Unequal Marriage: love or convenience?

How many lives as many lives.But, nevertheless, everyone is looking for his one and only soul mate.And it happens that people are a reflection of his soul in the other person, in spite of a decent age difference.Most often, society condemns unequal marriage, referring to the discrepancy of interests, financial position or commercialism.However, increasing the number of marriages.

traditionally believed that the man should be older.And to some extent this is true.A large age difference rather relative concept.In different countries this are different, and in some cases is considered to be a great 10 years, and in some cases and 30 quite normal.On how much the difference in age between men and women affect the relationship in marriage, from hard to judge.But it is believed that it may have some positive aspects, contributing to a long and happy marriage.

Firstly, men experience could not be more helpful to create a future family.After all, the man is considered to be the creation of a logical and a

woman - emotional.As a result, the resolution of some unusual situations very often say: "Oh, how well that her husband was cool and sort things out."We can not say that this is true at 100%, but in most cases it is true.

Secondly, because the older man, then, as a rule, he has already set his life, was formed as a person and is more emotional stability, which is especially important to create a strong family.In this case, unequal marriage is virtually immune to the family of storms and thunderstorms.

Psychologists estimate that the optimal age difference - when a man older woman for a period of up to eight years, because women in their psychological development of young men ahead five years.This applies mainly to the fairly young couples under the age of 30 years.

most critical society treats marriage as a man over a woman more than 20 years.Such marriages are considered to be unstable.Most often, they are a marriage of convenience, especially when the age difference is too great.Surrounding sure that sooner or later the wife begins to change her husband, and the question of procreation could get very serious.However, many couples live in such marriages are very happy to find myself a formula for love.

marriage when a woman over a man most ambiguous.Attitude to them often sharply negative, even when the older woman only 2-3 years.And what can we say when the difference is 15-20 years.

But this unequal marriage has its advantages.A woman in such a marriage comes for different reasons, but in any case in an effort to save the marriage she would begin to pay attention to themselves and younger easy on the eyes.From the height of their life experience, they make fewer mistakes, which are peculiar to young couples.At the same time the men in such marriages or come only great love or naked calculation.Under either option, they also seek to save their marriage that makes these unions, despite the opinions of others, quite stable.

great importance is the age difference between men and women when they talk about the physiological and psychological component of marriage.To this must be prepared mentally for both sides.Some intemperate impulses of a young man may be slightly unsettle the formed woman, and just as likely to slightly reduce the bar too self-authoritarian behavior of women.In any case going to the unequal marriage should be aware that the first two of this decision.And contrary to public opinion if the move was made, the couple should be sincere with each other, and do not forget the trust

Statistics show that a large age difference in marriage is not an obstacle to a happy union.But these unions require more attention, both from men and from women.Only they are able to maintain harmonious relationships that are the foundation of any good marriage.