Natural hair color (photo)

A few years ago we tried to dye her hair in fancy intense bright shades.Now, however, we should not rush with such a dramatic coloring, as relevant natural colors curls.Last season, this trend manifested itself in the fashion shows of some brands, and today it is widespread.Natural hair color can be different shades - from light to dark-haired.However, they have a lot in common.So, let's talk about this color.

advantages of natural shades

Natural tones are not only fashionable, but also practical.Hair with a natural, natural color, it is not necessary to paint regularly, which means they are less likely to be exposed to harmful influences.Such locks better maintain their structure and require less maintenance than undergo chemical procedures.In addition, women of Slavic appearance very becoming all shades of light brown and other natural colors.If we talk about tsvetotip, the girl "Autumn" and "Spring" type of natural hair color is also suitable, but with gold or copper tint.Therefore, if your natur

al shade is not expressed warm nuances, you can use the tinting dyes to create the desired effect.The most common tsvetotip in our country - the "old."For him relevant neutrals and cool shades of different depths.Often, natural tone is greenish tint, but it is inherent in almost all shades Light Brown."Winter" type occurs in Russia is quite rare, it goes well with cold saturated dark tones.

fashion for natural shades

Just two or three years ago were considered natural hair colors lot colorless, gray external image.Today, the most popular nuance.No matter how dark or light color curls you prefer, the main rule of this season - the most natural colors.Many designers agree that the most urgent tones become golden, light and reddish-brown and pearl-Brown.Last tone is a new fashion nuance, as it combines cold and warm golden hues.Natural hair color made popular again highlights.The modern interpretation of the classic technique looks the most natural.Strands should be very thin and gently merges with the general tone, creating the effect of glare on the hair.

staining in natural color

All kinds of colors that mimic the natural, mostly medium-brown shade, at the peak of popularity.Choosing fashionable nuance palette, do not forget that even with the gray, neutral shades can look bright, impressive.For this color can beat one of the modern and stylish staining techniques.Natural hair color was the basis for brondirovanie, balayazh, shatush.Paint the curls in a way you can not visit the interior of 6 to 12 months.This hair will look modern and fashionable.

No less popular and coloring.It can also be performed in the actual natural tones.The choice of all shades from deep dark light brown to blond.Overflow, these colors create an incredibly deep, interesting tone, creating a visual volume and emphasize the texture.Such staining advantageous to look thin, sparse curls.

Photos natural hair color

As mentioned, there are many shades of natural color.Base are: dark, medium and light brown and blond.Each of them in its own beautiful and interesting.For example, a classic mid-brown tone.He is to face the girl with blond and blue-gray eyes, pale skin.Its shades can include various nuances of warm and cold areas - beige, golden, nutty, caramel, coffee with milk, and many others.Each manufacturer may have their own special "tasty" colors, such as from Loreal.Tone 6.17 - Brown ash-malachite.It contains blue and green nuances that create the hair nice cold, with the tide "metallic" color.This tide can often be seen on the photo natural hair color stars.

Ash Blonde - the dream of many girls, but it is not for everyone.It is best combined with the skin pink or other cold tones.Girls with a warm style exterior, it is contraindicated.In addition, the color of strong ages, especially for women after 30.


choosing, with the help of the product to achieve the beautiful natural color, prefer permanent or semi-permanent dyes.The fact that persistent and professional toners penetrate into the hair, filling them with the desired pigments are better than vegetable products.They spared the most hair contains oils and nutrients.Only through persistent dye it has the opportunity to create a beautiful hair natural hair color.Paint can neutralize unwanted red and shades of red, which is very important for the natural tones.

henna and other natural products for coloring, due to the composition, on the one hand gently work on the hair, the other - always give the red, yellow, magenta.Remove them without the aid of chemical dye is impossible, and look like they are not always natural.

Natural light color hair

This shade is not as common, in most cases you need staining to get soft natural light nuance.This tone is always warm shade, cold ash tide here - a rarity.If we talk about painting, the most modern palettes are all beige, golden and intense golden nuances.They are good on girls with green, blue and gray eyes.From the nature of such hair thin and fragile, more vulnerable to the influence of the environment, especially in summer.Quickly burn strongly whipped and require carefully chosen care.Too concentrated masks and balms can immediately burden the curls are.So sometimes you have to look for a suitable vehicle.The good news is that there are separate lines for the care of delicate shades of light.

Whatever color you chose no, do not forget about a good haircut and proper care.Then you will always be trendy and beautiful.