Collagen facial mask: reviews, prices

Any woman knows how important a constant skin care.After all, of its state it depends largely on our appearance.However, there are moments when the skin requires special attention and care.For example, during the winter of beriberi, after stress, illness, exposure to the sun or in the solarium.In such cases, we will always be able to gain a collagen facial mask.We will try to find out what is its advantages and features.

Talk about collagen

those who are constantly watching a well known name of the substance.With complex language Greek word translated as "glue" and "gene".In fact, so called protein that is the basis of connective tissues.The feature of collagen is the fact that he, lying under a layer of skin, creating something like an invisible frame, gives it elasticity.

due to lack of collagen

Up to 25 years, we have does not lack the substance.But later, due to age-related changes in its development slows down, causing the skin begins to sag and the face loses its sharp contours.In addit

ion, the top layer of collagen deficiency becomes too thin and dry, which leads to the first wrinkles.

However, not only age-related changes are destroying collagen (face constant development it is very important).It is promoted and several factors:

  • expressive facial expressions.In some cases, it is our helper, allowing no words to talk about our feelings and moods.But active mimicry of facial muscles causes stress.As a result, the collagen fibers are damaged, and there are wrinkles.
  • Smoking and drinking is also not good for our skin.Limited access of oxygen, there is a feeling of dryness - all this leads to negative consequences.
  • Can greatly harm and ultraviolet.Therefore, you need to take a sun bath metered.Better yet, make it a rule to use creams with UV protection.

How to make up for the loss?

It would seem that there is nothing terrible, because modern cosmetology long been used as a powerful weapon in the amounts due to collagen.But there it was.The fact that the molecules of the substance is too large and can not penetrate into the deeper skin layers.Therefore replenish essential element they can not afford.Although useless creams with collagen is also impossible to call.They protect our skin from moisture loss.This ensures hydration, but this process can be called a surface.

Collagen facial mask also provides surface moisture.However, it operates much more quickly than cream.Therefore, it considered to be more effective.

Forms collagen

In modern cosmetology uses several varieties of this substance.Collagen facial is:

  • animals.This was prepared from cowhides.This kind used in cosmetic products often because different small cost.However, animal collagen may not be compatible with our skin.Therefore, to fear of allergic reactions.
  • vegetation.It is derived from wheat protein.The process of production of the collagen is quite complex and requires considerable financial costs.But our skin perfectly absorbs this type.Besides vegetable collagen molecule at different weight, so they penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • Sea.Another variety, which is extracted from marine fish.Such collagen has good permeability and compatibility with our skin.But beware: if you idiosyncrasy of this component - the strongest allergy you provided.

How do collagen mask

Although replenish collagen is possible only by means of injection, by other means too, do not give up.You can help out and collagen facial mask.Reviews convince us of its efficiency.

fact that the collagen mask is a kind of magnet that attracts moisture in our skin.Water molecules are retained inside and create something like a film.This film and moisturizes the skin and makes it more elastic, it does not allow it to shrink.Thus, such a mask to protect us from the first wrinkles.

Who should use masks

uniqueness of this cosmetic product is that it is suitable for women of any age.

  • In the period from 16 to 20 years, this tool can be incorporated into cosmetics, which is used for general maintenance.It has many advantages like facial mask.Reviews of young girls say that as a result of its application disappears peeling of the skin caused by seasonal exacerbations and improves complexion overall.
  • From 20 to 30 years old masks can be used for the prevention of age-related changes.
  • In 35-45 years, the tool regenerates aging skin cells.It allows you to keep it in good shape.
  • later life was marked by an event such as menopause.For the skin is a risk that it may suddenly lose tone.And this is where your magic wand will face mask.Reviews women suggest that the elasticity back very quickly.Especially if you're still using and serum for the face (2 times a week).

As you can see, at any age, the collagen can be used to solve problems with the skin.

Types mask with collagen

Do not forget that in today's cosmetics market, this agent is in wide range.There are several kinds of this product:

  • Collagen facial mask.It is considered one of the most common and popular.It is used for skin rejuvenation.One of its variants is a placental-Collagen facial mask.

  • Collagen mask for hair.It effectively acts on damaged or color-treated hair.It nourishes and restores their structure.
  • collagen eye mask.Increases tone eyelids and helps them lift.
  • collagen lip mask.Eliminates lips from peeling, making them more attractive and colorful.

Now let's talk more about these kinds of masks.

Placenta Collagen Mask

It is based on fibers obtained using extracts of placental membrane.By the way, placental collagen is identical to the human skin collagen.This masked the strength not only moisturize, relieve a person from greasy, but also to stimulate the production of collagen.This tool is recommended for all skin types.It does not hurt even if you are prone to high sensitivity.It will also help remove the swelling and bring unwanted toxins.

Eye Mask

We all know how delicate skin around the eyes.When applying the many masks of this area we often get round.But it also requires nutrition and hydration.Most of these masks are sold in a single package.They are intended for single use only.

This tool comes in two forms:

  • in the form of half-disks.
  • in a mask with slits for eyes.

cosmetic products for the skin around the eyes made of special material, which is impregnated with collagen composition.It is immediately ready for use.

How to make a mask?

Collagen mask sold in powder form or in the form of tissue.This cosmetic procedure takes place in several stages.

  1. should always start with cleansing.It can be used for this purpose peeling or scrub.
  2. then preparing the mask itself.If this powder, it is mixed with the liquid.A homogeneous mass is applied evenly.If you have a tissue mask, it should be easy to attach to the face.
  3. to keep funds on the face should be not less than half an hour.This is followed by a wash and apply a special cream or serum.


Cosmetic means only will benefit when it is used, taking into account all the recommendations.

Collagen facial mask will solve many problems of your skin.But it must be applied regularly.Usually enough 1-2 times a week.If your work is connected to a computer or if you wear contact lenses, it is recommended to use a collagen mask every other day.

contraindications, the tool does not.However, be aware that if your face is prone to puffiness, the procedure may cause slight swelling.This phenomenon can not be called long.Half an hour later everything returns to normal.

The results of

Collagen mask gives a stunning effect:

  1. improves skin elasticity, making it supple.
  2. eliminates the signs of fatigue and facial wrinkles.Skin looks refreshed and healthy.
  3. Moisturize skin surface, saturating it with moisture.

Price collagen masks can vary over a wide range.The cheapest of them cost about 650 rubles.The cost of the most expensive masks ranges from 1,500 rubles.