Procedure Yumi Lashes.

course, every girl dreams of a beautiful, long and voluminous cilia.That is why the fair sex acquire a variety of carcasses that differ sufficiently high value.But today, there is a procedure which can be used for 2-3 months to make your eyes more expressive.This is Yumi Lashes.Reviews of this lamination eyelashes indicate its effectiveness and high performance.

What is Yumi Lashes?

This procedure represents five separate sessions that must be carried by this professional.After them, you will see that your cilia become thick and long, his eyes got more open look, and eyelid visually rose.Lifting eyelashes Yumi Lashes, reviews about which you can read below, is carried out by gradual filling of keratin, pigments and essential vitamins.With this procedure you get the perfect amount and length of eyelashes on a fairly long period of time.With Yumi Lashes (reviewed the talk about its effectiveness) can do all sorts of lashes from natural to "cocktail".

Yumi Lashes and Everyday Life

Despite the seriousness of the procedure, after it you can easily:

  1. sauna or bath without fear of what your ideal cilia "will flow" or lose its shape.
  2. sleep in the position to which you are accustomed.Eyelashes will not bend or break out.
  3. Use your favorite cosmetics are not afraid to worsen the appearance of the eye.
  4. access to the beach and swim in the sea salt water.
  5. Use any type of lens.
  6. Using ink, although it will not always you need to create the perfect make-up after you make lamination eyelashes Yumi Lashes (reviews about it really admired).
  7. use creams for skin around the eyes.

what can be achieved with Yumi Lashes (based on customer feedback)?

If you are even reading about the procedure Yumi Lashes reviews still do not know whether to do this type of lamination or not, then you should know what results you get later:

  1. Such lashesabout which you always dreamed.They are long, thick and strong.
  2. expressive look with perfectly curled eyelashes.At the same time they will not be provided to chemical exposure.
  3. Every single hair will not only longer but also stronger at some times.
  4. your cilia will no longer stick together.
  5. you immediately feel that they have become more lenient.This opinion will look quite natural.

This can not carry out the procedure?

course, the procedure is Yumi Lashes, reviews of which indicate its effectiveness, helping the girls for a long time to forget what a dull and inexpressive eyes.Even without the use of special cosmetics your cilia will look attractive and sexy.But unfortunately, not everyone can carry out this procedure.If you suffer from any eye diseases are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, breastfeeding, about Yumi Lashes have to forget.

procedure Yumi Lashes - effective alternative to artificial eyelashes and chemical perms

look attractive wants each of the fair sex.But at the same time do not want to use cosmetics, especially if you must do it every day, and in their composition have chemicals!Eyelashes - this is the part of our face, which helps make the eyes look expressive and beautiful.But often the carcasses do not give the desired result, and the girls resort to more radical methods: laying of artificial eyelashes perm or conduct.These methods often make our home eyelashes lifeless and weak.Fortunately, in Switzerland, it has developed a new technology called Yumi Lashes, reviews of which proves that it is quite effective and completely safe.By using only natural ingredients after the procedure, you will not only see a great result, but also can make your eyelashes stronger and healthier.Yumi Lashes meets all the standards of the European and Russian quality.

How is the procedure of lamination eyelashes?

procedure Yumi Lashes, reviews about which you can read below, is carried out in several separate stages.At each of these on your lashes are applied different natural ingredients.First Master puts your lashes for a special silicone lining to make it easier to impose the first part.Its main objective - to lift each hairs, that is, first, the process of lifting.After that, the cilia can begin to fill with special color pigments.Today, there are four basic shade.They are fed into the hairs.The third stage - is filling the eyelashes a complex of essential vitamins, amino acids and proteins.The convoy must stay on your lashes the whole day, so you will not be able to wash with water for 24 hours.Then you get beautiful eyes that just shine splendor.Eyelashes are nicely curved, creating a more "open" eyes.You within 2-3 months will not need to touch their carcasses, although for a more expressive look, you can apply this tool.Today, this unique procedure is still not.

cost of the procedure

Today, many beauty salons and cosmetology centers offer their clients go Yumi Lashes, because this procedure will completely forget about the problems with short eyelashes and mascara to buy more expensive.Of course, this technology is also quite expensive.On average, it costs around 3,500 rubles, but after that you will immediately notice how the procedure is low.The main thing - remember that it should only be a professional who knows exactly how to go through all its stages.Only then will you be able to get quality service done.Many women have taken the opportunity to forget about the constant daily makeup to give her look seductive and greater openness.Try it and you.

Yumi Lashes: that the girls say?

If we talk about such a procedure is Yumi Lashes eyelash, reviews women who have already done it at least once, to help assess how effective and useful it is.The main thing that women say, is the fact that after the procedure you do not feel absolutely no discomfort.It does not require any additional maintenance.You just keep on living the same way as before Yumi Lashes, but no longer have to constantly paint the eyes before going to the city.Your cilia will always look the way you want to.

Those women who suffered his entire life from being too thin, short or unhealthy-looking lashes can forget about their problems.Now their eyes are always beautiful and seductive.Furthermore, women indicated that after the procedure there is no need for correction.You get lashes with a beautiful bend, which are long and bulky, but it looks the most natural and natural.You must also specify and safety of this procedure.Its safely done by women, who fear the negative effects perm eyelashes and for any reason can not impose artificial hairs.