Marriage to a foreigner in Russia: advantages and disadvantages

This phenomenon, which some sociologists have described as a female marriage migration was observed in the mid-nineties of the twentieth century.It happened just at the time when collapsed notorious "Iron Curtain" and the girls got very real possibility of his cherished dream.

Coveted marriage to a foreigner became a very real possibility.Imagination romantically minded girls drew almost milk and honey, that were waiting for them - there ... A marriage to a foreigner seemed something of a lucky meeting with a fairy-tale prince.

Yet the reality is often quite unlike the long-awaited girls naive romantic fairy tale.It turned out that her husband's well-being a foreigner based on savings and nothing to do with possible luxury gifts did not matter.

How many cases have been instituted marriage scams and trafficking!How many stories about different failures career ... rainbow was surging at the same time, muddy and covered with foam wave of euphoria subsided, began to breed and registration of marriag

e with a foreigner has ceased to seem good.

Since then the women have themselves become to travel abroad, to communicate with "them" in chat rooms, and is preparing a good marriage to a wealthy foreigner.The number of customers of international marriage agencies are not getting smaller ...

Currently, marriage to a foreigner has once again become a matter of prestige.Every year more and more girls began to re-marry nationals of other countries and leave their homes.Indeed, in the marriages between citizens of different states usually a foreigner is just the groom, so that again we can talk about "women's migration," that is, take away our girls in distant lands ...

among girls andWomen, for which registration of the marriage with a foreigner so desired, there are two categories - the very young, inexperienced girl of twenty to twenty-five years old, just graduated from college, and experienced women from 35 years old and have a bad experience in the marriage, and possibly with children.

marriage with a foreigner has both its positive and negative sides.Of course, many girls marry foreigners, travel to their homeland in search of her fiance a higher standard of living and a different, more human to be treated by society, and very often it turns out.

The fact that it is often "have" real man is measured not by the "hearth", which he took, and according to available capabilities and opportunities for the benefits that the employee can bring a company.In our country people in itself does not cost anything, and the elite is simply not in demand.

Therefore marriage to a foreigner in Russia can not be just a step towards achieving the well-being, but also very tangible impetus to the development, making the girls Resolute and determined to achieve the planned targets, which previously seemed just a pipe dream.

There is another important reason is quite new surge marriage migration.Overseas "princes" on white limousines no longer accept women-Slav as a completely free housekeepers, and our girls did not play the role of fun and exotic toys or original accessories for the publication, although it is known throughout the Western world the beauty Slavic girls continues to attract attentionmen of decadent West.In addition, "their" in our Girls focus on attracting the original family, but not a career that is peculiar to Western girls.

But, as is often the case, along with many obvious positive qualities, marriage to a foreigner has some disadvantages, which are a continuation of existing advantages.All the expectations that bears marriage to a foreigner in Russia is often broken when moving abroad.Mainly this is because of the differences - cultural and psychological between the two countries.Often these differences can be so great that they can cause a divorce and return home ...

Our girls may simply not fit into Western life that causes them embarrassment and even a storm of negative emotions with all the possible consequences.