Paints for eyebrows reviews.

Eyebrows by special kolorirujushchie means is very popular among women.The advantages of this method is more than enough.Chief among them - saving time, money and nerves.In this article we will look at producers of paint for the eyebrows, reviews of individual brands, and also talk about how to choose the right color and texture agents.

Pros paint

According to surveys, most eyebrows dyed blonde woman on the second place are the fair sex with brown and red curls, and least likely to buy a paint brunette.This is due to the fact that blondes more than others want to highlight the eyebrows - and without that light, summer they easily and quickly burn out, virtually disappearing from the face.

once procedures - another plus of this paint.Reviews women indicate that the pigment is kept for several months.It is enough to give the desired color eyebrows once in this way, and for a long time, you can forget about mascara, shadows or pencil.Using special paint will be a real salvation for women and girls

who spend a long time on the make-up of eyebrows and give them the same shape.

throughout the day so tinted brows will not have to adjust, they do not wash off with water.Neither the weather nor the swimming pool or bath or sauna, now you are not afraid: high resistance - a distinctive feature of dye eyebrows, reviews of the practical benefits of which can be found on almost every women's forum of beauty.

paint at a cost much cheaper than permanent make-up procedures.Moreover, it perfectly hides gray hair and bleached hair, what never succeed tattoo.Another two important plus in favor of the paint for the eyebrows: reviews women talking about is absolutely painless procedure and the possibility to change the tone every few weeks or months, according to the hair color (Note to those who are often experimenting with his looks or uses coloring shampoos or conditioners).

paint eyebrows contribute to a rapid giving a decent view for the long term in a short period of time - for all event takes no more than 30 minutes, including the preparation for the procedure, the application of funds, and the expectation of a wash.

Color Picker

Before buying paint, you first need to decide on its hue.Eyebrows, did not fit in tone to tsvetotipu easily negate all the tricks to create the ideal image.Everything Counts: shade of hair, skin, eyes, your basic style.Dye for eyebrows, reviews about the color of which are positive, can not fit it in your face.Therefore, the selection is done with great care, for which there are several key recommendations:

  1. Owners black, dark brown and blond curls will suit the color of the eyebrows, which will lighten the hair no more than two colors.
  2. blonde pepelnovolosym and red colors should give preference to the existing color slightly darker hair.Recommended spread - also 1-2 pitch.
  3. Before buying, try to experiment with conventional cosmetics that you are used to.Lighten powder or, conversely, eyebrow pencil to darken a little more than usual, and to evaluate the effect.
  4. It often happens that the best option is absolutely identical shade of hair and eyebrows.However, it all depends purely on your appearance.

Do not forget about the eyelashes - they should always be slightly darker than the painted area.Read professional advice and feedback.Dye for eyebrows brown, for example, or brown color will look good with eyelashes more saturated color - chocolate or close to black.


important aspect - the structure of funds.It is of two types:

- crumbly;

- gel (paste).

most popular eyebrow dye, reviews of which most are positive, a gel structure.Due to the consistency it is convenient to mix at home.

Each tube or jar of paint have to present information on the composition of the product.Best products have additives as vitamins and oils which protect the hair during the application, and subsequently protect and strengthen them.

to certain goods can be applied to complete a special set of tools and accessories:

- mixing container;

- brush or spatula for dyeing;

- protective cream for the skin around the eyebrows;

- napkins.

before direct application of paint, you should test it on a small area of ​​the skin.Since the person is quite delicate veils, and the need to identify an allergy to a similar area of ​​softness.It is best suited for this purpose the inner side of the elbow.If after 10 minutes the skin is not an allergic reaction, the selected paint for the eyebrows can be safely used.

The stores are presented as disposable and reusable tubes.Select package so as to open a pack kept as small as possible.

In no case do not use for coloring eyebrows funds intended hair.They have a much stronger chemical compound that can cause harm not only to the hairs themselves, but also the face and eyelids.


If you are not confident in their abilities, coloring eyebrows is best done by a specialist in the cabin of the procedure.So you'll be spared the painful thoughts about the choice of a shade.

Before the procedure, staining the skin is thoroughly cleansed and around the eyebrow apply special protective agent.For his lack of - fat cream or Vaseline.This will help prevent unwanted coloration of the skin, and possible redness and itching.

spray only brush or cotton swab and washed out - the usual water without soap or with a small amount.

Frequency staining

frequency of treatments depends primarily on the strength of the composition.On average, the tone you want to update about once a month.However, the frequency and indirectly affect such factors:

- the means used to make-up remover and face cleaning;

- the structure of the hair;

- regularity in the sun or in the solarium.

Precautions Before you buy carefully study the shelf life of the paint for the eyebrows, as well as its composition.In the presence of at least one substance to which you are allergic, the product is better not to take.Also, do not purchase items that have expired.

is not recommended to keep the paint on eyebrows longer allotted time - it can leave burns on the skin, and make the color brighter than expected.Typically, the average processing requires no more than 10 minutes.

best paint for the eyebrows.Reviews

Today, many manufacturers of chemicals for hair coloring produce separate product line and eyebrow.The most famous and popular are the means of the following brands.


This paint eyebrow leader in terms of sales among all the others.It is highly resistant, has 3 main colors in the palette - two variations of brown and black.The set includes a special spatula for applying the composition, the protective paper membrane, an oxidant and a bottle for mixing.


If you have a heightened sensitivity to perfume oils and perfumes, the best choice would be to paint the eyebrows Estel.Reviews of both professionals and ordinary consumers are positive about it: the product is very stable, it can be used no more than once a month, and the amount of the package will be enough for at least 10 months.Colors palette: chocolate, graphite, black, black with blue tint.It is worth mentioning that the "Estelle" - paint eyebrows, reviews of which leaves even famous stylists: they often resort to the use of the product of this brand in preparation for fashion shows and workshops.

Dye for eyebrows Refectocil

reviews about this brand from Austria speak for themselves: women customers say excellent stability of the product, the availability of additional funds to care for colored hair.Several colors available in the collection can be mixed together for the selection of the desired shade.The result is a rich palette, which allows you to create a paint for brows Refectocil.Reviews and advice of experts in the field of coloring just wonderful.


domestic cosmetic factory also does not lag behind the world trends.Another tool, but only Russian production - paint eyebrows "ROKOLOR."Opinions about the product to create a positive impression: the economical use, handy brush, not too liquid consistency paste, which is well washed off after the procedure.Only two colors - brown and black, but their tone can be easily adjusted oxidant included in the kit.

No matter what product you use, - Schwarzkopf, Refectocil, "ROKOLOR" or "Estelle" - paint eyebrows (reviews about all these products are positive) over time will still be washed off.To shade kept as long as possible, it is important not only to choose the right paint and apply it.The result will be clear and neat brows natural color, which will give a complete view of the person.