Greek cosmetics - the best quality and guaranteed effect

Greek cosmetics Why so popular and in demand?Everything is very simple.After all, for its production of olive oil use the excellent quality, sweet honey, aromatic herbs, essential oils, aloe - all natural, grown here in Greece.And what could be better than the natural cosmetics created from the component data by nature itself?

Main Ingredient

First of all I would like to say that, on a regular basis using the means to care for a Greek production, will keep your skin and hair in great shape.Natural ingredients make them healthy, saturated with all the necessary vitamins, and the result is literally there.After all, the ancient Greeks did not share the concept of health and beauty - they have always gone together.And the same ingredient from which was born the Greek cosmetics - this, of course, olive oil.For example, if the regular use of the inside can improve the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, lower cholesterol, strengthen bones and cleanse the body, what to say about its benefi

cial effects on skin and hair.Using a shampoo with olive oil, in a week you will notice how your hair become more silky, obedient and shining.A face cream with the addition of this ingredient deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, smoothing fine wrinkles.

beauty goddess Aphrodite

- a patron of love and beauty.She really was divinely beautiful.It is named after one of the most popular brands, manufacturers of personal care.Greek cosmetics "Aphrodite" is made with carefully selected Mediterranean herbs and, of course, fresh olive oil.Funds issued by this brand, are environmentally friendly, harmless and meet all international norms and standards of quality.This is really one of the best brands, cosmetics which are in demand worldwide.It should be noted attention and diversity provided by the company.Various creams (cleansing, softening, moisturizing for dry, normal or oily skin), body lotions, gels, balms, shampoos - all this makes "Aphrodite".Moreover, such a Greek cosmetics in Moscow is not so expensive.

quality, time-tested

If we talk about what are the most reliable manufacturers, it is necessary to pay attention to a company such as "Papoutsanis".For over 142 years, it is famous worldwide for its outstanding quality of manufactured products.Take, for example, at least not so long ago saw the light of a series of cosmetic "Olivia".As the main ingredient, an extract of olive oils.This series includes means for body care, hair and face, as well as soap and shampoo.Perhaps, this should be a real Greek cosmetics.Reviews, at least, make it clear that "Papoutsanis" - the right choice.There are no dyes, artificial additives - only natural ingredients.And this is the real guarantee of quality cosmetics.

"Apivita" - care, both in the beauty salon

Another well-known Greek brand of cosmetics.This manufacturer was famous mainly for face masks.Although he also produces creams, shampoos and all, as mentioned above (even toothpaste).But the public does not exist only masks this company!For a century, cleansing, moisturizing, toning up, with the addition of clay abrasive particles or honey - just a huge range.If you choose the most suitable option for your skin and apply the mask on a regular basis, then two weeks later you will see the result.Get rid of blackheads, greasy, fine wrinkles, flaking.This Greek cosmetics, reviews of which truly make her believe in the magical properties of literally work miracles, restoring skin health and beauty.

"Fresh Line" returns youth

seems to be pretty strong statement, but it's true.Anyway, the girls and women who have tried this cosmetics manufacturer on himself satisfied with the results.No wonder the means of production, the company called "living cosmetics."Of course, not cheap products.For example, a jar with a small content is used as a mask, it is worth 290 rubles (66 per gram).But the cost is justified.Firstly, it is an environmentally friendly product - the smell of the natural, for the most visible pieces of seaweed and other natural supplements.After applying the mask the skin becomes taut, smooth and matte.The same can be said about the other products of the manufacturer - really high quality Greek cosmetics from a reputable manufacturer.So if you always want to look young and fresh, you should buy just such a means to care for themselves.