What is a monopod?

What monopod probably know today every person, even one who is not related directly with photographs and photographic equipment.Just the progress reached the point where even pictures of yourself - self - made monopods.

modern society, according to the content of most social networks, just loves to do self - pictures of themselves alone or in company with friends on the phone's camera.Separate groups of public and just full of millions of photos.But before fans taking pictures of himself is not an easy task: for example, how to make sure that the frame can be placed at the same time three or four people to capture beautiful landscape behind him.Well, that is already invented such a device as a monopod for SELF.

first look at what it is

not yet know what a monopod.This is a special device, which is used by the owners of cameras, allowing hands-free photographer or videographer on the weight of their equipment.It also maximizes the focus on the subject in order to reduce the noise level in the bloc

k to a minimum.Monopod - a kind of tripod, which is different from his other "brothers" in that it has only one "leg".That is why it is not suitable for professional photo and video.But for fans and newcomers or owners of small compact technology is a great option for fixing the camera at a certain level and distance from the object of shooting.

now becoming more popular such an accessory as a monopod for your phone, which is designed to create the previously mentioned self.With these photos it gets a lot better, more colorful, that is "a photo of himself" to a new level.

How did the "self-stick"?

Given the fact that last year was a "year of self", it becomes quite clear why manufacturers have started to produce similar accessories.Demand for self monopod has surpassed all expectations, and fans began to be photographed doing it more actively.And despite the huge stream of criticism in the direction of "samosnimkov" and towards accessories for them, people are more and more willing to provide photos by such holder for the phone.

It is clear that not only a photo can be done using these devices.Most viewed videos in the last year of the Internet, such as a hurricane near the shooting or filming yourself in the city's tallest buildings, it has been created EXTREMALS - holders of a monopod.

How to use?Is it a necessary thing?

What monopod for self and how he appeared, we have already dealt with.Now it is necessary to find an answer to the question of whether such a device - the need or desire to still buy it provoked excitement of modern humans around the "samofoto" and bright advertising accessories for them?

Indeed, self-monopod is not a thing of prime necessity, and take a photo, you can and "antiquated method," but because then there is no way to be everything in the frame, and whatever anyone says, but the photo-Self have their own special energy,positive, adrenaline.Therefore, if you have the opportunity to purchase such an accessory to your device, it's worth doing, because the mass of vivid impressions and unusual photos are guaranteed.

maybe just buy a monopod for camera and use it with your phone?

worth noting that conventional camera monopod for self-monopod is not replaced.First, methods of attachment they are completely different, and secondly, monopod for the iPhone, for example, developed specifically for this particular phone company, which means that it will stay very well, and really will make a photo from any angle.And third, a phone accessory is much lighter and more compact, it can be worn even in a small women's purse.

Features Compact monopods for cameras

If we are talking about tripods for cameras, it is necessary to tell a little about such interesting things as a monopod for Gopro.

Gopro cameras today can be seen in many people who love to travel and shoot everything that surrounds them, or those who simply love to take pictures.The modern market is replete with a variety of small tripods for them.But a good monopod for Gopro must meet a number of certain characteristics:

- it should be easy to use: if you buy such an accessory, you should only choose the one that fits nicely in the hand, not heavy, so you can easily manipulate it from different angles;

- it has to be reliable: a simple but reliable camera mount - this is what must necessarily have a monopod;

- it should be universal: the owner of such equipment often makes photos in the most unusual places, so the monopod to be versatile in use in various conditions of shooting.

monopods Different - different characteristics

For each customer can choose the ideal tripod.The most popular today monopod with a button that lets you take photos easily by pressing a button on the monopod, or attached to it the remote control.This means that you should not be put standby picture, and will have time to find the best angle.In addition, because you can do many photos without breaks or shooting mode settings.

example, any modern monopod for your iPhone or phones, "Android" is not only the shutter button, but also others that allow you to control the process.And it turns out this is thanks to Bluetooth-connection between the monopod and your smartphone.

Where better to buy these devices?

Today, many sellers are willing to offer such accessories for phones at a reasonably affordable price.But in the pursuit of an imaginary economy, many make the mistake of agreeing to buy a monopod for phone or camera of questionable quality and from an unknown manufacturer.Remember that the cheapest accessory can simply keep your equipment reliably and at a certain angle it is easy to fall out of it.

So it is better to acquire monopods in good shops, where the concept of "quality" and "guarantees" - not an empty phrase.

What else you need to know?

Today you can buy a universal monopod that can interact with the camera Gopro, and phones.If you are the owner and the one and other equipment - you'll be great save!

good "Selfie stick" has several levels of slope and secure attachment between the head and sections of the tripod.Material from which to create an accessory, is also important, it is better to choose the model of aluminum - they are light and reliable.

monopod with Bluetooth-connection will also need to be charged.

Now that you know exactly what a monopod and how it can be used, we can only decide which model you want to buy.