Lipstick MAC: reviews, prices

main purpose of makeup - decoration appearance and emphasis on image.Almost every girl or a woman has for this purpose a minimum set of tools: powder, foundation, mascara, pencil, eye shadow.And what a beautician do without such a true female subject as lipstick?It is through this type of cosmetics and has become widely known brand MAC.

Considering the main wishes of the fair sex, the company MAC could create almost perfect product.Creativity, individuality, resistance, possibility of daily use, versatility - these are the main features that characterize any Lipstick MAC.

The brand MAC

Founded company MAC - 1984.This event occurred in the Canadian city of Toronto, the efforts of two entrepreneurs - Tuscany F. and F. Angelo.And the first has already had some success in the field of makeup and photography, and the second was a director of several elite beauty salons.At the moment, the main company-owned by the Estee Lauder, which in 1994 began to acquire shares of MAC, and the headquarters of the

brand is located in New York, USA.

In the history of the brand MAC has a couple of events that significantly affect its formation and development:

  • 1994 was marked by the establishment of a fund to support AIDS patients and combat the spread of HIV infection.
  • In 1998, the company changed its senior management: F. Angelo died as a result of the operation, and F. Toscan left MAC and continued its activities in another firm.

However, recent events did not break the brand itself, and the company MAC continued social and productive activities.

Name MAC in the full context sounds like Make up Art Cosmetics and translated into Russian, "make-up, art, cosmetics."

Although the MAC (cosmetics) refers to the budget price category, this in no way belittles its quality - products originally developed specifically for professional makeup artists.

brand MAC is working with many stars of show business and cinema, with the likes of Liza Minnelli, Linda Evangelista, Diana Ross, Fergie, Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson.After the first contracts signed with celebrities MAC (cosmetics) has become wildly popular among ordinary consumers.Now these products can be found all over the world.

assortment MAC

entire range of decorative MAC cosmetics can be divided into four large groups:

  • lip;
  • eye;
  • face;
  • polish.

In addition, under the name brand produced a variety of means for skin care, toilet water, brushes, applicators, containers, napkins, tools and related products for make-up, cosmetics.

As already mentioned, the most popular, well-known and best-selling product group is the MAC line of cosmetics for the lips, such as lipsticks.

Lipstick MAC

assortment of cosmetics for lips on the brand MAC is so rich and varied that it is easy to get confused, and even more difficult to make a choice.At the manufacturer's monthly available about a dozen series of lipsticks MAC, some part of which - limited.Wealth same palette strikes - in each series has an average of from 3 to 30 colors.

Women say that any, even the matte lipstick MAC different soft and light texture, after its application to the lips almost feel the presence of cosmetics.In addition, the company in the development and manufacture of these products avoids the use of strong ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

In this regard, the aforementioned limited collection of MAC cosmetics disperse within a few days and a producer are not repeated.Despite a policy of base colors, which has lipstick MAC, colors are chosen and easy for everyone.

Since the brand cosmetics ease of application, affordability and democratic price, MAC lipstick can be seen as a professional make-up table in a beauty salon, and in her purse very ordinary woman.

Series lipsticks MAC

This year the trademark MAC were issued following collection of lipstick.

1. Limited:

  • Divine Night.
  • RiRi.
  • Viva Glam Rihanna.
  • Alluring Aquatic Lipstick.
  • Heirloom Mix Lipstick.
  • Kelly Lipstick.

2. Base:

  • Lipstick.
  • Minneralize Rich Lipstick.
  • Viva Glam Lipstick.
  • Pro Longwear Lipcreme.
  • Sheen Supreme Lipstick.
  • Pro Longwear Lipcolour.

It should be noted that certain shades of lipstick from some collections are now found only at auction, but buy them all the same very real.The reason is that each series has a limited number of copies, and they sold out in a matter of days.As a rule, back issues are not repeated, but choose among a series of base color, similar to get noticed Collection, it is possible.

Divine Night

Divine Night - one of the first limited edition make-up products for lips this year.Lipstick MAC is presented here in a single color - neutral You've Got It.The customer liked the soft coating and exquisite natural color.Cost lipstick Divine Night - about 1000 rubles.

RiRi by Rihanna

following limitations collection was created with the participation of the famous singer Rihanna, which was indicated in the case of the product in the form of a truncated consoles RiRi.This lipstick MAC, shades which, though made only 7 names of Nude to prune and orange, has become incredibly popular because of its matte texture and rich color.Particular attention is drawn to a case of the product - it is painted in golden-pink hues with metallic sheen and is decorated with autographed by the stars.The average cost of this lipstick - and about 1,000 rubles.

Viva Glam by Rihanna

For those who love red lipstick, MAC has prepared an interesting novelty - a scarlet tone Viva Glam by Rihanna with a pronounced accent cold, the outgoing tide in beige.Reviews shoppers favor the unusual colors, as well as the opportunity to use this lipstick for both day and evening.If you wish to purchase the product for it will have to pay a little less than a thousand rubles.

Alluring Aquatic Lipstick

deserves special attention from the MAC lipstick line Alluring Aquatic Lipstick.The original design of the case in the form of water droplets studded tube will not leave indifferent any lover of boating.This MAC - lipstick, the price for which is not more than 1200 rubles - has 5 luminous shades - from translucent pink to rich plum.Who managed to buy Alluring Aquatic Lipstick, notice especially the delicate texture of the product and its natural gloss on the lips.

Heirloom Mix Lipstick

Next Collection Heirloom Mix Lipstick is designed for confident and temperamental women.Rich red lipstick with silver sparks has been adopted by many of the fair sex.Judging by the reviews, this color has become almost ideal for an evening publication.Price for lipstick was about 1,100 rubles.

Kelly Lipstick by Kelly Osbourne

beige, peach, pale lilac and bright pink color of the latest limited edition Kelly Lipstick by Kelly Osbourne will appreciate the romantic and tender girl.This matte lipstick MAC has become a real summer hit: interesting nuances dictated by the latest fashion trends in make-up, combined with unobtrusive presenting them.The price of this product amounted to 1,100 rubles apiece.


Despite the increased interest to the women of fashion novelties from MAC, the fastest-selling still remains the main core collection Lipstick.In the set you will find almost all the natural shades that you can imagine: from beige to chocolate, from pink to dark red, from light purple to luscious fuchsia.This lipstick MAC has earned lot of accolades from the buyers.They noted: pleasant smell, full of color matching, enhanced durability, good moisture.For such quality product cost 1000 rubles regarded as quite adequate.

Minneralize Rich Lipstick

beautiful half of humanity watching their health will be enjoyed lipstick MAC, enriched with minerals.It has a silky texture, easy to apply and all day does not spread and does not lose color.The favorite of the girls became pink lipstick, while older women are successfully cherry and brownish shades.The price of series products Minneralize Rich Lipstick higher than usual - from 1400 rubles per unit.

Viva Glam Lipstick

Basic Collection, gathered the most versatile shades of red, is called Viva Glam Lipstick.Creamy texture, pearlescent, classic colors - are the main advantages that has this lipstick MAC.Its price ranges from 900 to 1100 rubles.

Pro Longwear Lipcreme

Special resistant series products have Pro Longwear Lipcreme.In the palette of the collection, there are 13 shades, which, after application to the skin does not require additional consolidation.Rated wearing period that stated by the manufacturer, is 12 hours.The only negative that has this lipstick MAC, is to remove it from the lips of just using a special makeup remover.For the pleasure of owning a copy of Pro Longwear have to pay not less than 1100 rubles.

Sheen Supreme Lipstick

One of the most interesting series is considered to be a set of lipsticks Sheen Supreme Lipstick.With a sufficiently dense structure, they, nevertheless, are translucent and non-sticky texture, do not roll down on the lips and have a glossy shine.This MAC (lipstick), the price of which ranges from 1,100 to 1,200 rubles, a real boon for lovers of high-quality and weightless makeup.

Pro Longwear Lipcolour

to provide increased durability and an incredible luster without using additional means such as lip gloss brand MAC lipstick was invented 2 1 - Pro Longwear Lipcolour.With it, you can eat, drink and kiss without fear that the color will fade and be spread.Among the shortcomings women noted that the lipstick should be applied quickly and in a single layer - otherwise lips begin to agglomerate.The cost of the product - up to 1300 rubles.Related

cosmetics MAC

In addition to the lipstick MAC makeup artists recommend the use of special products that provide enhancement effects such as firmness, color brightness and clarity of the circuit.

  1. lip liner MAC.You can pick up as absolutely neutral color and tone appropriate to the lipstick.Pencil will make a blurred outline clearer, and his lips - expressive.
  2. liquid fixer for lips MAC.Applied on top of lipstick, lip makeup gives extra shine and eliminates the feeling of stickiness.
  3. Basis Lip MAC.Any, even the most delicate beige or pink lipstick on your lips will look much better if it put a special database.It will provide additional moisture and improve color stability.

MAC Lipstick brand are considered to be some of the highest quality and most persistent.However, it should be remembered that this level of cosmetics is better to buy from authorized representatives and in stores, whose reputation you trust.MAC, like any other well-known name, is not immune to cheap imitations, the use of which can largely reduce a pleasant experience from the use of products.

polls show women are actively using lipstick MAC, for the professional cosmetics with a similar quality to the average cost of 1000-1100 rubles per unit of output is quite acceptable.

Cosmetics spent quite sparingly for application often requires only a single layer.The only caveat - this is an additional expense for a special makeup remover lips.However, if you are interested in and guarantee the stability of lipstick color, such a waste, rather, will confirm the quality of the product, rather than its shortcomings.