The best serum for the face: reviews, prices, manufacturers

For the majority of the fair sex evening facial became familiar ritual.Indeed, the tools such as milk cleanser, toner and moisturizer - a pledge of good and youthful skin.Just perfect if you just content cherished vials to maintain a healthy complexion.

But sooner or later (usually 30 years) there is a need for more serious care products.Save your skin in good shape will help Serum for the face.Reviews of people to try out the tool, the most positive.

composition miracle means

What are the ingredients and substances are included in this wonderful tool?

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • lactic acid;
  • fruit acids;
  • herbal extracts (from the exotic to grow in our middle band);
  • cocktail of vitamins A, C and E;
  • peptides;
  • ceramides.

active serum components (acid) have a biological effect on the deeper layer of the skin.It certainly helps to restore its water balance.

What is the advantage of serum for the face?

Compared with other moisturizing agents (eg, cream), the serum is better absorbed.Sometimes a sin

gle factor to improve the complexion and make the skin tone.This is due to the fact that high serum levels of active components (hyaluronic acid and vitamins), the rest of these two substances help to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.Any moisturizer will "play" the serum content of active substances.

Thus, the tool is not a panacea for all skin problems.Also, do not rule out the use of the daily care.

second important advantage of whey - a minimum content of preservatives in the composition.Upon opening the ampoule is used for 2-3 days.

If you look in the mirror and not too happy with the look and the hands and "itching" to somehow fix it, your way - Serum for the face.To learn how to concentrate restores the skin, how to choose a facility that is guaranteed will solve your problem, and the secrets of proper use - read on.

As serum restores the skin?

  • moisturizes all skin layers, up to the dermis.
  • saturate it with vitamins.
  • strengthens weak blood vessels.
  • Gives a healthy color face.
  • Removes inflamed pimples.
  • has a bleaching effect.
  • protects the epidermis from adverse environmental effects.

How to choose the right serum for the face?

cosmetics, favorite by the majority of women - Serum for the face.Reviews of various products is very contradictory and different.But still try to figure out what to give preference cosmetics.

Before buying any cosmetic product, you need to clearly understand what results you want to achieve.

Suppose your problem - it is the dark circles under his eyes against the light face.In this case, it is advisable to buy a specific serum for the skin around the eyes.By the way, among women it is especially popular whitening serums for the face: reviews say that the problem will be solved in just a two or three applications.

important aspect when choosing a cosmetic product is, how old you are.The instructions to be sure the serum is said, for what age she is.

Seasonality - another factor that should be paid attention to when buying funds.In the winter-autumn period give preference to oil-based serums.Also during the cold season, try to minimize the use of antiseptic cosmetics: you risk to dry up the skin.In the summer and fall safely purchase water-based serum.

all the fair sex, we recommend to consult a beautician with a choice of cosmetic products.

Generally, if you have good skin, and you are under 30, meaning in the anti-aging serum is not.So try to keep the correct way of life - it is significantly prolong the time before your first visit to the beautician.

Which cosmetics manufacturers can be trusted?

can not say what the cosmetic companies offer the best serum for the face.Reviews say that are the effective means of Vichy, Clarins, Almea and Avon.Become familiar with their products:

  • Vichy.Cosmetic products of this brand are sold only in pharmacies and virtually do not cause allergies.The right choice for women who have stepped 30-year milestone - Serum for the face-lifting.Reviews of people say nice gel structure of assets and natural smell.Fast results in the face of the order.
  • Clarins.In addition to all your favorite deodorant bottles in blue, this French company produces pretty good serum for the face.This cosmetic agent contributes to the development of collagen and has enough democratic price - only 2000 rubles.
  • Almea.Moisturizing serum for oily skin.A particularly effective in cold and humid seasons.Apply it is at night, after cleansing tonic.The only drawback - a dispenser spits sharply agent.However, it is not a hindrance, because the most important thing - is what effect a cosmetic and gently squeeze it, sooner or later you will learn;
  • Avon.Excellent anti-aging agent - a serum for the face, "Avon".Reviews say the concentrate to eliminate wrinkles, improve complexion and the disappearance of pigmentation.

Trust, but verify

Not all cosmetic products have the effect described in the advertisement.Manufacturer loves to exaggerate the positive qualities of the goods.So try to acquire proven tools (for example, already tested by your friends).

should say a few words about the production of company "Faberlic".Face Serum (reviews of many people talking about it), produced by this company is no different quality and effectiveness.Although some still remain very satisfied with this tool.

Generally, before buying any thing, it makes sense to study the responses.You will not only learn a lot, but laugh heartily: What adventure is not only happens to people who try to imagine reshivshimisya next miracle cure.

use concentrate

are two types of serums:

  • for daytime use.
  • for evening use.

first soothe and moisturize tired skin.Second, as a rule, are oil-based and long soak, however they are applied at night.

There are those means which are suitable for day and for night use - a universal serum for the face.Reviews are mostly positive.

Apply serum should only be cleansed skin.That is, first you wash using the funds for daily care, and only then smear the face of concentrate.Apply the serum should be the same as a moisturizer - gentle massage fingertips.

optimal dose serum

worth remembering: useful is that in moderation.This golden rule applies to the use of serum length of the face.Reviews of people with allergic reactions can be seen in any online cosmetology.Very often, the body does not recognize any active substance serum because it literally doses many times.

targeting a dispenser attached to the bottle.For the first time will be enough 2-3 drops of concentrate.

more information about how to use and applying the serum contained in the instructions.

Today the market offers a variety of rejuvenating concentrates.It is difficult to say which manufacturer offers the best serum for the face.Reviews of people about a particular vehicle will say a lot, so be sure to read them.But remember: the selection of any cosmetic product is made by trial and error - but having tried a few options, you finally find "the very elixir", which will be every day to delight you with excellent effect.