Tourmaline soap - what is it?

Quite recently in the world of cosmetics and healthy skin care burst Tourmaline soap, it is lightning generated interest among buyers.It has long been famous Chinese beauty perfectly elastic, smooth and radiant skin of his face.Their snow-white clear skin if not subject to the influence of time.Perhaps Tourmaline soap - is the very secret of their youthful and radiant beauty tenderness?

Crystal energy gives

Tourmaline - the only natural crystal, which is capable of forming an electric field around it, using the sun's energy.It is wonderfully balanced electrical currents combines a source of infrared radiation and negative ions, which are also called "air vitamins".Thermal effect produced by a stone, causing a resonant effect on the body.When this enhanced metabolic processes and excreted from the body of toxic elements.Negative particles can destroy pathogens because tourmaline successfully cure a lot of infectious diseases and inflammatory processes.In China since ancient times believed that it a

ctivates the energy flow between the chakras, thereby creating an invisible protection around human space.Tourmaline is revered, it revives the youth and prolongs life.

Tourmaline in cosmetics

Japanese scientists have found an interesting feature of the mineral: its effect is directly related to its thickness.The smaller the pieces or particles of the crystal, the more powerful the energy it exudes.Thus was born the idea to put milled particles of tourmaline in cosmetic products.The light will be toothpaste, Tourmaline soap, scrubs and facials.They may also have other health benefits of natural elements or only contain tourmaline.The result was not long in coming.People using the products immediately noted visible improvement.Cosmetic soap not only cleans the skin, but also helps to solve the serious problems, which are usually meant visits to doctors.

Soap and its effect on the skin

Many well-known companies are puzzled production tourmaline cosmetics.The soaps may be added to the algae or skin-nourishing elements, vitamins and amino acids.

use of such soaps can solve many problems:

  • appearance of acne, blackheads, pimples and inflammation;
  • deep subcutaneous blackheads and clogged pores;
  • regenerates the skin at the cellular level (prevents aging);
  • lightens age spots and freckles;
  • promotes the resorption of scars;
  • improves blood circulation, disappearing small vascular "stars";
  • increases immunity of the skin, preventing the appearance of inflammations;
  • activates collagen synthesis, is saturated with oxygen;
  • eliminates the smell of sweat, fights fungus on his feet;
  • lightens dark circles under the eyes;
  • tightened skin age, becoming more elastic;
  • relax skin and muscles are saturated with life force;
  • prevents aging, tightens facial contours;
  • skin becomes smooth healthy tone and smoothness.

Tourmaline soap can be used instead of a toothpaste or shampoo.Members noted that significantly reduced hair loss, improved their structure, gained curls shiny and healthy appearance.The soap is suitable for the care of the whole body.

How to use

Just as conventional cosmetic.Take very little lather and apply on the skin.Rinse with clean water and blot excess moisture with a clean towel.After apply your favorite moisturizer.Soap should be left open to dry the soap dish.It can be used daily, except maybe only idiosyncrasy components.

People using Tourmaline soap, opinions about its effects on the skin leaves only positive.But there were cases when after applying the feeling of dryness of the skin.This is because the soap thoroughly cleans the pores of the face.To avoid unpleasant sensations, use moisturizer.

Where to buy

With its indisputable qualities earned Tourmaline soap reviews only positive.The news of it spread everywhere, and today it is available for sale in just about any big city.Soap can either be obtained from a specialist shop, or order through the Internet.

cost of such products is on average 120 rubles.But Tourmaline soap price can vary considerably.This is due to the amount added to the composition of its material and manufacturing company.Tourmaline can be included in the fine fraction and used as a scrub.Or soap may include one small stone that will saturate it with his qualities.This soap is recommended for very delicate and sensitive skin.