How to make a newspaper manicure at home?

Nowadays manicure has become something more than banal nail the first available under the arm varnish.There are many variants of nail art, one of which is the application of prints in the form of printed text.This idea has opened the world manicurist from Europe.A young native of France, which later wrote in one of the issues of the local newspaper, did not stop there.To attract attention, she struck a fragment from an article on the nails of his clients.Then it created a furor, and the world learned a new kind of nail art.

Advantages of this nail art

This type of design is not necessarily done in a professional salon.The printed newspaper or a manicure at home is applied easily.The main advantage of this coating - it does not require any special materials and tools.Another advantage is that such a design is versatile and suitable for almost any style of clothing.Prints can be applied in any direction: horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

What is needed for a manicure?

Before placing a newspaper manicure at home, you should lead the nails in order.Nothing special for this is not required.Just need to make a hygienic manicure, trim and adjust the length and shape, cuticle and moisturize the skin.After complete drying can start the procedure applying nail art.To make a newspaper manicure at home, you will need:

  • base - suitable monochromatic light-colored enamel, the best way would be to look white, milk, beige, pink, peach, mint and other such colors;
  • alcohol solution, vodka, nail polish remover;
  • cotton swabs and sponges;
  • sheet with the printed text;
  • top coating or fixer (in a pinch, you can use the usual colorless varnish).


  1. Now more detail about the method of how to do a newspaper manicure at home.On dry and clean your nails, apply lacquer, which will be the basis.At this stage you need to be as focused and careful, because the enamel shows the slightest defects.After completion of the wait for the complete drying of the layer.e recommend that you use a hairdryer to dry or cool the water, it usually results in damage to the coating, and then the newspaper manicure at home fail.
  2. prepared 10 pieces of paper or paper printed with the text size slightly larger than the area of ​​the nail plate, you need to soak them in a liquid containing alcohol.If the solution remains very little or used or perfumed toilet water, then it is necessary to moisten the sponge, which is then applied to the paper each flap separately.
  3. impregnated with the text segment must be carefully applied to the nail, press evenly over the entire area and leave for half a minute.Then remove the paper and the remainder on the skin removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or a solution.Therefore, you must treat each nail.
  4. second method printing - on a transparent substrate or a French manicure.In the latter case, each layer must be completely dry.Otherwise, alcohol impregnated paper piece which can soften and lubricate the boundary surface.Make appropriate first layer, then perform the procedure is similar to the stages.
  5. News manicure at home is almost ready.It remains to fix it with a transparent layer.This should be done with caution, because of the large number of lacquer text can swim.The layer should be applied as thin as possible.When it is completely dry, you can cover it again, did not monitor the amount of fixer.

Volume newspaper manicure

If you want to get the surround effect of the letters, the right to apply this technique.The basis must take varnish designed for tunic.They must be applied to the first layer to dry completely.The following is a newspaper printed on the instructions given above.

Then, instead of clear coat sealant to repeat a layer of varnish.Again, wait for the final drying, attach the alcohol soaked paper segment.The text will have a different color saturation, creating the effect that the letters are in space.On, as usual, should be fixed manicure with a transparent coating.

interesting feature

schoolgirls and female students during the exams very useful nail design such as a newspaper manicure at home.Photo exhibit such work safely manicure.The fact is that the nails can be applied to a crib in the literal sense of the word.For this purpose must be properly trained in the technique of the transfer of the text, as any error fraught with failure to offset or exam.Therefore, some student use the services of a professional manicure.Also keep in mind that the best way to retake it printed text.Recipe, made a pen, can not be applied as well.Therefore, a cheat sheet to be printed and then transferred to a manicure.Thus, the offset will be to pass the exam with individual tips, and then at the party to show off a gorgeous nail art.

Another advantage of this nail design - its relative strength.Firstly, by applying two layers of sealant to keep it will be longer than usual.Secondly, in the case of small chips and cracks at the edges of the nail, it will be almost invisible, as the substrate is light.


Now I understand how to do a newspaper manicure at home.Photos presented in this article will help you to create a nail art.So even at home without any special skills, you can make a fashionable and practical manicure using font.It should be just a little practice and have a desire to be irresistible.What is most interesting: Few would guess that nail polish is made in-house.