Lip balms "Nivea": reviews

Each representative of the weaker sex tends to look nice.Women attending beauticians, make a mask for the face and hair.Beauty requires a lot of time and money.Not least in appearance ladies occupy lips.They should be well-groomed, gentle and have no defects.

Everyday popular manufacturers create new means for skin care lip.All of them are divided into decorative and caring.The most popular today are the lip balm "Nivea".Let us consider in more detail what they are, and analyze reviews of this product.

classification means on lip care

All lip balm "Nivea" are divided into three subgroups.Some of them have additional subtypes.Among the large range are the following:

  • Lipstick Stick "Nivea".
  • Lip balm "Nivea".
  • oil for skin care lip.

Lipstick-sticks can be divided into two subgroups.One of them includes colorless care, whereas other dyes lip skin.

Lip balm "Nivea": All reviews

caring means of this brand brings its owners of a lot of positive emotions and pleasant feelings.They are well car

ed for lips.Many women say they had to do was to try once lip balms "Nivea" to all fall in love with this tool.Let us consider in more detail what is so good that some form of these products.

Lipstick Stick (balms)

These lip balms "Nivea" have only positive reviews.A woman can choose the means appropriate for her.Some of the products have a greasy moisturizing texture, and others - a dense texture, which lies on the lips a thin layer.Also, some have lipstick shade that gives the skin a natural glow and pink.The intensity of the color depends on what kind of product you have chosen.

Lipstick "cherry fruits Lights»

manufactured by "Nivea" lip balm "Cherry" has a sweet aroma of red berries.He lies down on the skin with a thin film and has a non-greasy texture.This lipstick has a translucent red color.With it, your lips will look natural and attractive.

addition, this lipstick moisturizes dry skin.Within a few days of using your lips are soft and beautiful.

Lipstick "Fruit Strawberry Lights»

Another representative means "Nivea" - lip balm "Strawberry", which has a light aroma of ripe berries.Lipstick stains the skin soft lips in a nice pink color.It is slightly lighter than cherry stick.That is why its so fond of young women and schoolgirls.

greasy texture of lipstick.When applying one layer you get a thin film that will reliably protect your lips and give them shine.

Lipstick "Pink Velvet»

This lip balm "Nivea" has only positive reviews.Its fine and soft texture resembling velvet, perfectly moisturizes dry skin.

This lipstick gives lips a natural glow thanks to its content of shimmering particles.Balsam also has a delicate aroma of rose flower.

Lipstick "Aqua care»

This lip balm "Nivea" has positive reviews due to its light texture.Lipstick over-dried perfectly moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and tender.

Balm "Aqua care" has no shade.That is why it is an ideal base for makeup.After applying lipstick, wait a few minutes.After complete absorption means you can apply your favorite shade of makeup.

Lipstick "Basic care»

This kind of balm is pretty greasy texture.It is perfect for over-dried lips.In addition, the applied layer of lipstick to protect against wind and weather.

If your lips are chapped, apply a "basic care" during a night's sleep.In the morning the skin of the lips will be back to normal and, as before, will be gentle and soft.

disadvantage of this tool is that it can not be used as a base for cosmetics.Due to the dense texture it looks on the skin as a separate lip gloss.

Lipstick "Chamomile and calendula»

This balm is perfect for the treatment of cracks on the lips.If your skin around the mouth is damaged by external influence, apply the lipstick several times a day.Already on the next day you will find significant improvements are obvious.

texture means quite tender and delicate, but it is not suitable for use as a base for cosmetics.Especially that bright lipstick will look very messy on the damaged skin of the lips.

Lipstick "Milk and Honey»

This balm is ideal for routine care.It is well softens and moisturizes dry skin.Also, thanks to the honey, which is a part of the product, lipstick will quickly heal minor cracks and damage.

Remember that if you have an allergic reaction to the honey must abandon this remedy and give preference to another type of lip balms "Nivea".

liquid lip balms

This category of products includes two subspecies:

  • «Nivea Sos" lip balm.
  • Balm "Actual Volume".

Balm for the skin around the mouth "Sos Recovery»

This tool has a dense texture.After applying it on your skin, you may experience a feeling of coolness or tingling.Thus the soothing effect component.

use such means can be both daily and, if necessary.Balm soothes and softens fine heavily damaged and over-dried skin.Within a few hours after application, you will see a positive effect.

Balm "Actual Volume»

This tool is intended for use makeup instead.Due to its composition, it visually increases lip volume.This happens because of the presence of reflective particles.

Balm has a delicate texture and rests evenly on the skin.With him your lips look shiny and voluminous.

Oil Lip

Another variety of salves - this oil "Nivea".This product is new and has three different subspecies.

Raspberry oil

This tool is perfectly softens the skin of the lips.It has the sweet smell of raspberry and pink color.On the lips a shade looks the most natural and attractive.

oil for daily use instead of decorative lipsticks.

Caramel oil

Lip Balm "Creme Caramel" has a sweet smell and taste of caramel.On the lips of oil is slightly brown caramel color.Because of this the skin looks natural and well-groomed.

Oil is recommended every day before you leave home.It is an excellent substitute for the usual cosmetics.

Oil "macadamia nut and vanilla»

This remedy for skin care lip has no color, but attracts its sweet vanilla flavor.This oil will protect your lips in bad weather.You no longer have to worry about the cracks and dry lips.

Apply a balm every day before going out, and your lips will always be protected.

Lip Balm "Nivea": composition

should be noted that a manufacturer with concern relates to its customers.The composition of lipsticks, balms and oils mostly natural.

for its products, "Nivea" uses natural flowers of roses, herb calendula and chamomile extracts of ripe cherries and strawberries.It is impossible not to recall the milk and honey, which use so widespread in cosmetology.

for cooking oils used natural wax and fragrances.


If you have never tried lip balm "Nivea", then it's time to do it.Choose the right tool you need and buy it.You'll never want to go back to other products!

Watch the beauty of your lips and use the balm "Nivea", which will take care of you!