Shampoo KeraSys: reviews.

Until recently, no one used the Korean shampoos, and now all of them and just talk.On the one hand, centuries-old traditions and unique oriental charm, the other - the latest developments and the use of Western technology.This mixture of styles, used in the manufacture of cosmetics, has been very successful.It is enough to read what has KeraSys shampoo reviews to see how popular this brand today.

Tales East

Beautiful Korean girl in the early morning, the sun comes out to collect rare herbs and roots on the shore of the stream ... Of course, this is an exaggeration.But in fact all the components of the Natural Cosmetics.Korean shampoos made exclusively of natural ingredients and plants grown or collected in Korea.This extracts of tropical herbs and ginseng extracts, and special algae and various oils.

care and concern

reportedly written about shampoo KeraSys reviews, its use does not hide problems with hair, but simply eliminates it.High quality corresponding to world standards, not only helps t

o create an instant effect, and lay the foundation for healthy and beautiful hair.Company name translates as love and respect.This defines the basic concept of the firm in relation to its consumer.Combining care for the environment with production of environmentally friendly raw materials, the company's specialists take into account the individuality of each client and create their masterpieces for all.

each type of shampoo your hair

If all people were the same, they would not be human beings.It makes life more interesting, but at the same time requires a special approach to each.That is why the manufacturer, developing shampoo KeraSys for different hair types and taking into account the specific problems of different people, used for the production of shampoos completely different components.For convenience, select the appropriate option all product lines are divided into groups and subgroups.Simply indicate your type of hair, or decide on some issues I would like to get rid of, and you can safely choose the desired line of cosmetics.The result is guaranteed to be positive.The main thing - to determine the line you like.And be sure when choosing a shampoo is not to forget about the air conditioner of the same series.The effect of its use of resources will be even more pronounced.

Parfum line

Certainly Korean shampoos KeraSys this unique series harmoniously combined perfectly valid haircare with amazing flavors rather peculiar perfumes.Each medium has its own special scent and long retains its delicate plume of the hair.

Notes purple means "Elegance" will emphasize the elegance and grace of the hostess, while putting a strengthening effect, and restore the structure of thin hair due to the action of vitamins A and E and shea butter and olive.

For dry hair prone to breakage, suitable moisturizing shampoo "Charm" with a fresh citrus scent.Included in his panthenol and extracts of gardenia and white line help hair recover their strength.

Damaged hair is easy to restore the "Romantic" with the scent of jasmine.The structure of the hair will revive with the help of drawing daisy flowers and basil.

Funds Oriental Premium

Some write about shampoo KeraSys reviews call this red line.This series is designed for all hair types.The compound mixture of oriental herbs with camellia oil has regenerating and moisturizing effect, and is also used for protection from the effects of sunlight.After applying the tools of this series the same effect as a visit to a special salon.

Series Hair Clinic

means of this series are based on the so-called PFC technology, recognized throughout the world.

created for the treatment of damaged and dried hair shampoo restoring KeraSys reduces brittleness and regenerates the hair structure due to the action of liposomes, which give hair shine, and keratin complex nutrient availability, walnut oil, and sunflower.

unique moisturizing shampoo of this series, which uses in its composition moisturizing liposomes, nourishing effect keratin complex, and vitamins contained in panthenol, gives the hair a special strength and elasticity and reduces static electricity.

Curative shampoo give strength and volume of impaired, hard to style hair by the action of wheat proteins, keratin and liposomes.Applying both air-conditioning in this series, you can work wonders with any hair.

Series Scalp Balancing

This series is designed for the treatment of problematic and sensitive scalp, especially the appearance of dandruff and itching.The content of the antibacterial drug climbazole kills the fungus, soothing antiseptic sodium salicylate, xylitol, lactitol reduces flaking, ceramides reinforce the protective reaction of the skin, extract water lily hydrates, keratin complex has a nourishing effect.Such a complicated structure in the complex treats the scalp and acts on the hair, which acquire a well-groomed and healthy.

refreshing - a variant of a therapeutic shampoo for oily and scalp.It differs from the previous means of the presence in the extracts of black coral, restricting the allocation of sebaceous glands, as well as mint and menthol to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and create a refreshing effect.

Tools Salon Care

This line of professional products for use at home.The difference in this series of shampoo is used in the composition of keratin and red wine polyphenols, which helps treat and restore the hair from the inside.

real salvation for unruly curly hair smoothing shampoo is considered KeraSys (reviews confirm this).Proteins strengthen hair Moringa seed extract, salpiglossisa smooths them and makes them shine, and keratin and red wine reduces breakage.These funds are suitable for climbing on the nature of the hair, and for chemically curled, further enlivening them.

Shampoo "Intensive restoration" is indispensable for a perm damaged, thin and unruly hair who receive food and protection, as well as become more obedient.The shampoo has a soft texture and an unobtrusive scent.

Separately, it should be noted refreshing shampoo for men, which cleans, refreshes hair and prepares them for styling.

All shampoos include a wide assortment and variety of actions, it combines soft consistency, excellent detergency, pleasant smell.Everyone can choose a means to your own taste.