Dress-transformer "Oriflame": customer reviews

renowned Swedish cosmetics "Oriflame" never ceases to delight its loyal customers innovations in the field of cosmetics and accessories.At this time, the company decided to surprise unusual dress, which is able to transform the image of any woman.In this article you will learn what dress transformer "Oriflame", reviews of which only prove its uniqueness.

What dress transformer?

style of dress, which can change every time, depending on the occasion, was invented about 30 years ago, journalist Lydia Silvestri.She came up with a dress for women who always want to look perfect, but it does not have the finances to buy a large number of evening and daily dresses.At the presentation of the dress-transformer in 1977 Lydia presented more than 100 variations of his socks in everyday life.Of course, this innovation in the fashion industry has been received by the public applause and cheers.

Today dresses transformers produces every self-respecting designer.This change affects only the length and shape of

the hem of the skirt.Straps, by which the dress changes its appearance, remain the same.

Company "Oriflame" has decided to keep up with the world of fashion and launched his own line of dresses, Transformers.This emphasis was placed on the availability of the high quality of the material used.

Features dress-transformer from the "Oriflame"

unique dress from the Swedish manufacturer of cosmetics made from natural material, which is perfect for summer.Fabric-based spandex and viscose able to maintain original form and color even after numerous washings and exposure to the sun.And its light texture allows you to create a flowing silhouette, hiding figure flaws and highlighting its virtues.

Dress-transformer "Oriflame", a photo which you can explore in this article, is really a design solution for those who prefer variety.Stretch fabric used for sewing, goes well with different kinds of cardigans, leather jackets and boleros.In this way, you can complement the bright footwear and fashion accessories.One new detail - and your outfit is changing beyond recognition.

How to wear dress-transformer "Oriflame"?

uniqueness of the dress is in the way of his socks.According to the manufacturer, the woman can create 7 images, each of which will look great on the figure and emphasize her curves.So, using the dress-transformer can create a stylish summer sundress or cocktail, strict office dress or casual suit.In addition, each image will look unique and not in others the impression that they are one and the same dress.

According to buyers, each woman can choose for themselves at least 2-3 options socks that will suit her figure.Each image is created with long straps that are sewn to the hem of the skirt.Thus it is possible to adjust their length, the degree of tension and position.

The most common variant of dress socks - tied around the neck straps.This creates an evening of Hollywood star image.In addition, you can create an asymmetrical cut, straps slung over one shoulder only.Fix the result can be a neat bundle, or a decorative brooch.

If you wrap the straps around your chest, you get a light summer dress.A tightened tourniquets, crossed on his back, this will create an image of the Greek goddess.In other words, the dress-transformer need to include your imagination and experiment, choosing your perfect style.

How much is a convertible dress from "Oriflame"?

buy a dress can be only through a company representative.The product catalog presents different colors and sizes.Dress-transformer "Oriflame", reviews of which are purely positive, costs only 599 rubles.For that amount you get a complete outfit, which can convert and edit to your liking.

Dress-transformer "Oriflame": reviews of real customers

judge the quality of any product from the catalog, you can only experience of buyers.So, dress-transformer "Oriflame", reviews of which are only positive, had the liking of thousands of women worldwide.

According to users, this is an ideal balance between price and quality.After all, all for 599 rubles a woman receives a dress made of high quality material, which is not inferior to branded models.That is why the majority chooses the company "Oriflame".

Dress-transformer, according to buyers, has only one drawback - the discrepancy dimensional grid.Therefore, before the checkout process, consult a representative of the company, which option is right for you.