Highly qualified specialists will return four-legged pet joy of life.Fluffy pet feels bad, there were fears for his health?Urgent action is required, please contact: Rylenkova street, house 89-A (Smolensk).Veterinary clinic will take care of it.For many people, pets have become almost family.

That is why there was so many clinics willing to provide all the necessary services at any time of day or night.Breeders are divided between those who prefer cats, and those who prefer dogs.But in any case, furry friend need love, a lot of attention and, of course, constant care.

Help veterinarian

Sometimes it such a situation, in which no professional help is necessary.And even an hour delay threatens death or worsening of the patient's condition.In order not to lose a true friend of the family and avoid the negative effects, it is necessary to apply only to the competent veterinarians.It has a wide range of services round the clock veterinary clinic (Smolensk).In addition to emergency aid, conducted labo

ratory studies.This approach is used to confirm the diagnosis.On the basis of the symptoms can not always with absolute precision to identify the cause of the disease.A high-precision equipment eliminates the error.

Reaching puberty and vaccination

good vet will cope with any problem arising from the pet.These experts famous city of Smolensk.Veterinary clinic conducts standard procedures such as castration and sterilization of dogs and cats.Residents of large cities often are not familiar with the street cats.But look at the "March of suffering", while maintaining complete composure and equanimity, can not everyone.It was then that the operation becomes the only panacea.Castration is a simple procedure, the animal is returned to normal life within two to three days.And the cat will never mark territory, leaving around a sharp, very unpleasant smell.With sterilization, the situation is a bit more complicated.But very often there is no other way.

Ā«Aibolit" (veterinary clinic, Smolensk) will hold a vaccination, dental services and will make ultrasound.In the arsenal of the clinic of the vaccine as a Russian-made and imported.Individual approach will help to prevent serious illness.The presence of rabies vaccination.It's no secret that in order to preserve your animal teeth into old age, they should be cleaned regularly.Systematic oral care dog cat and prevent premature tooth loss.

ultrasound and beautiful hair

Since 2011, the US became available for pets at st.Rylenkova, d. 89-A (Smolensk).Veterinary clinic has the best and most modern equipment and ultrasound procedure carries a wonderful professionals who have the necessary training to improve the skills in a medical institution of this orientation.Many people are so fond of their own pets that follow not only their nutrition and health, but also for appearance.This is especially important before the show.The clinic performed grooming animals.

Other services

Of course, it is impossible not to touch on a sad subject.Sometimes the disease is incurable, or the animal is too old to carry out the operation.In this situation, you need to show humanity in relation to the substance, which for many years was a faithful and devoted friend.We are talking about euthanasia (euthanasia).This will help stop the suffering.

If the state of four-legged friend is critical, urgent intervention by a veterinarian.Telephone number of institutions - +74812323111 (Smolensk).Veterinary clinic is an emergency room.Check out home visit is carried out at any time.When transportation is impossible due to the serious condition of the pet, the practitioner will provide assistance directly to the home, by all means, to save the animal, or to alleviate the suffering.