skin.This 5 active ingredients provide long-term health benefits.This infrared negative ions, twisting the magnetic field, constant microcurrent and nutrients.They affect the tissue and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, remove horny layer, removes toxins.

Already, many women have recognized the uniqueness of a product such as soap Tourmaline.Guest them very positive.Anyone who appreciated this soap show its ease of use.After all, the product does not need to be connected to the power source.He is charged by the warm water and has a beneficial effect on our skin.

Tourmaline Soap: features

What then are the characteristics of this remedy?Why thousands of women prefer to buy it?It's all about efficiency.Once you choose a soap Tourmaline whose properties are truly magical, and you will notice results.After all, this product has:

  • health benefits.It cleans the skin cells, relieves us from acne, boils, whiten skin, neutralizes dark spots.It is often used Tourmaline soap acne.A pleasant surprise - it does not dry the skin.
  • antibacterial effect.Because of the light spectrum kills bacteria, regulates temperature and moisture of the skin, normalizes blood circulation.
  • cleaning effect.Tourmaline particles present in the composition of the product, provide a gentle exfoliation of dead cells.
  • cosmetic effect.Eliminates unpleasant odors, save us from sweating, strengthens the hair, preventing hair loss.It is a good preventive against dandruff.

As you can see, the benefits of this great Asian product.


In some cases, you can use soap Tourmaline?Testimonials are similar.Its use is simply necessary when:

  1. pronounced pigmentation of the skin, redness and freckles.
  2. dark circles or bags under the eyes.
  3. eczema and other skin inflammations.
  4. appearance of the first small wrinkles.
  5. nervous tension and stress.
  6. travel and long journeys.In such cases, the soap helps our skin to adapt to new conditions.It can also be used to eliminate fatigue and swelling of the legs.
  7. If you have poor quality water.This hygienic agent softens water and neutralize chemical contaminants therein.For example, it eliminates chlorine odor.

In addition, I want to say that this product has an effect on the body similar to acupuncture, massage, burning sagebrush cigarettes.


Although Tourmaline soap has many beneficial properties and is able to return our skin a healthy appearance, in some situations, from it should be abandoned.Otherwise, the result may be opposite to the expected.

When it is not recommended to use soap Tourmaline?Reviews of doctors and cosmetologists on this matter clear.Experts recommend to abandon the product in the following cases:

  • If you are hypersensitive to any component, part of the soap.If after treatment you notice tingling or redness, it is better to stop using and see a doctor.
  • at significantly elevated body temperature.This is due to the fact that when heated tourmaline particles begin to emit infrared radiation.Therefore it is very important that the body temperature was normal.Otherwise, you may get injured.
  • If there is mechanical damage to the skin.It should be clarified: Tourmaline soap can be used later day after the injury was received.
  • during or after such disease as a hemorrhagic stroke.
  • When individual inclination of the body to bleed.

If all the factors listed above, do not have to do with you, feel free to buy a gift of generous Asians.In its effectiveness, you will not be disappointed.

The results of

What do we give regular use?Tourmaline soap will give you the following results:

  1. improve the overall tone and skin turgor.
  2. prevent aging of skin cells, due to active production of collagen and elastin.
  3. accelerate the growth of hair and nails.
  4. normalizes blood circulation, so the cells are better oxygenated.And it returns face a healthy glow.
  5. get rid of the negative impact of stress.You will forget about fatigue and nervous tension.
  6. cleanse skin pores.After Tourmaline soap easily and can be used as a soft skrabiruyuschego funds.


Any tool will only perform all the functions assigned to it when we use it correctly.How Tourmaline soap should be used?Reviews are very numerous, so it is not difficult to find the answer to this question.This hygienic means necessary to put on your skin and leave for 2 minutes.Then it was rinsed with warm water.Depending on your feelings and individual tolerance duration of the procedure can increase or decrease.

Pleases and that Tourmaline soap can be used for a long time.It does not cause any harm to the body.

As you can see, Tourmaline soap has every reason to become a regular at our bathroom shelves.After his set of useful properties of a truly diverse and unique.