La Mer - cosmetics from natural ingredients.

Cosmetics La Mer can rightly be considered a miracle paranormal.It seems to be the cream is very simple, but the combination of ingredients gives amazing results: the skin looks younger eyes, becomes more elastic, resilient.For a nice touch, and it is impossible to look away.

History cream

Many years ago, an astrophysicist Max Huber during a scientific experiment suffered severe burns in an explosion of chemicals directly in front of his face.Neither traditional nor alternative medicine could not return to pristine condition of the skin, so the doctor decided to help themselves.For 12 years, Huber spent more than 5,000 experiments and invented a cream with a unique composition, which made his skin soft, smooth and healthy.

composition and production of healing cream

composition is quite simple: seaweed, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, lecithin, Vitamins C, E and B12, citrus, sunflower oil and eucalyptus oil, and wheat germ oil and alfalfa.After a difficult and long process of biofermentati

on components endow the cream not only moisturizes, but miraculous svoystvami.V currently La Mer cosmetics produced by the same technology that many years ago for nearly three biofermentation process, led by modern scholars to perfection.Included in the algae is a natural antiseptic and act as a natural preservative.To preserve the unique properties of the cream, his carefully laid out on the jars, and by hand.Try this remedy once, many wonder how they lived without this great tool, because the natural components makes hypoallergenic cream.

La Mer - Cosmetics

future production is not limited to a single cream.Everyone will find its product line La Mer.Cosmetics include:

  • moisturizers, cleansers, skin lightening agents;
  • creams and lotions for the care of the area around the eyes;
  • tonics;
  • scrubs and face masks;
  • means for protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • cosmetics;
  • creams, balms and serums for hands, body and lips.

La Mer (cosmetics) shows virtually unbeatable results from the first application.The skin becomes pure, velvety, supple.Series lifting rejuvenation returns face sharp contours and reduces wrinkles, including facial.Deep moisturizing and intensive nutrition allows the skin look much younger.

Opinions of people

What is spoken of as La Mer?Cosmetics collects mostly positive reviews, but there are exceptions.Having examined carefully the negative comments, it can be concluded that customers got fake cosmetics.There is no reason to doubt the effectiveness of the funds.People who once made an exception in favor of the purchase of La Mer (cosmetics undoubtedly effective), are happy to use it until now, not wanting to try something new, and advise her friends.

in stock every girl and woman watching over them and seeking to prolong youth, to be cosmetics La Mer.Prices for the products of this company at first glance may seem prohibitively high, but, as you know, for the quality you have to pay.Save
youth, to give the skin a fresh glow and proper hydration can be for 6500-10 000.Buy cleansers for daily use can be an average of 5,000 rubles.Moisturize the skin around the eyes, remove dark circles, puffiness and fine lines can be serum of 8000-9000 rubles.Tired of fighting with a dull complexion, dark spots or uneven tan coming down?Come to the aid La Mer!Cosmetics offers all kinds of bleaching agents to the skin of a different price category, both for 4000-5000 and 15 000 rubles.Developers have created a concentrated elixir for intensive restoration of damaged areas of the skin especially for severe cases of what happened with the physicist Max Huber.Its price is in the range of 9000-14 000, although there is one particular instance 100 000 Tonic for daily cleansing and soothing facial will cost 4000-5000.As for the tone of the collection of funds Skincolor, they can be purchased from 4000 to 8000 rubles, it all depends on what you prefer powder - liquid or dry.Protect the skin from exposure to UV will cost an average of 4,500 rubles.