Narrowed jeans: how to wear and what to wear?

Each season, fashion designers and stylists come up with something new.At all times been popular jeans narrowed.It is about them and will be discussed in this article.You will learn how to easily put on jeans narrowed.Also, find out what you can wear a similar article of clothing.

Narrowed jeans

This article of clothing may have a high or low waist.Also, these pants are wide at the base of the thigh or tight-fitting.Jeans, narrowed down, can be worn by women and men.It is worth noting that for some people there is no more comfortable clothes than these pants.

narrowing leg may start from the hip or from the level of the knee.This is what all the different models of such clothing.

How to wear jeans narrowed male and female?

Tight pants can be worn at any time of the year.Men are usually not too difficult to fit in these pants.Most often, the stronger sex are choosing large pants that taper slightly down.Wear this model is very simple.It is only necessary to pull them to the entire foot, star

ting from the ankle and fasten in a conditional place.

Women are much more difficult to put on jeans narrowed.Especially if the leg from the hip begins to decrease.If you want to wear these pants in the cold season on the tights, then it may be completely impossible.How to quickly and easily pull narrowed women's jeans?There is one secret.Begin to wear trousers as normal, but do not try to immediately raise their hips.To begin, place the right leg to the knees.Then alternately tighten the leg to the hip.Next you need to take a horizontal position.Sit on the couch or bed.Uprites heels and lift your hips up.After that, pull the pants on hips and fasten.After a few tries you will learn how to wear these pants in seconds.

What to wear tight jeans pants?

Narrowed jeans preferable to wear T-shirts and sneakers wide.However, this only applies to models that have the shape of the thigh breeches.You can wear a jacket or shoes in the cold.They accentuate your sporty style.

Also, men can wear jeans narrowed with classic shirt and jacket.In this case, you need to choose the appropriate shoes.Prefer shoes or moccasins.

Women can wear jeans narrowed anything.For example, a sports model with extended hips and low bunt best worn with sneakers, sandals or sneakers.If you don narrowed classic pants that completely encircle the figure, it is necessary to give preference to high heels, ballet flats, sandals or boots.On top of these jeans complement blouse or shirt strict style.

How to constricted model of the usual jeans?

If you do not want to spend money on this kind of wardrobe, you can make yourself skinny jeans.Of course, the craftsmen working in the studio, a professional will issue you a new shape of the legs, but in the presence of a sewing machine and thread you can quite cope themselves with such work.

To get started is to wear jeans.Thereafter, with the internal leg portion tick line which will move the new seam.Make it better with a few pins.Next, remove the jeans and the new Stitch seam along the marked line.The final stage of the work will be the cutting edge of unnecessary leg.After that, try on a new model and, if necessary, make a few stitches.

Narrowed jeans can be decorated with special applications or patches.You can buy them at any store for needlework.With self-manufacturing of pants is worth remembering that the seam is to be created with a margin of one centimeter.Otherwise, after the next washing your jeans can become so narrow that you just can not put them on.


conclusion Now you know what jeans narrowed.In the wardrobe of every woman to be given a piece of clothing.Men choose jeans narrowed quite rare.Most young people prefer this style.

follow the fashion and dress up beautifully and correctly!