European manicure: technology implementation.

I'd like to have a beautiful and well-groomed nails.In women, they have to look impressive, but the men - carefully.Now the choice of funds for the care of hands and nails a happy soul.The cosmetic industry offers consumers a variety of lacquers, strengthen, soften and healing compounds.In addition, there are several ways of performing the manicure.And every person who cares about herself, chooses an optimal.

How about a European style?

There was this kind of nail care products in France in the early 20-ies of XX century.With its implementation does not need to use the tools of the usual manicure kit: scissors, pusher and others.Its main difference from the traditional method is the lack of need for mechanical removal of the skin.Really bad completely get rid of the cuticle, cutting it.The roller is designed to protect the skin against infectious inflammation of the nail, and when it decreases the elimination of local immunity.

That is the European manicure - edging and gentle method of nail care.

For its implementation need to stock up on orange stick, a means for dissolving the cuticle oil to nails, cuticle pencil, hand cream.You also need to have two nail files: laser and polishing.

Manicure with gel to remove the cuticle

Gel to remove the cuticle is produced by different manufacturers, but the best use of the product is good and proven brands.The composition of such tools presupposes active ingredients designed to dissolve the thin skin at the base of the nail.That is, it should be applied carefully, and until the gel is on your fingers, do not touch themselves and to surrounding objects.Therefore, when the table is nothing but a tissue, you can start to do a manicure.

Gel is sold in tubes or bottles, ideal if it is equipped with a cuticle stick for moving away.In addition, for this purpose the nozzle tube can be sharpened.Apply it should be precisely on the cuticle, and then wait a number of minutes, which is listed on the packaging.Be aware of the solvent power tools and do not touch the gel to the skin or mucous membranes.If you follow the simple terms, make sure you get a good manicure.

Gel can not overdo on his hands, even better start to remove the cuticle before the end of the exposure time means.Part of the skin dissolved and removed small pieces using an orange stick.Upon completion of the procedure necessary to wash your hands with warm running water and soap.

Manicure Lena Lenina

Manicure can be done by yourself or by a professional, visiting salons, meet the master of the home.It is preferable to go to a place that has the necessary equipment and documents.After all, in fact it is not so expensive service as it may seem at first glance.And as often happens, the master promises high stunning manicure and turns something ordinary.

All wishes of clients has provided in its own network studios actress and writer Lena Lenina.Manicure is done in a modern contemporary style with a unique approach to each visitor's nails.Therefore, the cabin staff are not only professionals but people who operate their business talent.The studios friendly atmosphere and are pleasant action.That is, the interior can rightly be considered an expert in modern nail service.


services in Russia is very popular studio to care for themselves, which creates Lena Lenina.Manicure they can do on the average cost of a visit to a cafe.They are located in different cities and offer a wide range of services:

  1. Pedicure.
  2. Manicure.
  3. Capacity acrylic or gel nails.

about the professional work of the staff and the availability of modern equipment in the salons do not worry.Furthermore, the quality of the materials used is on the high level.The first correction is free manicure, unlike most of the other works of beauty salons.

addition to the standard offerings, in the studio, you can look after your hands, try SPA and wellness treatments for feet and hands.Among the list of services salons:

  1. hot paraffin.
  2. care with collagen, oxygen, chocolate, almonds, citrus.
  3. Makeup.
  4. Ginger glazing.
  5. cosmetology and others.

Classic manicure

traditional view of nail care involves mechanical removal of the skin.Implementation of the classic manicure is quick and easy.For it needed a minimum set of tools and very little cost.The method shows a good result, even in the most advanced cases.It can also be called wet because of the fact that before circumcision cuticle softens in special trays for hands.

On average, for those who want to make a classic manicure, the price of the service is 509-1299 p.depending on the coating.It's familiar and familiar method, but it requires the master of accuracy and the use of disinfected instruments.

How is the European manicure

real godsend for many of today's women is a European manicure.The performance of its technology involves several stages:

  1. First you need to wash your hands and remove the old varnish.
  2. then laser treated nails nail file to give them the desired shape.The side bolsters are also cut down dry.
  3. Apply a cuticle tool with herbal extracts and acids in the composition.
  4. Wait a few minutes.
  5. Remains gel to remove a napkin, and then orange stick to push back the cuticle and clean the excess skin.
  6. Wash hands and wipe them dry.
  7. Polish the nail plate slightly rough nail file.
  8. accurate motion to apply a moisturizing oil, prevents the formation of burrs.

And as if Europe is ready to manicure, technology implementation is quite simple.But that's not all, because now we need to use every day caring oil for cuticles and a special moisturizing pencil pusher.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

from the European way of eliminating the cuticle compared to the traditional version has a number of advantages:

  1. safety due to the lack mikroporezy, cracks, nail trauma, infections.
  2. Manicure and aftercare takes a little time.
  3. skin growth slows.

varnish lasts longer because the manicure is done dry and without maceration.As with any method, there are drawbacks, but they are much smaller than advantages.In addition, each person independently determined the most appropriate method to it.

Owners thick cuticle and the people running the state of the skin of hands is not recommended to use European manicure.Trimmed option as a first time fit much more.That is, you need to remove the skin in a conventional manner, resorting to the services of an experienced master.And after that it is very convenient to take care of nails with the help of the European method.

In addition, ease of implementation and the availability of the necessary funds to allow the nail to make it at home by yourself.And moisturize the skin pencil can even during the lunch break at work.

Why do I need to take care of the cuticle

After cuticle cutting its growth only increased.If the wizard does not have sufficient skill, it can be formed small wounds.Such injuries are dangerous ingress of bacteria and infections.

Actually edging method of care - it's not only the selection and use of means of dissolving the cuticle.European manicure, technology implementation which involves a number of the above-mentioned actions, significantly improves the appearance and condition of the nails.Dermal roller must be neat to have a complete structure and still maintain elasticity.

If you take care of the cuticles regularly and correctly, to achieve the beauty of the nail plate can be no mechanical action.A roller becomes neat, healthy and unobtrusive.We all know what it looks like running the cuticle.It adheres to the nail, turning into a thin film.Gradually she begins to cover a portion of the plate, crack and dry out.This leads to the formation of burrs, which bring pain, discomfort when touched, irritation, and may also serve as the start of various infections.

Thus, the European manicure, technology implementation is in fact very simple, saves the health of nails.He is considered the safest and enjoyed success even in men.In addition, the method does not cause excitement about the sterility of the equipment and the skills of the master.A hands after careful and prolonged care little experience age-related changes, so do not give the age.