Spirits "Miss Dior": reviews

One flavor that almost 70 years, has become not just a favorite perfume water as well as an important part of an elegant and luxurious way of many women around the world - a "Miss Dior".Feedback has been very controversial, but it is associated with an increase in the number of counterfeits due to the high popularity of the perfume.Since the creation of the fragrance produced many variations.Among them choose the one that will be loved and to be the original version, this article will tell.

Business Card Christian Dior

reflecting on the fact that an important role in creating the image of women in addition to the clothing plays a perfume, a famous fashion designer wanted to try out a new profession.The experience proved to be very successful: because there was a business card of the fashion house Christian Dior - "Miss Dior".Reviews from women and men, he received the highest honors, and despite the fact that it has more than fifty years since the establishment of flavor, it remains recognizable a

nd synonymous with classic luxury.

According to men, this chypre-floral fragrance is well suited directly to young girls, adds to their mystery and grace.This perfume will appeal to those who love classic fragrances: wayward, but at the same time unobtrusive scent.The advantages include durability and versatility of flavors: you can use at any time of the year for evening out or for a business meeting.

The debate about contemporary flavor

impossible to create a fragrance that would have liked to all without exception, and "Miss Dior" reviews is not only positive, but also negative:

- someone thinks that this perfume is already outdated and is goodonly in conjunction with a retro-style;

- others he discourages his rigor and is associated with loneliness because of the presence in the base notes of oak moss fragrance;

- not on every girl he fully disclosed;

- some of those who fell in love with this fragrance at a young age and later cease to use it, because it is associated with the past, which did not return.

But despite this, the majority of women who tried it, think of "Miss Dior" expensive and luxurious fragrance that, like classical music, fine, but is not for everyone.

updated composition

In 2012 was released a new version of the fragrance, no global changes have occurred since it was planned only to make a favorite smell more vivid, saturated, and the corresponding date.But, unfortunately, it has become too modern version of "Miss Dior perfume."Reviews of women who did not like the flavor variation, say that he has lost his individuality and become similar to many others, and the black tape used in advertising, has acquired a sense of depersonalization, not giving mystery.Also, in their view, the smell quickly bored, and they can not be used permanently: suitable only for an evening out.

But inherent in any flavor of "Miss Dior" elegance, sensuality and femininity remain, as well as his pleasure began to buy women who do not like that flavor was recognizable.The new fragrance "Miss Dior Perfume" has reviews and positive because:

- the smell of mandarins in the top notes elevates mood and is associated with the New Year;

- then revealed fragrance fragrance of roses;

- thanks to a combination in the base notes of amber, patchouli and vanilla creates a harmony of elegance and languid sweetness without cloying.

Such unstable version

most popular version was released in 2005, but lasted only seven years.During this time it is not just in time to radically change the composition and layout, so the version of "Miss Dior Cherry" very mixed reviews and is not always clear what it refers to variation.The original feature of this perfume was the smell of caramel popcorn.In 2008, there were two versions of reformulated: one with the smell of bitter orange and neroli, and the other with the fragrance of peonies.In 2010, "Miss Dior Cherry" gets even sweeter, add notes of freesia, lily of the valley and pralines.But in 2011, the fragrance ceases to be so cloying and becomes similar to Chanel "Coco Mademoiselle."In 2012, all versions disappear from the market, and there will be "Miss Dior 2012" is very similar, but do not have the original notes of strawberries.

perfume "Miss Dior Cherry" originally referred to the fruit and chypre fragrances, but the most popular was the floral version of "Miss Dior Cherry Leeuw" thanks to its light, fresh and cheerful scent, despite the simple composition: orange in the top notes, gardeniaand near the end of white musk.

Juicy variation

Another successful chypre-floral variation was released in 2012 - "Miss Dior Fresh".Reviews women try it, note the following nuances:

- first eau de toilette may seem strict because of the abundance of citrus top notes, but by revealing the fragrance warmer thanks to the noble gentle jasmine and gardenia feminine;

- trail of flavor average, felt at arm's length, but if the room is not ventilated, the smell very quickly fills all space;

- the new version is light and refreshing, but still not suitable for the summer: because patchouli in base notes in hot weather, the smell becomes too strong;

- the smell of fresh, sunny and sensual at the same time, the best time of year for him - spring and winter smell more rigorous and is not fully disclosed;

- used continuously for more than three months, does not work: the flavor gets boring and annoying;

- the smell in a bottle like many, but often has on the body and clothes quite different fragrance of patchouli becomes too intrusive or not disclosed at all.

For lovers of pions not only

very gentle and the air turned out version of "Miss Dior Blooming."Reviews often contain the phrase that this fragrance can be considered the best of the entire line.Initially, it was created as a variation of "Miss Dior Cherry" for the Asian market, but after a successful premiere and appeared in the world, and in 2014 became an independent and completely toilet water.The very scent of many associated with the spring, but it is also perfectly suitable for the summer.

This perfume is not cloying caramel and cherries, it stands out among other versions of smell delicate flowers - peonies, roses and white musk, and opens the composition cheerful tangerine.

This variation has become the most light and romantic of all the "Miss Dior".Reviews try it noted the following points:

- the flavor is better to use during the day, perfect for work: unobtrusive, airy and elegant;

- simple fresh floral scent for each day in the warmer months;

- in flavor in the beginning there is a slight acidity that it does not spoil, but rather makes it interesting;

- the smell of uplifting and energizing in the literal sense: it turns out, such a kind of aromatherapy.

How to become the owner of the original version

is often replaced by the joy of buying a disappointment due to the fact that the flavor is not as durable as hoped, and eventually completely changes the smell, but the main reason for the strange metamorphosis: the perfume was a fake.And then it begins to become clear why it is so often changed version and bottles: this is one way to protect against counterfeiting those who choose perfume "Miss Dior".Guest recommends:

- before buying fragrance find out what version and the corresponding design of the bottle are relevant at the moment;

- remember that low price - the first sign of low-quality goods, a good perfume water can not be cheap;

- vials with a large volume of 75 or 100 ml, more frequently counterfeited;

- printing on the package must be of high quality and clear, not vague;

- in the original version can not be any typos;

- barcode of each country starts with certain numbers, for example, the French perfume 30-37;

- to avoid disappointment, make purchases in the best stores proven with documents confirming the quality of the products.

perfume or eau de toilette

main differences between the spirits and toilet water are well known:

- different content of essential oils;

- perfume more stable;

- spirits toilet water is much more expensive.

often buy "Miss Dior" eau de toilette, reviews The reason is that the flavor and so proof enough, some versions hold more than a day, so it makes no sense to overpay.Also in Russian stores is quite difficult to find a perfume, but they can be purchased, holidays abroad.

What is it - Miss Dior

Initially, the first version of the fragrance Dior dedicated to his sister: Miss the name means young unmarried girl, who, in his opinion, should be daring, but elegant, feminine and luxurious.Those who tried the perfume "Miss Dior", often leave reviews, highlighting these features inherent to each flavor of the line.Over time, "Miss Dior" adjusted to the wishes of women: lost age limits and become less sweet but more refined and delicate.

As revealed and behave any version of a particular woman on the skin, it can be determined only by testing.Most often about "Miss Dior" reviews say it is high-quality perfume, enveloping a beautiful aroma and uplifting, make women more sensual and sophisticated.