Tips on how to determine the silver at home

Science in our modern age of technological progress does not stand still, because every day inventing new and new ways to draw it for the benefit of humanity in general, and specific people in particular, including not the most cleanly in terms of relationships with the lawand conscience - scammers selling silver, silver-plated and made "a silver" ornaments.In order not to become their victims, it is necessary to resort to the services of specialists, or at least know how to determine the silver at home.It will be dedicated to our article.

first need to know the properties of the material from which made women's and men's jewelry.Silver - noble metal having high thermal conductivity properties, well bent and magnets.Knowing this, we can offer a number of ways of how to determine the silver at home:

  1. jewelry, rings and cutlery made of silver easily adopt the warm hands, and if part of the product dipped in hot water, very quickly everything it will beas hot as the water;
  2. if exposed to the product
    of the present silver magnet, it will continue to lie in its place, because noble metals is not peculiar magnetization;
  3. third method relates to the kind of extreme measures to which no urgency is better not to use - unlike brass counterfeit product from this silver can be bent.

In addition, there are a number of ways of how to determine the silver at home, such as:

  1. rub silver in their hands - if the product leaves traces, so it contains zinc, which indicates the low quality metal;
  2. claw needle - if silver slide, exposing the foundation of another metal, then before you fake;
  3. rub chalk - after contact with this silver chalk begins to turn black (with silver works and objects);
  4. anoint sulfuric ointment sold in any drugstore, - real silver in contact with the dark gray (as in the previous case, can work even when the subject of a silvered).Color recovered after boiling solution of soda in the subject with a piece of aluminum foil;
  5. drip iodine - in contact with him the silver turns black, the higher the sample, the faster the reaction.Another thing is that this is not subsequently wash the blackness;
  6. check chemical reaction - drip nitric acid, and then drop to the same salt solution, resulting in a drop should appear curdy precipitate of silver chloride (viewed under a magnifying glass).If the crystalline precipitate, then we lead chloride, and the subject is a fake.

Some people are able to identify the smell of money, but now this method need to rely less and less, because the flavor of the metal can be given to the product flavor.

We considered several options of how to determine the silver at home, but each of these methods allow some errors, especially if they apply the layman.Therefore, to determine the quality of the sample and silver are advised to contact a specialized jewelry store or pawn shop, where for a small fee you give a precise answer to the question of whether the product is a silver, silver-plated or fake.