Gift of a young man

Several times a year the girl had not yet become the wives, but in love, break their heads over the decision pretty banal and therefore quite difficult for them a question: what to choose as a gift to the young man.Of course, older women may find those who find it difficult to present the favorite choice, but as a rule, the experience of doing its job, and over the years the hints in this regard they are no longer needed.

Perhaps my article to one of the charming ladies to help, and I as a representative of the stronger sex can give good advice, what gift will be the best for men.

's all about the approach

First we need to determine the range of interests of your guy.As he likes to spend his spare time (when he is not with you), if he has any hobbies, sports or engaged in any fan of any team, and maybe he collects anything?His family activities can also help in choosing a gift.The second factor that determines which need a gift to the young man - a kind of holiday.You must agree one thing - a birthd

ay, and another thing - other minor holidays: New Year, Valentine's Day, Feb. 23, and of other dates that you celebrate.

Human nature is multifaceted, and the interests of many, to reach all of them fail, but it is possible to identify the main directions.Divide conditionally male interests into categories.


your young people can not imagine life without his beloved car, ride your city at night, driving on suburban routes, loves to travel by car.For smaller events, for example, on New Year's pick as a gift to the young man that it is useful in the car: car video recorder, GPS navigator, Organizers for cars, covers for car seats or new mats on the floor, or Thermocup Autorefrigerator.Such gifts you can not afford?Then reserving one of these options for a birthday, and now buy something simpler: a keychain, flashlight, air freshener or bag to drive.If you still do not have problems with money, I advise you to his birthday to surprise her boyfriend unusual gift.That could be a gift certificate for courses to prepare for rally or auto club card.And you can go on the reverse, change the familiar surroundings and send it to hike to interesting places, to bring the joy of flight on a paraglider or aerotrube.

gamer or gamer

For this man there are two worlds, one - where he work or study, parents of the girl, and in the other game - also a life where his friends, enemies and purpose - to pass all new levels, to become better, stronger, cooler.You should not blame him, because in real life, not everyone can achieve heights.What's advise, he will be glad to any gifts that are able to improve their computer, such a gift is better to agree with him.You want to gift the young man was a surprise - give a flash drive with more memory, a webcam or a wireless headset.But better to pull it out of the house, away from the computer.He likes to shoot - well, let him shoot a crossbow, for example, or a dash of real weapons.Buy a gift certificate for a paintball or airsoft.Fan of RPG games like to feel like a knight in armor and sword - this possibility it is also possible to donate.

avid sportsman

It can be a former athlete, maybe his second home - "rocking", he follower extremely healthy lifestyle.Give him a versatile trainer, then he will no longer in the "rocking", but at home with you.You can donate scales it to watch your weight, sets for bath or sauna, massage certificates.But I think he will also assess a lesson in diving courses, windsurfing, kayaking tour.


choose gifts to the young man interested in music, no more difficult than any other.It can be an MP3 player, headphones, speakers, stereo, CD-archives, radio, rare recordings of favorite singers, a ticket to a concert of your favorite band.Fans of classical music can present a ticket to the organ hall or the theater of opera and ballet.For his birthday, choose an unusual gift - a lesson of DJ skill or write your own single.