Manicure for Valentine's Day (photos)

preparation for one of the most romantic holiday - Valentine's Day, everyone is starting to advance.Buy gifts, reserve a table at restaurants, cook yourself a romantic dinner, choose an outfit.At the same time many women forget that manicure on Valentine's Day is also important.After all, such a detail is only capable emphasize your mood and be a good addition to addition and hairstyle.So, how to do it right manicure on Valentine's Day.

Hearts on marigold

Do not experiment and try to create a complex pattern at home.You can do a simple manicure on Valentine's Day with their own hands, drawing cute hearts.It will take much less time.So what you need:

  1. stickers in the form of rings for the French manicure.
  2. Base Coat.
  3. Finish.
  4. Red, pink and light pink nail polish.

How to make an original manicure

First we need to give the correct form of marigolds.To do this, of course, best with a nail file.The shape may be any.It does not matter.When the nails are ready, you can begin to create a romantic m

anicure on Valentine's Day.To do this, put on nail plates peeled the first layer.It is the base lacquer.Only then can apply the basic tone - light pink.

When the varnish dries out a bit, you can begin drawing a basic element - the heart.There need special labels for the French manicure.They must have a round shape.Stick labels need so that they intersect in the middle of the nail and form thereby an arc of a heart.Thereafter, the open part of the nail plate should be covered with varnish rozovym.

When it dries, you can remove the stencils and stick them a little higher.If the paint has not dried up, it is not necessary to remove labels for the French manicure.Otherwise, nothing happens.And manicure on Valentine's Day will become a blur.

After stencils glued must be toned red lacquer nail tips.It remains to wait until the coating is dry.You can then delete all the stencils and apply the finish coat.That's all original manicure on Valentine's Day is ready.This method will give a better image of romance, tenderness and lightness.

second method

Every detail of the dress should match the image.Manicure with hearts - just the perfect solution.So, to create not less than the original manicure than described above, you will need:

  1. Base Coat.
  2. Scissors or shaped punch.
  3. Black lacquer.
  4. Masking tape.
  5. special tools for removal of a varnish.
  6. brush.
  7. Finishing lacquer.

How to

Of course, this method of application is much more complex than that described above.However, the result is a very beautiful manicure on Valentine's Day.First, you need to give marigolds neat shape, but also to remove the cuticle.Thereafter, the varnish may be applied to the base, and then in two layers - black.

Now you can make a stencil.You will need masking tape and punch.With it you can make a hole in the material in the form of heart.This can be done by conventional scissors on plain paper.But masking tape is better.

focus when creating this manicure for Valentine's Day can be done only on one nail.After selecting a finger, you need to stick the stencil prepared so that he not slid and tightly to the surface of the plate.

Then you need to take a small brush and dip it into a means for removal of a varnish, and then delete the heart inside a black lacquer.That's all.When the paint is dry, tape can be removed, and then cover all the finishing.

manicure with rhinestones

This method of application is simple enough, but the result is simply stunning.So the need for manicure:

  1. Toothpicks.
  2. Pale pink nail polish, preferably without sparkles.
  3. Nail clippers.
  4. sequins - "Munk".It is advisable to take the material pink tone.
  5. brushes for nail art: for the application of sequins, dense medium thick and thin.
  6. translucent pink varnish, preferably with Shimmer.
  7. Stickers strips of white.
  8. Clearcoat.
  9. Crystals with a diameter of 1 millimeter pink.
  10. white lacquer without sparkles.


After the nail plates will be put in order, you need to put on them clearcoat.This will level the surface.Then cover the nail is pink translucent varnish.This would allow for "ease" manicure.

Using a thin brush on the nail need to draw a diagonal line.The edge can be closed.Do not worry if the lines are uneven.This deficiency in the future can be easily eliminated.If you wish, you can make a jacket.Now

nails must be covered with varnish and until the coating has not withered away, is to glue rhinestones on the edge of the line.This can be done with a toothpick or tweezers.On the tip of the plate, you can apply a little glitter dry brush.Now manicure should be well dry.

If the nails are long, you can put a few oblique lines.Surplus sequins should whisk over a wide brush.However, before this is to make sure whether the paint has dried.

That's all.This manicure on Valentine's Day will complement the image, focusing on the little things.The main thing is to know when to stop everything and do not use a lot of paste or glue them in two strips.

manicure last option can be used as a wedding.It is enough to replace rozovye varnishes white.