Secrets and technologies of Hollywood: hair extensions (reviews)

Beauty, pioneered the use of new technology in the art of hairdressing for about fifteen years ago.Since then it has gone through several stages, but it continues to be perfected by those skilled in the art.It is a technique that is primarily used actors the film industry, including Hollywood - hair extensions.This method has many options, regular updating and undergoing metamorphosis to facilitate and improve the quality.

optimally today are natural kinds, gives hair natural.Total Score (visual sensitivity) will depend on the careful choice of material.The main difference of technological innovation between different types - mounting method.We now know the five common methods, the most popular and attractive of which is considered to be a Hollywood hair extensions.During this time it has undergone many changes, including the cardinal.To date, known as the second name - ultrasound.


initially increase the splendor and density of head cover method, named after the North American cinema,

produced by adding strands and fastening them narrowed duct tape.At the same time the main drawback was the inability to brush the hair so curls had to remove and reinstall several times a day.In an effort to facilitate the work of hairdressers and increase the patience of creative personalities, one of the experts had come up with more acceptable option, which was, and stuck the name "Hollywood Hair Extensions."For the first time the technology has been applied in 2006, through a combination of cold and capsule forms.The main instrument was chosen "Italian tongs," converted to a unique device, the melting connecting the capsule by means of ultrasound with the exception of application temperatures high.

main advantages of this method began to look, for the safety of the natural cover, speed and efficiency of the introduction of new strands.Reviews grateful consumers indicates that the technology is the most high-quality and on the right is one of the first places in the field of public services, resorting to the same version as the most famous movie stars of the world - Hollywood.Hair of this type and has a significant drawback.This high cost.This is primarily due to the use of modern equipment and the ability to perform such work only highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the hairdressing business.

Important details of

Besides all the obvious advantages, strengths and positive characteristics, method, named in honor of the film industry, has one undoubted quality, such as the gentle attitude to cover their heads.In fact, the main direction has hardly changed - the donor locks are attached to the natural strands using keratin capsules.Only the melting temperature is not made with high waves and heat pulses of ultrasound.It may be noted that the main propulsion unit, whereby ubiquitous Hollywood got hair extensions - reviews.That positive reviews consumers and experts have made widespread use of techniques.

Equipment and materials

For this embodiment is common to use natural locks Slavic or European type.Their number will depend on the desired effect and the desires of the client.The average value of today is little more than a hundred beams, while the procedure takes from one to two hours.The device is simple enough with ultrasound software that helps set the desired mode, which will be the main indicator of the thickness of the strands.The equipment has an intuitive interface, simple setup and ease of operation.All data in the machine enters a master barber.Hollywood hair extension technique provides control of these important processes:

  • power and exposure time;
  • accuracy and speed fix;
  • tightness in the subtleties of the connection.


artificially integrated locks can not be worn indefinitely for one reason - cover the natural growth of the human head.Therefore, experts conducted a mandatory correction for those who wish to continue to have a lush head of hair.Repeated hair extensions for Hollywood technologies make a couple of months after the original process.It takes a lot more time with the direct intervention of the barber.The strands are removed and the capsules softened liquid with special properties, and then mounted the new keratin, and only then made binding.

Positive aspects

Methods resorted to actresses all over the world, including Russian, French and Hollywood (hair extensions), has undeniable advantages:

  • sauna, swimming pool and solarium, without removal of new locks;
  • effects of ultrasound does not touch the skin and affects only the artificial strands;
  • durability and bond strength;
  • avoid overheating own head of hair;
  • using only natural materials;
  • allowed perming, tinting, dyeing and creation of any known hairstyles;
  • imperceptibly and invisibly capsule;
  • not combed curls donor;
  • any volume;
  • a quick and efficient process.

Contraindications and cons

about negative aspects say many modern big-screen stars, including Hollywood.Hair extensions of their numerous responses are not recommended for people who are subject to the regular loss cover, undergoing chemotherapy or have a skin disease.In addition to the negative aspects should include:

  • limit the use of certain funds for the care of the possibility of a softening of capsules;
  • time-consuming procedures;
  • cost, accessible only to the secured class society.