How to paint the eyebrows to make them look neat and natural?

The fair sex is necessary every day to work on his way.They applied to the face makeup, spend caring procedures, create hairstyles.One of the quite popular women's problems is the question: how correctly to paint her eyebrows?

Recently there was plenty of tools to facilitate make-up eyebrows.Consider the most popular ones.

Prepare workspace

Before you choose what to paint eyebrows, must be properly and carefully process them.Female face requires careful care, and considered the region is no exception.Eyebrows should have a beautiful natural form that will blend in perfectly with the face.

If possible, should give preference to the expert.An experienced cosmetologist or makeup properly select a suitable form and you will create a beautiful line of bending.After that, you will need to maintain the created image and pull out excess hair.

Whichever method you choose make-up, remember that eyebrow hairs should always be in the right direction to comb a special brush.You can also use special styling

gels.They can be purchased at any store cosmetics.This tool will help keep makeup on all day and make it brighter.

better to paint the eyebrows?

Currently, there are lots of make-up eyebrows, for example:

  • special pencils for this area;
  • eyeshadow;
  • special paint;
  • permanent makeup.

Let us examine each method, consider the advantages and disadvantages.

use of decorative pencils

If you ask make-up: "In most cases, the woman what color the eyebrows?" "Pencil!" - An expert answer you.In fact this method is the cheapest.There are special makeup eyebrow pencils.In the cap of this tool, you can always find a special brush, which can take the form of a thread.

disadvantage of this method is that the paint during the day can be erased.In this case you have to re-apply makeup.Also, women complain that they have to draw in the hair every day and try to do it symmetrically.

order to make look natural, it is necessary to choose the right color pencil.Focus on hair color.Never use black tool.Otherwise, your image will be called and unnatural.

easy but sure movements put on the eyebrows a few short strokes.They must be like hairs.After the make-up is finished, brush comb the eyebrows.This manipulation will help to remove excess paint and put the hairs in the right direction.

use eyeshadow

Another answer to the question, what to paint eyebrows.Quite often, women use the most common shade.The advantage of this method is that the result is the most natural.Also, we can not say about its minimum value.

Among the shortcomings can be mentioned that the shade tend to crumble.Also, wrong application of cosmetics could make brows unnatural and vulgar.

When buying shadows that you want to use make-up eyebrows, you must rely on hair color.Prefer matte shades that are a couple of shades lighter than your hair.Also, you will have to buy a special brush.She should have short hair, and chamfered tip.

During applying makeup dial on the instrument the minimum amount of paint.Then make a few sudden movements and draw strokes.Never cover the eyebrow shadow evenly, otherwise you will look unnatural.

The dye eyebrows?Paint!

Such a method frees you from daily makeup eyebrows for a period of one week to a month.The use of paint is also quite popular among women.

worth remembering that wrong-chosen color can spoil everything.Also, careless application of the ink supply may stain adjacent skin.

Choose paint, considering your hair color.Currently, there are many brands of these products.The cost of the paint can vary from 20 rubles to 1000.

Before applying the coloring agent to the selected portion of the person you need to read the instructions carefully.Further, it is recommended to test the possibility of an allergic reaction.Only then can you start the procedure.

before painting eyebrows, apply for the next skin fat cream or Vaseline.This will help you avoid staining the area.Then apply the mixture on the hair and wait for as long as required instruction.Then wash off the paint with a hair brush and comb it.

Permanent makeup

Another option than to paint eyebrows.It is said that this method is quite expensive.However, choosing this type of treatment of eyebrows, you're a few years forget about their makeup.You do not mind there, than you need to paint the eyebrows.

This procedure is carried out exclusively in the beauty salon.First Master draws special pencil your ideal brow shape.Thereafter it starts draws it by means of special apparatus and paints.

tattoo procedure is quite painful, so before you start, a special "freeze" ointment.In order to get the most natural brow and natural, choose hair technique of permanent makeup.The specialist will make the skin more hairs, whereby the eyebrows will look brighter and bigger.

After the procedure is not recommended to wet the treated area.It is necessary to lay down precisely the color and eyebrow look symmetrical.A few days after the application of permanent make-treated areas come crust.Then it allowed to wet brows and use familiar cosmetics.

Tattoo held on the face of up to 5-7 years, depending on your complexion and quality of the colorant.All the while, your eyebrows will be in perfect condition at all times.

combination of coloring agents

Some ladies prefer to use several methods at once.For example, they draw the contour pencil first bend and then paint over the hairs using a shadow.Shadows, in turn, can be combined and used together with the paint for the eyebrows.

is also possible to combine permanent make-up paint.This is necessary when the color of your own eyebrows significantly different from the desired.In this case, the master does permanent makeup on the skin, and the woman subsequently tints inappropriate hair color.

Conclusion Now that you know what you can paint the eyebrows.Analyze each of the methods, and only then choose the one that is right for you.

Perhaps you find it easier to apply makeup each day to the eyebrows, but to spend on this procedure at least funds.Or do you prefer to pay once a specialist, and then forget about the eyebrow pencil for a few years.

look after themselves and be beautiful and natural!