Argan oil: reviews.

Argan oil, which will be discussed in this article, refers to one of the most expensive oil in the world.And all thanks to the fact that the properties of argan oil is amazing, and the fact that it is made from the endangered argan tree.This tree is native to Morocco, from its fruit and receive a unique oil.

deserved only the most positive reviews, argan oil is used by thousands of women for many centuries.Previously, it is made by hand by rubbing the fruit of the tree.Currently, production is significantly simplified, and thus greatly increased the quality of the oil.All thanks to the use of high-tech equipment, which speeds up and improves the extraction process.Oil obtained free of mechanical and chemical impurities.Cold pressing method allows you to keep all the nutrients that are in the oil.

Understanding application

the extract is used both in pure form and in a variety of cosmetic products made from it.Butter comes in two forms:

  1. food.
  2. Cosmetic.

first has a dark color, the second

golden hue, almost imperceptible aroma, nutty.The oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, and F.

Selecting oil

view of the considerable popularity of funds in the market is currently flooded with a forgery.In most cases the manufacturer of the counterfeit is an Asian country.This oil, ideally, should be produced in Morocco or countries closest to it.Sometimes there are negative reviews online argan oil is obtained from consumers who have purchased a fake.

second factor that should play an important role when you are choosing Argan oil - the price.As we mentioned, the oil is made difficult enough way from the fruit of endangered species of trees.It is logical that such a remedy can not have a low price.Low cost can be characterized by either a fake or a mere cosmetic argan.Clean the extract is about 1,500 rubles.per 100 ml.

Hence the third criterion of choice - composition.Nothing other than Argan oil, a part should not be (of course, if you buy oil in its pure form).

Application Face

Why is it so popular argan oil?The properties of this extract in demand in many areas of cosmetology.Due to the fact that it's very easy, lean and quickly absorbed, Argan oil is perfect for a person.It can be applied directly to the skin, and use as a component of cosmetic masks and wraps.

argan oil is ideal for people with dry, normal and combination skin, as quite intensively moisturizes and nourishes it.But the owners of oily skin you should not deny yourself the miraculous properties of this oil.They should use it in conjunction with the means to control and reduce the production of sebum and tightens pores.Thus, even with oily skin, you can feel the beneficial effects and the intensity of its power, while avoiding greasy.

Use Argan Oil for the face in its pure form, as well as cosmetic products based on it, you need every day.It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, giving it not with the greasy shine.It is quickly and easily absorbed and makes the skin radiant.The tool should be applied to cleansed skin with light massage movements.Stretch the skin at the same time is strictly forbidden, as any effect of rejuvenation in which case you do not get.It is better to carry out the procedure before going to bed, as the night of argan oil for the face can be absorbed as fully as possible to the skin, give it vitality and give a beautiful appearance.

As if weather-beaten skin of the lips during the cold season, the application of argan oil is able to eliminate this problem.

In pure form of the substance can be added to any cosmetic - cream, serum, lotion, etc., as well as in domestic masks available ingredients.

Use for age and problem skin

recommended argan oil, whose properties are ideal for rejuvenation and for aging skin that has lost elasticity, become flabby, wrinkled, thinned, tired and saggy.When used in this case, the main action is aimed at oil intensive nutrition, firming skin, wrinkles, and so on. N. In addition, oil perfectly regenerates the skin, tones and rejuvenates it.

anti-inflammatory properties of this tool allows it to be an excellent option for the care of problem skin.For example, argan oil "Kapus' reviews describe it as very effective on this issue.

Excellent tool suited to teenagers to nullify manifestations of youthful acne.Most effectively with this problem will help to cope mask of argan oil and black cumin oil, which must be mixed together in a ratio of 1: 1 and rub into affected areas dot, that is, only on the pimples - every day, morning and evening.By the way, you can rub the substance and other minor skin injuries, such as scratches, sores and abrasions to their complete healing.It will speed up the restoration of the skin, improving recovery and will prevent the penetration of the wound infection and the appearance of inflammation.

Application Body

should also consider the use of this extract for the body.It has on it no less favorable impact than on the face, which is why this oil - a popular ingredient in lotions and creams for the body, as well as body wraps and other spa treatments.

oil can be applied to the body after a shower or before, act as massage, added to the existing creams and body masks.Recovery, nutrition and hydration - that's the main positive effects that could have a material.Also, it effectively prevents sunburn if applied it for a few minutes before sun exposure.Drawing after sun "baths" will help to restore the skin and minimize the negative effects of all UV rays, such as excessive tension and dryness of the skin, burns, irritation, scaling, loss of elasticity.In addition, applied during the tanning, it ensures you a smooth and beautiful tone.

use in the fight against stretch marks There

reviews, demonstrating the efficiency of oil and in the fight against stretch marks.To do this, it is mixed with tangerine oil and rub into problem areas on the chest or hips.Some users are also recommended to use it as a means of cellulite.To do this, a little heated oil, applied to the problem areas that have been treated with a scrub, then wrapped them with foil and wrapped in a warm towel or blanket.After 20 minutes, the film is removed, and excess oil was removed with a towel.

Application polish

use argan oil, whose properties are well suited for the treatment and recovery of nails, best in the composition of masks for hands and cuticles.The most popular and effective mask for these purposes is considered to be a mixture of argan oil and lemon.They are mixed in equal proportions and applied to the cuticle and nail plates for 10-20 minutes.

Application Hair

Regular carrying out such procedures (about once a week), your nails will be strengthened considerably, become more shiny and healthy, their tips bleach, little bundle stops.Growth will slow down the cuticle, it will become softer.Furthermore, the oil in its pure form can be applied to the skin of the hands once a day instead of moisturizing and nourishing cream.

Due to the ease and rapid absorption of the oil can be applied directly to clean hair.It is completely absorbed after 10-20 minutes after application.Hair can be dried, they are smooth, shiny and healthy.It is sufficient to only a couple of drops are deposited mainly on the tips.According to reviews, argan oil, applied in large quantities in the washed hair without subsequent rinsing, creates a light effect of wet hair.

application of oil on the roots of the hair and scalp is better to carry out before washing.After the application head can be wrapped in a towel and wrap.After an hour or half an hour to remove everything and wash my hair.Excellent washes away excess oil Argan Shampoo.After this procedure, you will see an effect similar to bio-lamination.

Mask for hair with argan oil

The substance can be added to homemade hair masks.For example, such an oil very effectively works in tandem with any ether.The mixture is prepared from the calculation of 1-2 drops of essential oil per tablespoon argan oil.The mixture is applied to the hair for half an hour, then wash off with shampoo.

second option mask: mix burdock oil and argan oil in the ratio of 1: 1, it is added to the one beaten egg yolk.The mixture is heated and stirred.She then applied to the hair and scalp, his head wrapped with a towel and covered with foil.After 40 minutes, all washed off with shampoo.

for hair restoration is also a perfect recipe mask.Argan and olive oil 1 teaspoon mixed, they add lavender and sage oil (about 5-7 drops) and one beaten egg yolk.All mixed, and even better - beat until smooth and apply on hair for 20 minutes.

combination with other cosmetic

Shampoo with argan oil reviews and earned only the best.This shampoo can be purchased ready-made or make yourself simply by adding oil to your shampoo at the rate of about 1 drop of oil for 20-30 ml of shampoo.This dosage may be adjusted (up or down) based on the individual characteristics of the hair and scalp.

great effect in hair care gives argan oil and in various combinations with other effective cosmetic oils.For example, macadamia nut oil, according to reviews, is the second after the popularity and effectiveness of Argan.It also shows excellent results when used for hands, hair, nails and body, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, prevents aging, gives elasticity.That is why in recent years become more and more appear on the market means the professional line of skin care and hair care, based argan and macadamia oil.Why is it in such a combination of oil is very effective?The fact that they both have excellent compatibility with the oils in the human body, and therefore are easily digested, quickly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.

Conclusion In conclusion, it can be concluded that argan oil is an effective and versatile tool that can keep your beauty in its many aspects.Smooth, shiny hair, healthy glowing skin and beautiful face strong nails - is not that what every woman dreams of?Despite its high cost, cosmetic products with argan oil enjoys consistently high, even increasing demand, due to the unique properties of the extract and its extraordinary efficiency.Therefore, reviews argan oil gets only the most positive, of course, only those who purchased the original agent.