Foot Cream with sweat and odor of "GapenoFarm."

The cause of the odor of the shoes are bacteria.Their number may increase under the influence of certain factors.The complex action and regular procedures will help to forget about the problem of bad breath.Mainly in the treatment and prevention of a foot cream with sweat and odor.

Causes sweating and unpleasant foot odor

There are several reasons that provoke the unpleasant phenomenon.These include:

  • poor nutrition;
  • fungus on the skin of the feet or the nail plate;
  • increased sweating;
  • uncomfortable shoes, synthetic material it;
  • deviation of hormonal nature;
  • sports or sedentary life.

find out the reason, you should choose creams for the feet, as efficiently as possible and eliminate the cause of the smell of sweating feet.Many Russian companies are actively developing high-quality and relatively inexpensive products.Among the most popular today are the company "GalenoFarm" Concern "Kalina", "Neva Cosmetics", "Black Pearl" and many others.


Among the most common types of exposure

tool such as a cream for the feet sweat and odor are bactericidal properties.Using various techniques the amount of bacteria on your feet not only reduced, but also the prevention of their occurrence is held for up to six months.

One of the commonly used is to reduce the effects of sweating, which narrowed the sweat glands.

The smell of the product gives the feet a pleasant aroma, and menthol, which is part of many creams for feet, cools the skin and creates a pleasant feeling of lightness.The best foot cream with sweat and odor should be selected depending on the speed and duration of the effect after using a specific product.

Types of Foot Cream

There are several types of creams for feet.To get a good result, it is necessary to understand what cream for feet sweat and smell the best.

  1. «Deo Control" of concern "Kalina" is an effective cream for the feet and the smell of sweat and prevents odor, suitable for frequent use.Providing treatment for 1 day is enough for a week.
  2. representatives of the following varieties of the product is an Israeli company HlavinLavilin.This tool eliminates odors up to 72 hours.It does not break sweat, and the main impact on the means of producing skin bacteria feet.
  3. cream from the smell of sweat and the company "GalenoFarm" represents another variant of a therapeutic agent.Its validity is stored up to six months.

Which means fit more prompt experienced dermatologist, as you need to find the original cause of the problem, and then choose the most acceptable treatment.

Cream "Deo Control" from the producer of "Kalina»

Foot Cream with sweat and odor, "Deo Control" from the Russian manufacturer of "Kalina" showed himself to be a very effective tool in the fight against this problem.The product monitors perspiration and fights bacteria.

cream softens skin on the soles, heals micro cracks, restores the normal structure.The maximum effect of the tool is made after 14 days of application.Its duration of action following a set of procedures is 7 days.

composition of the product contains a unique formula OilCARE.It is a complex of 4 oils: tea tree, shea butter, lavender, cocoa.It also includes vitamins A, E, B5.

cost him quite economical compared to other creams.

Cream "GalenoFarm" leg "5 days»

Foot Cream with sweat and odor "5 days" from the Russian manufacturer "GalenoFarm" affects the sweating and prevents the formation of bacteria on the feet.This product protects the skin from cracking, itching, inflammation.

product can also be used for application to footwear that allows to prevent re-occurrence of odor.It is very effective in preventing the appearance of fungus, as well as blocking its re-emergence.

means the smell of sweat and the "5 days" is used for 5 days.After that, the effect is still retained for six months.

Boric acid, camphor, zinc oxide, triclosan, salicylic acid, menthol included in the product by "GalenoFarm".Cream foot odor of sweat and provided us very efficient and thus relatively inexpensive.Today it is one of the best options.

The manufacturer recommends the use of a complex product.Apply the cream on your skin you must stop, and the inner surface of the shoe.


Any cream for the feet sweat and odor should be applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.It is advisable to do it in courses for 10-14 days.

cream should be applied to dry skin of feet washed.Rub in a circular motion it should be.Cream must be processed feet, fingers and skin between the toes.The procedure was repeated 1-2 times a day.

experienced dermatologist to advise a person with similar problems complex treatment.For this evening to do foot bath with the addition of various herbs.It is very useful to apply special masks and essential oils on the skin.

nightly foot massage, you can also achieve a good effect on the background of tools for the feet.The main thing - to carry out the procedure on time and regularly.Passing a course of treatment, the effectiveness of the cream will be significantly reduced.

about the presentation of domestic manufacturers of tools such as a cream for the feet sweat and odor, you can navigate in a variety of existing products.Each chooses a product, depending on the issues, provoke discomfort.Among domestic manufacturers are very worthy of creams for the feet.Fulfilling all the requirements stipulated by the manufacturer in the instructions, not missing a single procedure, you can forget about the unpleasant odor and sweating feet.Comprehensive event management is the key to rapid and sustainable disposal of problem.