Butterfly on pen perfect nails done!

no secret that a well-groomed manicure characterizes its possessor as a neat beautiful girl is following behind.Use it to impress and emphasize their individuality.

Amazing winged creatures - butterflies

Recently ladies often use a variety of nail design.Butterflies are among the most frequently applied images.They represent lightness and tenderness.Made with a variety of shades palette butterfly can be a stylish addition to the decorations in the form of rings or bracelets.It should also be combined with a basic manicure shade clothing.

But there is another reception.With bright nail design can very well to emphasize the contrasting elements of accessories or clothing.Manicure is a loyal assistant in the creation of unique style.


ideas for drawing pictures butterflies set.You can draw a moth in profile, with unfolded wings, whole or double.

As a rule, choose nature image of a butterfly dreamy and romantic.This delicate and flitting pattern can be applied through various techniques.

This design artfully performed in beauty salons, but it is really to make beautiful nails yourself.Especially not have long to master to explain what it wants to see a butterfly on marigolds.Only imagination and artistic skills will accompany the whole process of the emergence of the moth on the manicure.

What do you need?

Thus, we consider how to create a butterfly on nails steps.The first step is to gather all the necessary arsenal with which to create a design of nails.Pre-need to prepare:

  • flat brush with a flat or beveled edge;
  • special tool to polish - DOTS;
  • brush with a short nap of the "hair";
  • fixer;
  • varnishes.

preparatory stage

In this case, a butterfly on the nails will be done partially in the art of Chinese painting.Before proceeding directly to the nail-art, should be prepared to handle the nails and cuticles.Traditional classic manicure or more benign European need to make sure.It is also desirable to treat the nail plate special degreasing liquid.Due to this coating will stay for a longer time, and his hands will become well-groomed appearance.


pattern Let's see how a butterfly is born on the nails, step by step.

1. To get started on the nail plate is applied to the basecoat.If it is assumed that a manicure would be gentle and low-key style, the perfect pastel shades.It can be classic or elaborate tunic.In that case, if you want to butterfly on nails attracted attention, it is best to use a base of bright or saturated colors.Only in this way do not forget about a similar color in clothing or accessories.Putting figure should start when the base is completely dry.Using a palette or plastic substrate, you should apply two shades of the moth for the future.Then you need to take a flat brush and dial one corner - the first color to the other - the other.Thus, the instrument will immediately two shades.

2. determine the place where will live butterfly on the nails should be short side brush to put inside the radius of the future of the wing.Angle long pile will rotate along the path of the circle.The Center will serve as the axis or the short edge of the brush.Thus, the base of the flap will have a single color, but from the middle to the end - of the second.The transition between tones obtained as a gradient.

3. Next, using a fine brush should apply black or dark, rich shade from the palette, along the contour of the wing, highlighting its outline.This will give the moth realism and visual volume.Thin lines inside flap is necessary to draw the veins.

4. Now it's time for the use of DOTS for nails.At the base of the wing, along the intended line of growth, are applied in terms of the color that was used in delineating the contour of the image.This line of small peas mark moth body.Thin brush, typing the same color, draw elegant mustache.On the outer edge of the wing, in a dark or black lines outline, you can apply thick light point to give volume and brightness of the picture.

5. To butterfly the nails was even more expressive look, you can decorate it with rhinestones or glitter.For prolonged resistance manicure traditionally applied the final coat - top or fixer.


If you have before your eyes step by step instructions on how to draw a butterfly on the nails, the process of creating the perfect manicure does not seem so difficult.A little imagination and practice, and moths, by their own hands, will have differences from the salon figures.This manicure easily cheer up, because the beauty, grace or funny butterfly touches a glance.