Types of manicure and performance technique.

hands are the second face of the person.Well-groomed beautiful nails always attract the attention of outsiders and have a conversation.Recently, even the men began to use the services of professionals who help give a good view of his hands.In this article, we will focus on what are the types of manicure and technique of them.You will learn the basic nuances and details of the work.Always worth to say that is a classical technique of manicure.Master class will be described below.

What manicure?General description of the procedure

Before you figure out what are the kinds of manicure and performance technique, it is worth saying a few words about the general understanding of the process.Nail care involves not only applying the decor and cutting plate.Manicure - is primarily a skin care around the bed (cuticle).This procedure also implies Health restoring, improving the appearance of a nail.

Types manicure and technology implementation may be different.Currently, the master and specialized salons o

ffer to choose what is right for you.Let's try to learn all about the manicure.Types of nail polish will be described below.

Hardware processing nails and skin

In recent years become very popular this type.In order to make such a manicure, you need to have a special device (the machine).It shall be accompanied plenty of tips.Some of them need to polish the nail plate.Others are used directly on the skin.

Before work can not be wetted hands and soften cuticles.Immediately necessary to proceed to its processing machine.The machine can do for you all the hard work.Will only cut the nail and if necessary, cover it with varnish.

Spa Manicure and types

These include several categories.Spa manicure has two subspecies nail treatment: hot and cold method.In addition, there is a Japanese and a Brazilian technology.Also gaining popularity paraffin (manicure).

  • Technicians perform Manicure (types of hot and cold spa) involve effects on hand special treatment solutions.Most often used for the preparation of salt, herbs, various oils.All these substances ozdaravlivayut nail bed and glossed plate.After this treatment, pens look well-groomed and beautiful.
  • Paraffin - is another popular nowadays way of handling the hands and nails.During the procedure, applied to the skin oil or the cream, and then brush dipped in a hot wax.The temperature of the composition can be up to 50-60 degrees.Further hand retrieved, and means seals the skin.It is this manipulation maximizes impact cream or oil on your hands and nails.
  • Japanese manicure.Technique of processing in this case is as follows.The skin is treated in special trays, which uses only natural ingredients.At the same time all the tools that uses the master, also are of natural origin.After this treatment, the nails become stronger and shiny.
  • Brazilian type of treatment involves the use of individual sets for each visitor.Thus, the cabin will provide you with gloves, a few sticks for the cuticles, nail file and some other accessories.All of them will be disposed of immediately after use.

European type of treatment (manicure)

Technicians perform Manicure (types described above) can be combined in this embodiment.European manicure is to use special gels, solutions and pencils, which soften the cuticle and allows it to be removed easily.First, the wizard uses these solutions, then it removes excess skin orange stick.This never used stabbing or cutting objects.After careful processing roller comes obpil claw and resurfacing.Then you can use oils, creams or therapeutic compositions for the plate.

Classic manicure

technique involves the use of classic manicure nail files, scissors, clippers and cuticle many other subjects.It should be noted that the processing method is the most dangerous.That is why all objects and tools should be sterilized after each client.Consider the workshop on the implementation of the manicure.

First step: softening the skin and cuticle

for effects on nails and fingers masters often use ordinary soapy water.You may want to add salt, herbs or oils.Dip fingers into the prepared preheated composition of about 15-20 minutes.The drier your skin, the greater the time of exposure.

At the end of this range have to wet your hands with a soft cloth, leaving moisture in the area of ​​the nail area.

Second step: cutting the cuticle

After careful softening excess skin is removed from the roll okolonogtevogo easily and effortlessly.Move the wand the part that narosla on the plate.After that, using sharp scissors or tweezers forth motions remove excess cuticle.

sure to pay attention to the resulting burrs.They need to be carefully cut, without damaging deeper layers of skin.

third stage: nail treatment

When the skin of each finger will be processed, it is necessary to trim the length of the plate.It must be done with the help of sharp scissors or forceps.Then gently file off the edge of a nail and give it the desired shape.Remember that obpil best produce from outside to inside.In this case, the plate will not flake and crumble.

Fourth stage: the application of design or softening composition

When the claw is shaped, it is necessary to put on a final design.This may be a varnish, labels or any other decoration.If you want to keep the plate clean, you can use wax or aromatic oils are rubbed into the bed and soften cuticles.After this manicure pen look natural and beautiful.

Summary and small conclusion

So, you now know the basic kinds of manicure and technology implementation.Previously it used a classic way.In the modern world it is given more and more opportunities to bring pens and marigolds in the proper form.Select your most favorite technique and use it consistently.

Remember that when applying nail manicure costs about one or two weeks until the next correction.Otherwise, your cuticles can be thinned, and it will occur cracks and abrasions.

Increase nails also stands after paraffin.In this case, the plate is impregnated with oils and nourishing creams and saturated with moisture.After this treatment, the gel or acrylic can not simply lie down on the nail.

Classic manicure should not do on dry skin.Before this treatment it is necessary to moisten and soften cuticles roller.Otherwise injury will be unavoidable.

monitor the health and beauty of their nails.Make regular manicures and always be beautiful!