Million Dollar Question: what is different from shellac gel polish?

Inside manicure and pedicure in the price list indicates two different services: nail «Shellac» and nail gel polish.For the price of the procedure is usually very different.Why is that?What is different from shellac gel polish, if, in fact, are two identical material?So, the difference is still there?

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Let's look at the labels of the two products.Shellac is made by the famous American.This is the first gel lacquer, which went on sale.Its cost is very high, and thus the nail they will always be more expensive.Gel varnishes other firms are more budget option.However, there is a close competitor from Shellac.It - Gelish.In fact, it's all the same stuff, just made caring Japanese.Manufacturers guarantee that gelish can carry on nails for nearly a month, without prejudice manicure.That is, this stuff keeps on nails longer than shellac.It differs from the gel varnish other companies the product in question and the amount yet.Thus, Shellac is packaged into vials in 7 ml ge

lish - 15 ml, more gel coatings - 12 ml (more often).

Budget firms offer goods of different sizes, as well as color palette.Compare shellac and gel nail.Differences among them are the following:

  • different colors (from Gelish them more than a hundred, have Shellac - only 49 colors, the other companies are trying to take a number);
  • way of drawing;
  • lifespan;
  • shelf life.

Strangely enough, but it is low-gel coatings have the most long-term storage.Unfortunately, sometimes it affects the quality.According to the reviews of clients nail salons, some famous brands analogues bad lie on nails, cleave fast, crumble, and even cracked for no apparent reason.Not to mention the fact that they hold less than shellac.

differs from the gel varnish other companies considered material by the fact that under it is not always necessary zapilivaem nail plate.Experts CND took care of those who by nature weak and exfoliating nails.There is a special fluid in the line of preparations for applying shellac.It removes the luster, and the fatty film makes the surface of the nail mat.Then just need to put a base under the shellac.That is, the nails are not exposed to the active friction sawing that preserves their structure.

And yet, in spite of the mentioned features materials such as shellac and gel nail, the difference is not too great.When working around the house, resulting in frequent contact with water and detergents, no material will not last long.Maximum - two weeks.And then the color is already beginning to pall, want diversity.

Many girls pay attention to how worn or that part.The shellac is different from gel varnish in this case?Yes, nothing.In composition, it is virtually the same material.Household chemicals used every day, the same "eats" shine - that shellac that its competitors.Should I pay extra for the brand?It is, if the nails are weak layer and brittle.Less they opilivaem on the outer surface, the better.Shellac in drawing allows no contact with saws, and thus preserves the natural nail growth.Although no harm will check on itself a number of different materials, finding really the best.Man is different, and his nails too.An ideal is shellac, others - gelish and other competitors.