White clay: properties and applications.

Nature itself has created a huge variety of human agents who have incredibly beneficial properties for the body.Often, these natural materials are literally underfoot.This time it will be a unique natural components.This white clay.Properties and application of useful quality using a variety of purposes is described in the article.

use white clay

Even in ancient times, women have appreciated the unique properties of white clay.This natural material has a special effect on the skin - gently cleanses it gives elasticity and relieves irritation and promotes the regeneration of skin cells.It should be noted that at present the white clay has not lost its relevance.From it makes cosmetics for skin care, facials and scalp, it whiten teeth, used for medicinal purposes.This product is indispensable and has no negative impact.

probably some will seem that white clay, properties and applications are diverse, it is likely to complement the main method for skin care and treatment.However, do not be so skep

tical of this material, because even the Book of Books to tell the world that man has been created from clay, and such publications as a rule, do not lie.

White clay - ideal natural adsorbent

Like any other, the white clay is an excellent adsorbent and helps to remove unwanted substances from the skin.Thus and purification occurs.And now is a closer look at this process.White clay, reviews of which eloquently speak about its beneficial properties, consists of tiny particles, thanks to which it has the ability to absorb toxins and waste products of the body.

This natural ingredient is able to absorb the poisons and toxins, as well as many other harmful substances directly from the stomach.That is why the white clay to date used in severe cases of poisoning.Moreover, it has no side effects, ie it can be used in unlimited amounts.

Useful properties of white clay

Perhaps there is no more natural cosmetics than white clay.Properties and application of the material studied quite well.White clay is very useful in treatment.And now is a closer look at all the useful properties of the substance:

  1. Contains in its composition a lot of useful elements: minerals, silica, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium and so on. D.
  2. is excellent for cleansing and toning the skin.It easily absorbs excess oil on the skin, giving it a natural haze and prevents the formation of irritation.
  3. White clay is an active ingredient which is a part of shampoos and funds intended for the care of hair and scalp.It helps to cope with excessive fat content of hair and skin, dandruff and seborrhea.
  4. White clay has been widely used in the fight against skin diseases.Dermatitis, redness, irritation and itching - this is not an exhaustive list of issues to deal with which makes it a unique natural substance.

White clay face

reviews about this product cosmetology expressive show incredibly beneficial properties of white clay.This substance is absolutely perfect for all skin types except dry.But more often it is used to get rid of the typical problems with oily skin.There is no better means for combination skin than white clay.

Properties and application, as well as useful features: removes excess fat and dries the skin, it soothes and refreshes, nourishes collagen neutralize the negative impact of bacteria and has the aseptic effect.In addition, white clay improves blood circulation, which in turn has a positive effect on the nutrition of the skin.

Cosmetic facial masks

active ingredient, of course, the white clay.The properties of this material is well suited for all types of skin.Problem skin, pimples and acne, inflammation and redness, itching and flaking, dermatitis and allergies - all these problems will help to cope white clay.

in pharmacy and cosmetology good store, a huge number of creams, scrubs, shampoos and masks, which include the unique natural ingredient.However, make a face mask, and can be at home.Suffice it to white clay mixed with boiled water, a decoction of chamomile or calendula, aloe juice and any other infusion (but not alcohol).Furthermore, one can make a mask and using an ordinary facial lotion.

Get rid of inflammation and redness on the face will help ordinary tablets "Aspirin", written by a mask of white clay.

application and use of white clay

Clay White cosmetic - it is a great tool that helps you not only to deal with skin problems, but also to rid the hair and scalp from excessive fat.For example, hair masks, which include white clay, help to cope with fatty, dry brittle hair, as well as get rid of dandruff and seborrhea.

Hair masks can only be made from white clay, dilute with water and use a variety of impurities.For example, for oily hair is not superfluous to add to the mask bit of apple cider vinegar (you must first be diluted with water 1: 5).Low-fat milk is also suitable for this purpose.

Therapeutic bath with white clay

about the magical properties of white clay known even in ancient times.Even then, women have taken a bath with this natural material, which made their skin more toned and healthy.The recipe is quite simple and does not require any effort.Of course, the main component, which is part of a bath - a white clay, reviews of which once again proves that it has a positive effect on the skin.100 liters of water takes about a kilogram of natural material.The procedure should be done every day for 2 weeks.This will help relieve irritation on the skin, get rid of acne and other eruptions, as well as give a good mood.

There is another recipe: the same amount of water to dissolve 300 grams of white clay and 1 kg of sea salt.This bath helps to relax and relieve stress, gives the skin a healthy glow, but also removes the excess fat.

Kaolin - an effective tool

best remedy against irritation - a white clay facial.Reviews of girls and women suggest that this means with regular use helps to get rid of the many problems associated with the skin.White clay is often called kaolin.In clinical practice, this substance is used for the regeneration of tissues, strengthening the immune system, as well as to normalize metabolic processes.

Moreover, kaolin is widely used in medicinal purposes.For example, it is the active ingredient of many drugs, particularly those intended for the gastrointestinal tract.White clay is effective in the complex fight against excess weight and helps to cure poisoning and burns, and promotes rapid healing of wounds and ulcers.

course, this natural material is unique in all its manifestations.