Grim at home: tips and tricks

Sometimes a person is in a rather unusual situation when you need to do make-up at home.Is it possible to create their own unusual way, and save time and money to visit specialized salons?Of course, it is possible.It is only necessary to comply with the instructions properly.

Skin preparation Before you start to apply make-up at home, you need to properly prepare your workspace.As for the application of classic everyday makeup, skin should be thoroughly cleaned.Otherwise, the created image will not last for a long time and let you in the most unexpected moment.

Wash with suitable means of your skin.Then wipe the face tonic or lotion.This will help bring the skin in tone.Next, apply a moisturizer that you use every day.Allow it to fully sink in and start creating makeup.

wrinkled face

This make-up at home to create fairly simple.You will need gelatin, pharmaceutical glycerine, water and a little simple foundation.This image would be perfect for Halloween or Carnival.

To begin, mix the gela

tin with glycerol and water.Put the mixture in a water bath or warm up in the microwave.When the gelatin is completely dissolved, add to the mix concealer.In this case it is necessary to give preference to low-cost products.Thoroughly mix the solution.You can then apply makeup.

At home, you can use a cotton pad, brush or own fingers.Spread the mixture over the skin of the face, in the right places to create lines and wrinkles.Deep dents can be done using conventional improvised devices.Once the image is ready, let the make-up to dry well.At the end you can apply a special tonal powder brush and, if necessary, use a pencil to akvagrima.

white face makeup

This home is created using potato starch, flour, pharmaceutical glycerine and plain water.Combine all ingredients and mix the solution.You should get a rather thin creamy mass.

Apply makeup to the face with a sponge or brush.Evenly layer of the skin and let it dry.When you get a snow-white skin tone, you can begin to complete the image.To do this, use conventional cosmetics or special markers for drawing on the skin.

Create blemishes

Grim at home can be made with additional funds.This image is perfect for Halloween or Christmas.

Select the appropriate accessories.This may be a line of the eyes, nose invoice, warts or other skin blemishes.Usually these things are sold in specialty stores.They are always attached glue.But if you just stick to face an artificial body - it will be noticeable.It is therefore important to create the right make-up at home.Photos of the finished model can be found in this article.

Prepare a mixture of gelatin, water and the usual fat cream.Carefully dissolve the solid material and heat the mixture.Glue the artificial part of the body to the face and uniformly treat the area of ​​the border with leather.If necessary, apply the mixture all over the face and create additional defects.You can also put the finishing touches using paint for the face.Then let it dry make-up.The image is ready!

luck to you in this remarkable creativity and have fun!