Good birthday greeting to a friend

birthday of a close friend - a significant date.Such celebration must be prepared to make every effort.It is important to remember this day forever birthday and brought him positive emotions.This can be done with a few things.Firstly, this is a useful gift.It can cost quite a bit, but it must be purchased so that other desires have been met.It is in any case appreciate your efforts.The second thing to remember is a good greeting, uttered with sincerity and love.With it, you can supplement the present and make the birthday a pleasant surprise.It is desirable that a birthday greeting to a friend was decorated on a large sheet of paper.It is possible to write the words in verse or prose.More sincere, according to many, the wishes are written without rhyme.They felt genuine kindness.

Below are good greetings beloved friend on his birthday that you can take note.Just do not try to remember them and say, word for word, this is just an example of what can be said in its wishes.

"Dear (name of the hero o

f the occasion), I sincerely wish you good luck and immense joy. This year, you become even older, but do not be upset, it's added to you even more priceless life experiences, which youwill share with their wonderful children. I believe that all you need is good health. Only this will allow you to perfectly live and be with the family. The money you are bound to be, because you - a purposeful and intelligent man. Congratulationsyou! "

"(Friend's name), I congratulate you on your holiday! This year you are sure to meet your love. I can speak with confidence because I know that you gathered all the qualities of a real man. I'm very lucky that I have such aa great friend like you. We have known since childhood, and I always knew that you would be a successful person. On this remarkable day, I wish you always aspired to his goal and was happy after achieving it. "

"(Friend's name), my good, I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish that your life has never been the black bars. If something goes something bad, I always know that Iwill not leave you in trouble, I'll always be with you. My support will be strong and we will cope with everything. In addition, I wish you to live in abundance. I want beside you were just good people. I wish,that you have never been enemies. But the most important thing that you have always been healthy and not sick even in the cold of winter. "

birthday greetings may contain other farewell and good instruction.Just say it should be neat, that in no case does not offend birthday.If your friend is not happy with his girlfriend, then you can say the following:

"Dear (name of friend), I sincerely wish you unlimited happiness. For me it is important that you spend your life with a worthy man, who would not you blame,blame all the troubles, to insult and make nervous. Trust me, you're sure to find your true love, which will make you the happiest man on earth. "

"(Friend's name) in your holiday I want to say that you are successful and the person who deserves the very best. I've been watching you. Recently, I have become (a) notice the sadness and longing in your eyes. II wish you to be more decisive and soon found the girl who really is the best. "

Similar birthday greetings best friend to say at a time when there will not be strangers.The best option - to talk tete-a-tete.

Wishes Happy Birthday to a close friend may contain tips on the operation.For example:

"(Friend's name), on the occasion of you. I want you to have no more conflicts with colleagues. For this you need to be more attentive to people. Try not to notice other people's shortcomings and support their colleagues."

kind and sincere birthday greetings friend, spoken from the heart, will bring a lot of pleasant emotions birthday.