What paletka?

The fairer sex is always striving to be beautiful and attractive.Ladies day create a variety of styling, hairstyle and select appropriate clothing certain cases.Almost every woman's day begins with the application of cosmetics and care agents on the face, eyelids, and, of course, the lips.

What should every woman?

If we talk about daily care, each of the fair sex should have in their arsenal cleanser that is ideal skin type.You also need to have on hand moisturizer cream, and for the correction of deficiencies.

In addition, a woman should have the following cosmetics: lipstick, eyeliner pencil or shadow and reticulation.You can not use these tools daily skin care, but one day you need them.

What paletka?

It is worth to say about the eye shadow.Many ladies become single color schemes, which are then combined with each other.This option is convenient, but it is more practical to buy a pair of color palettes.

What reticulation, probably every woman knows.They can be double, triple and greater

color elements.Each paletka includes colors and shades that blend harmoniously with each other.

leading makeup artists are constantly being told that makeup century there should not be more than three different colors.Otherwise it will look vulgar.That is why many manufacturers produce shadows palettes containing three primary colors that blend perfectly with each other.By purchasing such cosmetics, you can assume that your makeup is half ready.

How to choose and buy the shadows?

So that is reticulation, you already know.Buy this product you can in any store that specializes in sales of color cosmetics.

In order to choose the right shade, you need to start to think your way.Decide what kind of clothes to fit your eyes perfectly.Then you can go to the store and make your choice.

Many large stores now distributed test system.You can try to put on the skin of the hands or eyelids favorite shade of shadow.When the choice is made in favor of one of the main color, you can choose a minor scale.

purchasing palettes of shadows, you can save their money.Purchased goods did not just help you out in the right situation.Remember that the more colors on the palette is present, the more value it will have.

Try to buy only the persistent shadow.They will stay on the skin for a long time and did not let you down in any situation.

consider the fact that the products are more common firms have a high cost.It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the ratio of quality and price, rather than pay for advertising.

Reticulation shadows has only good reviews.All popular stylists always use a large palette with decorative cosmetics.It is rare to meet a wizard who takes on the shade of the individual colors.


So what reticulation shadows, you now know.After the purchase, you can start applying makeup.Some manufacturers have color palettes with brushes attached.However, if you have chosen the product they are missing, you have to buy a suitable applicator.

only by means of suitable brushes you can make a smooth and harmonious make-up eyelids.Follow the fashion trends and choose the right cosmetics.