Akvagrim and makeup "Monster High" for a fun party

theme "Monster High" does not lose popularity for several years now.Girls monstryashki, student school of the same name, are gaining fans among young people and kids through vivid images, stunning style, inexhaustible charm.Today, many agencies offer a holiday party in a note to clients company-monstryashek animators, and many girls are not able to take the help of professionals, organize funny monster party alone.To feast was spectacular and really atmospheric, you need to consider all the details.Napkins, utensils, flags, posters, costume party - little things in this complex does not exist.Special attention should make "Monster High".On it will be discussed.


before a make-up "Monster High", will prepare all necessary.In stores festive paraphernalia can be easily purchased paint safe for the skin of any color.Well, if they are issued in the form of pens or pencils - so paint will be more convenient.Well, if you wanted to find professional products is impossible or price bites, you can

replace them with conventional cosmetic pencils.Useful bright, golden, pearly shade - because girls monstryashki these ladies!It does not interfere with a set of self-adhesive sequins basis.And finally, most importantly - a painting tone for the face.Here is better to pay attention to the special funds, because of the characters of the series "Monster High" completely different skin colors, and find among the usual right cosmetics can be tricky.For example, makeup Claudine, you can use a regular concealer for dark skin, but to create an image Gulii Yelps need gray.If you find the right tone is difficult, it is worth paying attention to the monstryashku, skin tone that looks like a natural.For example, Cleo has bronzovatuyu skin Drakulaura - pale pink, blush and Operetta virtually indistinguishable from a human.It can be attributed to this category, and Skelitu, her skin white and beige shades, which can be achieved with the help of the cold and light foundation.But with these characters we begin.

Makeup "Monster High": Cleo de Nile

One of the brightest students of the school - girl aristocrat with exquisite taste.Her name Cleo.She loves luxury, antique, massive jewels, the most fashionable brands.Primary colors: black, turquoise and lots of gold.Those who decided to learn how to do make-up "Monster High" in the style of southern belle Cleo need shadows and pencils of these colors.

first step gives the skin a shade similar to the Egyptian bronze tan.For more similarities with the prototype will pay special attention to the eyes.Cleo loves massive arrows.Besides the usual subtle lines on her eyelids and curls can be seen.Eyelashes her lush, coal-black.Maiko lips can be quite daring - from pale golden to black-cherry, or even turquoise.

Zest image - rhinestones on the cheekbone.Well worth to take care of the hair.Cleo - burning brunette, so the image can be supplemented with a black wig with golden curls.Of course, the owner of thick black hair can skip this point and not to use any wigs.Even deliberately opulent is natural beauty.

Claudine Wolfe and make her style

According to the creators of the idea, the girl was born in a large and close-knit family of werewolves.It immediately gives the species of wolf ears sticking out.Claudine favorite colors - purple, black, gray, blue.It is hopeless eksperimentatorsha, it does not cost anything to cut their hair shorter and paint them in a poisonous green.But it is true to his style: it is dominated by fur predatory prints, belts with buckles and rivets.

She is young, beautiful and self-sufficient.However, like most girls, "Monster High".Makeup Claudine catchy, but not flashy.Owners of dark skin can not be toned face.Arrows better not abuse it.But the shadow of Claudine prefers flashy.Purple suit.Most often this fashionista chooses lipstick warm terracotta shade.

important detail - the fangs!At Claudine they grow down (unlike, for example, by Abby Bomineybl).Of course, the easiest they will give to those who do not use conventional cosmetics, and akvagrim.Maybe someone will go even further and put these false teeth?

image and make-up Drakulaury

In the story, the daughter of Lord Dracula really still a child.It is naive, trusting, kind, romantic.This style is easy to make-up for girls."Monster High" attracts girls of all ages!And the image Drakulaury could not be better for those who are younger.

In choosing a favorite color, clothing and accessories Drakulaura - a real conservative.Therefore, those who love "Monster High" makeup Drakulaury will be easy to do.It will take a black eyeliner, lipstick pink and crimson shade.

akvagrim Skelity Kalaveras in the style of Día de los Muertos

those who want to create an image in the style of a Latin American beauty, it will take more impressive arsenal: pencils in black, white and blue, blue shadow, red lipstick.

Skelita not just made up, her face skull izrisoval flowers, swirls, hearts.There where unleash the imagination!

Makeup Operetta

Perhaps one of the easiest to implement images.Operetta - exquisite opera singer.Excesses, lack of taste, vulgarity - it's not about her!I dyed it with restraint, only eyelids shaded golden orange.

But in order to achieve the maximum similarity with the character, can not do without red wig with black curls and curls.