White manicure - the trend of the summer 2015

Every year fashion changes manicure.More recently, a trend was nyudovye natural shades, which came to replace the bright neon colors.However, this year especially popular white manicure.Its features and performance of the methods you learn in this article.

Manicure with white lacquer: what are its characteristics?

freshness and purity - that represents white.No wonder the world's designers are always using it in their collections.But this time, the absolute trend in 2015 was the white manicure.After all, it can be used to complement absolutely any way.The main thing - to choose the right shade.After all, this is not limited to pure white color tone.You can use the milky white, pastel, cream, and even with a gray tint.

White manicure, however, can be made only on the ideal, well-groomed nails.Indeed, in contrast to the skin will be seen the slightest defects and irregularities.Therefore, the first time best left to professionals who will conduct all preparatory procedures.

What goes white nail p

believed that manicure should match the color of shoes or clothes.Of course, in this case, you can not go wrong with the choice and will look concisely.However, modern fashion permits contrasts.So we can safely combine white manicure with the bright colors and bold prints.

According to stylists, the most advantageous light tone looks on dark skin.Therefore, if you are already a tan this summer, you are perfect for white nails.Manicure can be combined with almost any jewelry and precious metals.In this regard, a white color is universal.

In addition, under the white nail polish fits absolutely any style of dress.It can be as casual attire casual and elegant evening dress.A properly chosen accessories to match the manicure will help complement the image and make it complete.


If you've ever done a manicure with white lacquer and want to diversify the usual way, then try accents.The last few years is very fashionable to combine several varnishes.With white color will look great shiny coating on the ring finger.This will give a manicure flavor and make it more expressive.

You can also use a variety of transferable nail stickers.In today's market there are a variety of patterns, so any woman can find the perfect option, suitable for any mood.A white color will be an excellent base, which can fix with varnish.

unchanged is a classic French manicure.As is known, in its conventional design used was white lacquer in combination with beige or pale pink.If you do not like to experiment, the French manicure you perfect.The variety can be rhinestones or beads of brilliant lacquer.Also today in fashion variations on the theme of the French manicure.Thus, it is possible to combine not only the usual color, but also complement their bright contrasting paints.

Manicure red and white - for the brave girls

For lovers of vivid images fit more extravagant solutions.For example, it can be combined with white lacquer red.This variety of patterns is limited only by your imagination.You can perform geometric stripes, which will be combined with a dress, or highlighted in red, only one nail, creating a bright accent.In any case, everyone will appreciate your manicure.

red and white - the perfect solution for those who love bright images and is not afraid to tear down stereotypes.However, remember that these contrasting colors should choose only high-quality nail polish.After your manicure to be perfect.A perfect solution would be a gel lacquer, which after application forms a smooth gloss finish.To fix it would require a special UV lamp, which can buy only in the shops for professional manicure.

Krakelyurny nail

For those who are not accustomed to spending money on trips to the nail stylists, fit a new unusual invention - krakelyurny white lacquer.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that after application to the nail coating begins to crack, creating unusual patterns.So, if before this cause any bright base color, you get a very effective manicure.

Here you can choose absolutely any color base.The basic rule is that the result was obtained a vivid contrast.This manicure usually lasts a long time on the nails, which makes it very practical for everyday image.Fix the result can be an ordinary or a special transparent lacquer top.

Manicure - a card of any woman.Therefore, its execution must be approached responsibly.And if you give preference to white, you will look fashionable and stylish in any situation.