Oil Lip - what to choose?

After skin area around the eyes in terms of sensitivity and tenderness in the second place are the lips.Their injury leads to quite severe pain, and look at all becomes unattractive.In addition, the unfavorable external environment accelerates the aging process - lips become shriveled, cracks appear, the natural pink color disappears.It is therefore important to properly care and podlechivat their lips, especially in autumn and winter, when weather conditions are particularly aggressive start to affect the body.

Cosmetic and natural essential oils for the lips - the most effective and intense in its action care products this part of the face.However, a great number of them, and every such means has its healing properties.This article will talk about why you need the oil to the lips than cosmetic products differ from natural, as well as some of the rules of selection of essential oils.

classification of oils

All these products can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Natural:

- vegetable;

- essential.

2. Cosmetic.

Each of the oils in their efficiency and ability as soon as possible to assist and protect the damaged lips.Correctly chosen lip butter will also be able to treat not only them, but also make it more attractive - it is only important to know the basic properties of the individual products.

Natural vegetable oils

natural, or base oils are extracts obtained from seeds, seeds and nuts.The concentration of nutrients in them is extremely high, which has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the skin.The main vegetable oils, which are often used for the treatment of lips are:

  1. Olive.
  2. Almond.
  3. wheat germ.
  4. grapeseed.
  5. From avocado seed.

To eliminate flaking and dryness, use a lip butter obtained from olives and almonds.Comments on the results of their application and indicate the simultaneous treatment of minor injuries, skin renewal and the return of color.With regular use shade becomes more saturated and skin - soft.

Wheat germ oil is actively nourishes the lips.This means use at heavily cracked lips, as well as in case of ulcers and acne.Wheat germ oil has extraordinary healing properties.Even quite large cracks and perleches with regular application it can be removed in just a few days.Moreover, such oil may be used for the prevention of damage.

best oils to moisturize and improve elasticity considered extracts from grape seed and avocado.

Natural essential oils

Essential oils extracted from plants by extraction or pressing.As a rule, these products have a strong characteristic odor.The most common essential oil lip added as a companion component to the plant.However, each ethereal essence thus has its beneficial properties.

Lips are most useful following oils:

  1. Mint.
  2. Lemon.
  3. Melissa.
  4. Lavender.
  5. Coconut.
  6. Cocoa.
  7. Shea or Shea.
  8. Jojoba.
  9. Tea Tree.
  10. Hazelnut.
  11. Almond.
  12. Pink.
  13. Peach.
  14. Castor.

Properties of natural oils

If you want to give the lips extra volume, try peppermint or lemon oil lip.Reviews women use this method it says little, but still visually noticeable changes result in a positive way.

to update the color and improve blood circulation, use a small amount of essential oils of lemon balm and castor oil.

excellent antiseptic and caregivers have the effect of lavender, coconut, tea tree.In addition, lavender oil is indispensable for herpes and inflammatory formations on the lips.

If cracks are the result of long walks in the winter when the wind is strong, speedy healing contribute to cocoa butter lip.

as prevention and additional humidification experts recommend using jojoba oil, almond and peach.The best nutritional products are considered to be an extract of hazelnut, rose essence and shea butter lip.In addition, these substances are able to effectively protect the delicate skin from the damaging effects of frost, snow and wind.

Cosmetic oil

Those who do not have the time or inclination to mix components to create balms at home, we can recommend the following most famous and noteworthy cosmetic oils Lip:

- Clarins.At the moment, it has a range of two means of lip care: Multi-Hydratante (moisturizer) and Multi-Régénérante (regenerating cream).The first product contains rose oil, the second - raspberries.In each of the balms also present shea butter.

- Nivea.One of the most popular manufacturers of cosmetics for lips, having in its composition natural oils.The line of balms has several flavors, based on the base essences of vanilla, raspberry, caramel.The main ingredients - almond and shea butter.

- Stenders.Products of this brand is considered a premium cosmetics.As part of the present large amounts of natural ingredients: shea butter, rose, coffee, cranberry.Firm texture - a distinctive feature, which it has oil lip.Reviews also show customers that it does not affect the quality of its application and absorption.

- brand Body Shop is quite interesting by the presence of non-standard, but not less attractive flavors: wild argan, sesame oil, strawberries, mango, pink grapefruit.Any oil Body Shop Lip actively nourishes and moisturizes lips, making them soft and smooth.The main form of release - a jar of cream.

How to choose oil for the lips?

products destined for lip care, a large number.Enough to get confused when choosing.To ease the problem, take a rule in the selection of this product to pay attention to his next important properties:

  1. maximum number of natural ingredients.
  2. high degree of absorbency.
  3. certain purpose (treatment, protection, hydration).
  4. convenient form of release.
  5. No members of allergenic components.

Despite its beneficial properties, any oil lip can be harmful in excessive use and improper dosage.If you use natural essential products, be sure to mix them in the following proportions: 1 drop essential oils for 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.It is best to lubricate the lips at night or before you leave home.