Boots "Cuomo".

The easiest way to maintain health in the winter - not to warm the feet, keeping them warm.Therefore it is important to wear quality shoes that will not fail nor rain, nor cold.One of the oldest manufacturers of epic boots is a company Kuomiokoski, founded in 1928.The company is located in south-eastern Finland, in the same village.To date, the main product of the company are high quality boots, "Cuomo", reviews of which mostly positive.They rightly demand not only in Scandinavia, but also in a snow frosty Russia.

quality boots from a reputable manufacturer

Professionalism, experience, regular improvement of technology ensures the relevance of the Finnish boots in the harsh northern climate.Boots have become famous thanks to the convenience and ease.When you create a famous Finnish footwear is used the most advanced waterproof accessories.Methods of production and the correct choice of materials ensure uniform excellent workmanship shoes.Water-repellent boots "Cuomo" (reviews it confirms the exper

ts) created for people who love comfort and warmth.

What makes the company?

  1. Winter boots.Popular among all segments of the population with a rich range of colors and prints.
  2. Finnish boots, "Cuomo", reviews of which are very positive, combine the best qualities of natural felt and durable polyurethane soles.
  3. shoes.The child will be safe to walk even in the bitter cold, not afraid to be ill.
  4. FOOTWEAR.Great for outdoor activities in the offseason.

products are equipped with reflective strips for safe walking at night.All shoes has a very stable shock-absorbing sole that thrive in cold days.All models have a removable insole.Raw materials from which the Finnish boots, "Cuomo" (expert reviews confirm this fact), runs the full treatment from dirt and moisture.All finished products are subjected to more in-depth test of strength, minimizing the marriage.

Boots "Cuomo": reviews and features

  1. All models are very socks impregnated with vlagoottalkivayuschey and leather inserts.
  2. frost-resistant and robust polyurethane outsole.Initially, the new shoe a little bit slippery, but the further operation grip gets better.
  3. "Cuomo" - boots for children, whose comments about the parents extremely positive.Have a spare crush proof insole.Comfort was rated both children and mothers.
  4. shoe surface is moisture, as is made of high-quality, wear-resistant fabric.
  5. Heel cast together with the sole, heel stable and durable.
  6. Inside the shoe has a large label indicating the size of the shoe, on which you can write the name of the owner in order to avoid embarrassing situations.
  7. shoes to "breathe", the stitches are not glued, so it is advisable to bypass the puddles.But sleet they are not afraid.
  8. The inner surface is made of natural wool, so "Cuomo" - boots for children (customer reviews confirm this positive property) that are capable of long keep warm.This quality makes them very popular among Russian consumers.

"Cuomo" - winter shoes for men, women and children.Models Putkivarsi, Tarravarsi, Kuoma GT Crosser and developed specifically for the younger generation.Finnish Children boots "Cuomo", reviews of which were written in a positive way, equipped with reflective stripes.In the context of the short winter day is very relevant addition.The inner layer of the top and base of soft felt present in all models, "Cuomo".Valenki for children (consumer reviews confirm this) due to natural materials keep the heat a small foot during walking and traveling in a wheelchair.Women's shoes are made with wide and narrow strip, there are even options with an elegant platform.Sizes start with 19 and end with the largest 49. If the number is listed on the label does not correspond to the actual parameters - it is a fake pure water.

Popular models

There are a number of popular models, "Cuomo":

  1. Kuoma Lady - attractive boots colorful palette, sewn in line with modern trends.A graceful and stylish white felt with patterns.
  2. Kuoma Lumikki - model loved by everyone.Black boots with white inserts.This is the best choice for severe frosts.
  3. "Universal" - made of several colors.It has a solid, thick, stable sole, molded polyurethane.Top Kuoma Universal - natural felt.
  4. "Cuomo Crosser" - very warm boots adult model created in a stylish manner on a solid sole.It has two Velcro for fixing.The model is practical and all-weather.

Children model

company pays much attention to the development of children's range.Despite the high cost of products, many parents have become an excellent product to be sure: the child will be warm and comfortable in a shoe.

Description children's models

Numerous positive have boots, "Cuomo" reviews.To what temperature you can wear them?Those who bought these shoes agree with the experts: it is possible to go even at -40 ° C.

  1. Boots with proper care look decent, even after several seasons of use.
  2. sole is ribbed and thick.This provides stability on the road and extra protection from the cold.
  3. upper part of the shoe repels water and dirt.Boots really long soak, but it is advisable not to walk around in them in the puddles.
  4. Due to the multilayer structure and the new technology does not accumulate inside the shoe condensate.
  5. Boots "Cuomo" (ratings parents confirm this) is easy to shoe their own, even a two-year child.
  6. Boots never spoil foot - handy sole, heel, "correct" heel.
  7. Boots "Cuomo" made of different colors, for boys and girls.

Shoe Care

take care of them, they say the reviews are very easy - just wipe with a damp cloth.These shoes can be washed in the machine.The main thing - to follow the notations that came with the product.Wash at a temperature no higher than 30-40o C, otherwise the shoes will lose its hydrophobic properties.Shoes Dries fast - if you wash boots in the evening, in the morning they are already dry.After washing, it is desirable to treat water-repellent spray.

Excellent price for good quality

Cost boots "Cuomo" may be different, it all depends on the store.The boutique all cheat the price of Finnish boots start with two thousand rubles.About the same range from the online stores."Cuomo" and sold by private entrepreneurs on commodity markets.The cost of such shoes merchants - 1500-2000 rubles.

can doubt for a long time whether to buy boots "Cuomo".Reviews and pictures of models you can see in this article.Usually, how many people - so many points of view.It is better to buy the boots today and form their own opinions about the European quality and practicality.