Civil Marriage: Pros and Cons

Today in our country is very common type of coexistence of man and woman became a civil marriage, that is, this kind of cohabitation, farming, reproduction, etc., that does not imply a legal relationship pairs registration of people.About the reasons for the civil marriage became popular, we can talk for a long time - this is the loss of traditional marriage, which is fixed by the state as one of the main legal aspects of human existence, its former importance in the minds of citizens, and only the high cost of the procedure and often the unwillingness of peoplebound by any obligations.Indeed, the reasons why people choose civil marriage are many, but try to understand what makes a civil marriage pros and cons of each member of such a union.There are many devotees of civil marriage, but not less than the most ardent opponents, so to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of each member gets a peculiar family is extremely important not to make mistakes.

The advantages of civil marriage is

often referred to know each other better, so to say "get used" to people entering into it.It is worth noting that such a possibility does help many to understand themselves and understand how comfortable will coexist with the selected partner, but in this case, a situation may arise when the slightest problems that are sure to arise, will not be solved correctly in terms of the traditional family relationship,It runs the only result - parting.

second advantage - the cost savings.As much as it is banal sounds, but today money plays a huge role in every aspect of life and the family is no exception.Indeed, the traditional procedure of marriage requires a fairly large expenditure, the amount of which is often onerous for entering into a marriage of people, especially the young.Also there is no need to spend money on a wedding, people living in civil marriage, often referred to as its advantages in the material aspect of the opportunity to "cheat" to the state.For example, many women receive benefits intended for single mothers, but are quite capable and loved, even though "unformed" husband.

try, you can certainly find other positive aspects of the lack of "marriage certificate", but will focus on a brief description of what cons of civil marriage often become an obstacle to making a decision on the entry into such a relationship:

- Legal insecurity and material aspects of the relations of co-existence;

- lack of a full sense of responsibility of the partners for each other and for the children together;

- the ethical and moral aspects, often manifested due to lack of official confirmation of the marriage union.

- lack of full understanding of what a family of children born to parents who do not consider it necessary to tie the knot.

course, in spite of the above, each individual decides how he build his life.The only thing about what I want to say this is the factor that any decision should be a pair together, carefully and deliberately.Any relationship must be psychologically comfortable, and can help to achieve this only love and understanding, and the presence of the notorious "the die" in the passport does not play such a big role too.Only people who can truly appreciate and love their loved ones are able to postorit strong family, no matter how short it is not called.